Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Options – Leave Your Worries Behind

By Michael

March 26, 2018

At last, the moment that I’ve desired, and most excited for is finally here! Your chronic lower back pain treatment options have rose from the deep earth, and is here to give you the Freedom you so much deserve.

Pain, pain, go away! Give me something more to do and say. While this is no magic spell or the next Well Wish, this will be the best possible treatments available for you. How can I guarantee that?

My experience, knowledge, and well known expertise I hope can put your mind at ease. I’m not just another doctor, a physical therapist, or your chiropractor telling you to the easy things, no no. I’m that and 10X more.

See, I can just tell you to exercise, eat healthier, or take drugs and conservative treatments that just mask and ease your pain till the break of dawn…

But I’m truly gathering all my experience, and wealth of knowledge only I know, and taking this one step beyond. Don’t click away, but if you need to bookmark this page(because it is long), please do so.

To today:

Let’s try to leave the thought of harm out the door, and lets turn on the “switch of spark”, and not only run through the conservative treatments, but put more emphasis about the best natural and alternative treatments available to date; they are staring you right in the face, and you didn’t even know it!

Guess what too?…. I’m so eager to see you get after your hardships and decrease the amount of pain you’re in all the way down to a 1 and nearly 0. That’s a promise I will make to you, with the inclusion of your chronic lower back pain treatment options…

I’ve poured hours and hours of my time to make sure you attain success, and so much so that I’m offering you my Free bonuses, and if you stay until the end, you’ll get my 5 Steps to Managing your back pain day to day guide, where you will learn what to do from morning to night.

That’s right, not one but two!…FOR FREE. It would be wrongfully of me to just throw you it at your face, so I want your best effort.

  1. First read through this article. I want you to know and be aware of the options there are, so you know you’re not leaving anything on the table.
  2.  Read to the bottom for the bonus and to get your Guide.

Before I say too much about it, I’ll tell you that it will have to do with herbs, and essential oils. For now, let’s get it going.

Reverse “Engineering” The Process Of Chronic Pain

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The process of lower back treatment usually results in the same. If you go to:

  1. The doctors
  2. Physical Therapist
  3. Chiropractor

..Yes, you’ll be well taken care of, but how far are you willing to proceed with them before you can be independent? And might I add, spend A HUGE chunk of your hard earned paycheck week after week to one day be pain free.

It’s a smart decision to continue seeing these professionals, while you look for other routes and treatments to help you along the way, but what can you do if you decide not to pay the high cost of visits?

That will be covered here too. While these are all great options, if you’re in it for the “long haul” it could be time to make some adjustments. Let’s break down first what takes place at your visit to your doctor:

  • You get your Over the counter pills- “Opioids”
  • Routine Check up upon check ups
  • Pain gone worse? Steroid injection
  • Adjust your spine with Spinal Manipulation

What are the results of all the these?

A plateful of advice, and pills, and no change in your lifestyle. It almost resembles a viral virus, where it targets your bodies system looking for it to infect wherever it chooses to, and when its done its work for the day, it’ll submerge the next day for its shift.

We push it off like the virus on our computer, expecting some miracle or the famous Geek Squad crew to fall into our lap, and get rid of our chronic backs. Leaving a pain masked only causes a continuous and vicious cycle. Isn’t it time you put that broken tape recorder on pause, search for a new rhythm, and get the proper treatments step-by-step, and plan?

If you’re ready to hear what I have for you today, let’s get our gears rolling!

Don’t Live By Numbers, Live By Your MENTALITY

Your pushed to believe just because many people have a lower back pain, that it’s suppose to make you feel any better? Get this craziness:

If you lived in a developing country, its much more likely for you to have a lower back pain. Specifically, over 70!. With only a WHOPPING 18% of these being treatable.

But guess what, I don’t live by the numbers, I run my life by “faith and hope”. That’s a drive for a stronger mentality. And with a life changing adjustment that my most precious and closest friends and family gave back to me, I want you to leave the end of the article with the best outcome.

I promise you’ll be glad you spent more than you wanted here today.

Enough of my jibber jabber, In the name of Bruce Buffer, IT IS TIME! Time you learn about how you should properly go about treating your chronic lower back pain, and not only find one treatment after the next(although it can be helpful), but find the right step-by-step actions to ensure you can always come back here, if you need more help.

First things First:

Would you mind If I asked you a short two questions?…

  1. Why does your pain or, let me rephrase that by saying, your inflammation keep haunting over you like a shadow on your most dark and brightest days?
  2. Why is the pain that you’ve work so hard to remove become more and more persistent over time?

The answer can shock you.

I can sum it up with one word, CHOICES.

You’re odds might be greater or less than the other person, but you will always have two things in common that reflect back on your health, choices. Not “a choice”, but many. Let me explain.

Your choice is a factor that lead to habits, and your habits lead to the lifestyle you have. Most chronic pain patients that I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and knowing, only want two things:

  • Relief
  • Fast treatment

Hey, While there is nothing wrong with this mentality, don’t be upset when your pan swings through a half open door. The issue is that you will only recognize your symptoms, you will take the wrong approaches.

I think its time, time that I introduce you to what it means to head for the nucleus, and treat the root of your cause.

To go from a 10 to a 1 there is not a quick solution. Rather, if you’re really serious about changing your pain level, this will not take risks like you might believe, only rewards. You can trust me when I say this, because If you didn’t know already, I’ve been in your shoes.

Whens the last time you heard about a reward without risk? That’s what my mentor helped my ignorant understand at the time when I wanted to do things my way. Darn you Limp Bizkit album!(It’s my way or the high way)

Its never a risk, because a risk takes extreme measures, and that’s not what this is. Let me tell you why.

Chronic pain is a step-by-step treatment plan that walks you gingerly through one conservative treatment, and seems to spit you out to another one.

The Keys To Unlocking Your Chamber, The Birds Eye View

It would be AWESOME if everyone could put in the work in every aspect of their lives to one day wake up and say, to themselves:

I’ve made it, I don’t need a single drug, let alone all these conservative treatments in my face.

The reasons so is because we are all of a different age, and wear and tear on our bodies. I’m an optimist, and I wouldn’t be here to help you If I didn’t think it was possible. To be strong, and really knock off that non-specific chronic lower back pain, or actual pain to your spine, you can go from a 10 to a 2 with this:

Want to change the way you:

  1. Think
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat
  4. Consume natural treatments

…And most important of all, is rinse and repeat. This  is really important because without repetition, you’ll just end up at packing your bags, and heading back to your starting point.

Yes, it’ll take some work on your part to focus on all these factors and make them as great as you can, but you have me, and the closest people around you.

Chronic lower back pain is on the rise, and this heavy heartening epidemic needs a person who’s ready to put an end to it today- ahora!(That’s just my Spanish).

You have me from here on out to be your guide, so if at any point you have a concern, have a question, or you just want to offer me your opinion, leave a comment for me at the bottom.

Start to visualize, and really think about what you want to change. You have three dirt roads:

  1. One road leads to the top of a mountain where the view is amazing, while the other…
  2. This dirt road leads to shortcut after shortcut, but eventually one path crosses into another and leads you to the top of that mountain.
  3. This road is just full of bumps, and it looks sketchy, but because you want the best shortcut, boom there it is!

Without trial and error you were likely to choose the option that worked best for you, or so you thought. In road 2 you took the much more difficult route, but you knew somehow it would get you to your destination. But road 3, yes I made it, but heck, how do I get back? It was so dense, masked, and covered with turn after turn.

There are Chronic lower back pain treatment options out there of all shapes and size(I hoped my demonstration helped paint the picture in your mind) and I want to magnify on a super zoom scope on not only tackling your lower back from a step-by-step  jam packed action plan to make sure you effectively ask for a warrant for the pain to enter, but what the best treatment available to you is.

Lets jump right in!

What’s The “Cause” of Your Pain?

Chronic lower back pain has many causes, and everyone is unique.

Before I get into all the bullet point possibilities, I do want you to know that just because your spine and back hurts, that doesn’t mean it’s directly related to it.

There could be more underlying problems that are referred to being “non specific”, kind of like when you feel empathy towards someone else’s feeling but they’re not yours, yet you feel the pain coming on.

Many people that are suffering at this very moment(and yourself), keep asking me what is the cause? Usually its about 3 “non specific” identities:

  1. Age. Bring wear and tear to your vertebrae, joints, muscles, etc.
  2. your lower trunk. Everything below your T1-L5 vertebral disc.
  3. A Muscle Imbalance/Postural Imbalance.

Here are more underlying and overlying reasons gathered as one:

  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Facet joint dysfunction
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Deformation of the spine
  • Trauma
  • Spinal Fushion
  • Spondolysithesis
  • Nonspecific Chronic Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Anklosiss spondolythesis
  • Muscle pains
  • Joint pains
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Fibromylagia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Peripheral Nephropathy
  • A surgery, like a fusion or disc disektcomy
  • And much more!

These are the heavy Home Run hitters. And we all know a heavy hitter is capable of hitting a home run at any moment, and ending a 9th inning game. Which brings me to why that is, and how you can control it.

Chronic Inflammation:

It’s a tear, a wound, a bruise, OH NO! It’s actually chronic inflammation. Do you have chronic inflammation that comes and goes but will come back later in your day, and or the day after?

At the hands of a vicious cycle it disrupts and breaks you down like a sleeping giant-its so subtle!

The ancient Greeks described inflammation as:

“the internal fire.”

Anybody who has cut, sprained, burned, or torn a muscle tissue has experienced:

  • Pain
  • Heat
  • Redness
  • Swelling

…And these are all the signs of you guessed it, INFLAMMATION!

“The 4 signs of acute inflammation incoming.

Inflammation whether you knew it or not is one of your body’s natural ways of protecting itself from foreign invaders such as:

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • fungi
  • chemicals
  • toxins
  • etc.

So how does such a good thing become a bad one?

Unfortunately for you and I, as with any process in the body, it is possible to have too much of it. Think of it like this:

You fill up a full glass of water, and you dilute it with lets say honey. Honey has a resistance to flow at the top of the water because of its surface tension and viscosity. So on a surface level you’re fine, but as time goes by, and this water is not emptied or fueled into your body, you add more hone(hypothetically speaking), and what happens?

The honey begins to sink, more comes to the top, and overtime it becomes “supersaturated”. And that’s where chronic inflammation comes to the party, but it’s NO Uninvited Guest.

Chronic inflammation is very different from acute inflammation in the fact that Chronic Inflammation is mot the kind you get to feel or even something you can see under a microscope. According to Professor Joel Mason, M.D.,director of the Vitamins and Carcinogenics Laboratory at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging(HNRCS) at Tufts – “It’s very subtle”. “It’s inflammation on a biochemical level.”

I’ll get to talking about age and chronic inflammation in a few minutes here, but as we age, it’s connected to many of the illnesses we see more often as we age…hence back pain.

So Chronic Inflammation = Chronic Pain = Your Back Pain

Do you see this herniated disc below?

Disc Herniated
Here in red is the disc protruding to the nerve roots in between your lumbar spine, facet joints, and many fibrous tissues.

You can tell it’s not pretty. I was in shock when I saw this on my MRI. I know, absurd. A herniated disc in its infant stage(either non related or specific to your spin) can get treated with a few simple exercises, that we’ll learn a little later down below. Stay with me, this is only getting better.

Your Age Is Only A Number

What about your age, does it factor in to your healing process? Has anyone ever said to you:

“You must be younger to fully live healthy”

Maybe it was not phrased in those exact same words, but the meaning was the same. You know what, that’s the wrong answer.

Whether you’re in your 20s, your 30s, 40,s, 50s and beyond, the only one holding yourself back is you. Yes, our cartilage, joints, and muscles can weaken with time, but it doesn’t mean it has to:

  • stop your from living your best life
  • make you weak
  • Make you less happy

In fact, I’ve seen many of my older folks who have had a severe lower back with joint and muscle problems(from age), but they took well care of themselves in the process to getting there, and are much healthier with the choices in foods they make.

Now here’s a question I’d like to ask you again(Enough with the questions Michael! I know, but this helps me get to know you better):

Are you more likely to develop chronic lower back pain at a young, or older age?

Answer: BOTH

Quite in fact, most chronic lower back pain is supposed to be associated with older age, if so, then why is it that you could be in moderate shape, or the best shape of your life but still have it?

This answer lies in your day to day interactions with:

  • Repetition lifting heavy objects
  • Twisting and bending
  • A large accident
  • Acute developing to sub-acute, turning into chronic pain
  • A Genetic Mutation
  • A Hereditary trait

With that being said, you could be in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s, 70’s +, and have had a series of muscle spams or a large injury without intensive care. This is how non-specific chronic lower back pain will lead and turn into a real chronic inflammation and chronic pain condition.

Remember how I talked about “long haul” from earlier? This is what I mean by that.

In your “GOLDEN” years, your spine will decrease in strength and don’t mind it, it’s just normal wear and tear. A little goosebumps to try and knock you off your feet. It’s a god thing there are three reasons to connect for that:

  1. Your outer disc starts shrinking away
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Muscle mass
  4. Spondylolythesis

All these common cases cause your very own vertebrae to likely develop a bone fracture. See here:

I ONLY wish that as I get older, my back would continue having superhuman strength like I’ve been able to now, but Like you, I have to continue working hard at the things to keep it in tip top shape. I’ll keep thinking this way because nothing in this world is made to be impossible.

What’s it to me?:

As I’ve aged, I noticed how much different my bone structure, and bone density is now compared to where I was at the age in my teens.

at 11 years of age, I started feeling a lower back pain(which I was like what in the…is that?). As time continued to fly by, I began to feel the effects of my back get weaker.

I’m starting to see the everlasting changing effects of not only my bones, but potentially the disks in my spine degenerating over time. Right in front of my two eyeballs.

In this next section I will give you the “cream of the top”. This is what you can do to take care of your lower back pain right at this very second.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle “IS”  Very Possible, Live The Life You Deserve

When it comes to understanding, and finally getting your pain under control, your very first thought(and I know because I’ve been where you stand), is that “It will never work for me!”

I’ve tried the surgeries, tried to fend off three different conditions all at once, tried the Physics, I’ve tried the Doctor, I’ve tried a physical therapist, heck, I’ve even had some form of counseling. Is that all?

Guess what, I understand where you’re coming from, but there are actual and proven ways to not only manage, but keep off your pain. HEY, remember what I educated about chronic inflammation earlier though…

You need to understand that little short term fixes will NEVER work, I’m dead serious. And if you’re a serious as I am going forward from here, lets do it….together.

there is no better feeling than seeing those painkillers of yours rot on the counter, or get tossed away. to see your exercising, eating, behavior pay its dividends.

Before I changed my health for the better and for worse, I stayed the path taking mainstream medicines like:

  • Naproxen
  • Oxycontin
  • Hydrocodone
  • Tylenol
  • Aleve
  • Ibuprofen(500 mg)

…I left out a few, but as you can see, too many MICHAEL!

From Opioids, NSAID’s, to Acetaminophen, and muscle relaxers, I was in a rut. I needed a change.

My prescription bottles of Strong painkillers were on the rise, and they did nothing but just absolutely waste my precious time with the people I loved.

I wasn’t going to stay in this way again, so In my most precious times of crisis I needed:

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. My back

And just thinking about the life I wanted for myself, and for the old me they were used to seeing with a smile and with complete positivism, I made an effort for the right road.

REUSE after REUSE of the same old methods, techniques and filled up garbage of traditional and terrible conservative strategies went out the door. Just like it was for me, I’m going to show you how to draw up the BIG PICTURE”.

I was so happy with getting off strong painkillers, transitioning to less addictive drugs, and eventually coming off them, that I decided to make a 12 day program just for that.

What I do in the program is share with you what’s worked for me, and how to guide you step-by-step.

Let me tell you, it’s a whole lot better to plan for the next day and know I can do everything from morning to the night without harmful drugs or treatments that have no meaning to making me better.

Where most people get stuck and this could be you, is at the Medication level. Now what do I mean by a “Medication Level”

Well, after a strong use of medication everything else that seems to exists becomes irrelevant.

So you could be trying other treatments, but at the end of the day, you’re still going to be back on strong painkillers that cause you side effects, and place a constraint on your overall healing success, and health.

In a Beautiful world I’d like for you to just get off of them so we can move forward and work on the criteria that really matters, but back pain as I know very well is about reverse engineering.

So we have to start backwards, so then you can get off them in the near future! What you’re about to see is what works, and YOU have to promise me that you will put your best foot forward. I’m not here to throw a product in your face and tell you to go try it, but what I will reach deep down inside of you is this…


Like I did, You can start with these proven effective lifestyle adjustments I did step-for-step:

  1. Hot and Cold Therapy
  2. Exercise/Yoga/Massage
  3. Healthy Diet
  4. Healthy Weight
  5. Abdomen Exercise
  6. Better Sleep
  7. Cognitive Behavior

Obviously, it looks nice on paper, but this can get done, when you break them down piece by piece. And only if you want to do the work. I get more detailed and break it down with my Remove Back Pain System. This is the sprinkle on top, which means that this will help you focus on the 4 categories of healing a lower back pain:

  1. Exercise
  2. Healthy Eating
  3. Cognitive Behavior
  4. Natural remedies

It’s a free walk through here, no email, nor commitment attached, and in this jacked up super informative article, you’re going to be able to access each and every one of those topics above, and even better, you can follow along with the remove back pan system at the very end!

Each step will make sure you get setup for the next one, and advise you what to do next in your journey.

How awesome is that!?

In each article, at the very bottom, you’ll have your very own link that takes you into the next part of your journey. Remember though, this is only if you would like to get better at each aspect, and not just rush for the next pill, or your next massage chair.

One more thing. What I”m no asking from you is to pump out some six packs, or go on the next fast burning diet to get you in the most slim fit of your life, but I’m saying, with the true effort you put in, you’ll see a proud person when you look into the mirror. Why is this only been done by me, and no one else?

Why not just run to some BIG well know industry leader like WebMD or Spinehealth? I’m not saying I’m better, but where they lack is experience, sharing what and why it works, because at the end of the day its not always the organic natural treatments, but how to integrate other conservative treatments in your day, evening, and night.

I help you treat the root. In this next section you’re going to have the exposure to the chronic lower back treatment options, and as we go further down, you’ll see what I’m talking about with the natural choices.

NOTE: When you have chronic lower back pain the last thing you want is to be on your feet. Your immediate reaction is to take some rest. Rather than sitting, I will show you how to take the more movement method.

1. Hot and Cold Therapy.  Don’t underestimate the power of Heating and cooling.

When you have nonspecific chronic lower back pain, and your inflammation is fresh, ice it for the next 48-72 hours. Then Heat.

Cold Therapy:

  • Allows your inflammation to decrease

Heat Therapy:

  • Heating gives your muscles the best and most relaxed feeling
  • Your blood flows better
  • Delivers rich nutrients to the affected area

As your chronic lower back pain increases, and your muscles and joint stiffen more often, as you notice they will, or already have, heat will be a continuous recommendation of mine. Other than heating pads, you can use a tub, or a hot tub/spa to ease your pain, and promote better blood flow to your spot.

==>Click here to learn more about The Best Hot Tubs<==

2. Topical/Analgesics. Whether you’re seeking an alternative to an ice pack and heat, or for fast relief, you can get it with creams.

How they help:

  • cool your back while heating at the same time. Cooling is usually the active ingredient menthol, and heating is from capscacin.
  • penetrate through deep tissue to fight off the root of the cause-inflammation.
  • feel therapeutic through a massage.

It’s important to understand the difference between what you choose. Some will mask your pain: covering the pains signals sent to your brains receptors. While a very few will actually tackle the root of your cause with all its natural ingredients.

There are many times that our muscles get sore, and the fibrin builds up in the joints, further swelling up the area of injury. But t doesn’t have to go any further with the right treatment. You can choose a short term relief treatment which I have, and then there’s a long term relief.==>

==>Go here to learn how to keep inflammation away for the long term with the best pain relief cream Penetrex<==

3. Exercise/Yoga/Massage

Nothing like getting your endorphins flowing!

*Remember*: Your muscles need strengthening, and your tissues need to get repaired. Combining workouts is key to preventing pain in the future for any level of pain.

Method #1 and My  #1 Recommendation: Yoga. It will give you your strength and flexibility back.

Check out this example I walk people through:

Here are 5 important concepts you need to know:

  • Who? A mentor
  • What?  Yoga strengthening and flexibility.
  • Where? Anywhere
  • When? Anytime.
  • Why? Yoga is single handily my most used form of relief because it works on many levels of pain.

==>Go here to see how the best stretches gave me my mobility back!<==

These include:

  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Spinal alignment
  • Movements through postures
  • Cognitive behavior changes
  • Starts the reaction to a better health and lifestyle

How? Yoga is used to strengthen the tendons and muscles of your lower back, which is what most chronic lower back patients will need to continuously work on. This is SO necessary because it will improve your form, and let you to walk with a fixed posture in less time than you know. Your joints take on all the pressure sometimes, and using simple 15 second stretches will not only bring relief, but keep your joint in place and from flaring up.

This is the most supported chronic back pain intervention available today!

I use yoga day to day. It strengthens my back, and gives me more flexibility than I had before. Except, I don’t go to Yoga classes no more with my girlfriend, instead I’ve learned to take care of myself from home…

Viniyoga Therapy for the low back, sacrum and hips with Gary Kraftsow.

In this video I learned so much that I didn’t get from a $20 yoga course. I spend less of my money on this than it would take just to get through one yoga course. $18 for this is was too much of a bargain for me to turn the other way. The exercises you learn in the video will vary in sections, you can choose to workout your hips, lower back, your sacrum.

Hips unlock the glutes, the glutes unlock the lower back.

Wonder why you can’t move around some days? It is because of sitting on your butt all day.  While a good massage will work, learning to stretch it will be beneficial in any situation.

==>Click here to watch more about what the Vinyoga Therapy solution does so well for me<==

Staying on top of your health will allow you to get through your healing time in a much shorter period because your muscles begin to flex open, and its helpful in the process.

Method #2: Tai Chi

Method #3: Massage.For many instances, a massage will serve a great purpose.

It will:

  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce Muscle Stiffness
  • Tinker away muscle knots
  • And it’s therapeutic

Here’s a video on how back massages are going to be helpful for you:

I often go get a massage once or twice a month. One in the begging of the month, and one towards the end. Especially after enduring physical activity like with soccer, It helps to reduce muscle tension from further building. But other then going to get a massage, you can invest in saving money and getting your own.

A massage chair is proven to help keep away chronic pain for a short term, and allow you to:

  • Move freely
  • Walk with better posture
  • Loosen your muscles

>>To See the best Massage Chairs have to offer, you can have a look here.

This form of exercising is about performing synchronizing movements, preferably with a group of people. According to the Spine-Health Institute, Tai Chi is different from yoga in that it requires much more movement. And if you’re ready to stand up and make such movements, I highly suggest you give it a go-it feels awesome!

Here’s a great beginners video on how to do it:

Method #4: Electro Therapy.

One of the most commons uses for electrical stimulation comes from a TENS Machine. This is half way between a massage and nerve stimulation which will provide you a more short term conservative treatment/approach.

With Tens Therapy, what’s happening on a micro level is that low voltage electrical current enters through your skin via electrodes close to your area of pain. It almost has this Neuropathic(brain) sensation that tells your brain that the pain is decreasing.

The problem with your nerves(sciatic nerve as well) are that once they get disturbed with a knock or a sudden movement, that nerve that runs from your cervical to the middle of your knee gets triggered, and immediately your brain gets this painful response.

Ready for a spoon of tremendous taste now?

4. Healthy Diet

Eating the right kinds of foods will:

Throughout my years as a former athlete, I’ve come up with a meal plan of “anti-inflammatory, and strength. “I went from 165 lbs to 140 lbs months after my large injury. I was dedicated to the work I put in.

Here are some meals you can eat right now:

  • Greens.
  • Omega 3 rich foods. Tuna, Salmon, Trout.
  • Green tea works great as an anti-inflammatory
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements

Want to learn more?

==>Go here to see what I specifically do to make sure I am eating the right food<==

5. Healthy Weight. Keep the weight off your back by choosing a goal and hitting it, no matter what.

Here’s how this can look for you:

  • Not staying in shape can put pressure on your spine

“The cause” :

  • Your Abdominal

Keeping a balanced weight will not only inspire you to eat more, it has the power to:

  1. Align your spine
  2. Do more strength and flexibility exercises
  3. Help your muscles and joints
  4. Maintain better posture
  5. Think clearly
  6. Use more natural alternatives

A better weight always comes with one fine detail…staying consistent

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6. Abdomen Exercise

A healthy front side keeps the backside pressure of your spine from:

  • Con-caving in
  • Helps keep your vertebrae in line

What you can do about it:

  • Get crunches in. Partial crunches

Some exercises can aggravate your back, When you begin to feel pain, stop the exercise immediately.

==>Go here to learn more about getting your abs in better shape while simultaneously shedding belly fat<==

After a days of stretches and exercises, its time for the best part of the night…

7. Better Sleep

Lower back pain causes insomnia. You could have difficulty falling asleep, or even staying asleep.

How? and Why?:

  • A quiet environment shifts your brains focus on the pain
  • No distractions to keep your brain busy

How to correct it:

  • Purchasing a new comforter
  • A new mattress
  • stretch before bed
  • Add essential oils/cream

I’m speaking from experience when I say that I had excruciating back pain from sleeping the wrong way. At first, I had to work at correcting my sleeping patterns, and do whatever it took before I spent any energy into a new mattress. But after About a year and a half’s worth time of using creams, heat, essential oils to relieve my muscle stiffness, and stress, I finally got myself a new bed!

I highly suggest you check my how to sleep article first, which can be found in blue right above, or a little down below. If you think it is time to dive into a new mattress, I have to great ways for you to look at it:

  • A mattress topper
  • A mattress bed

A mattress topper is the layer that you place right on top of your comforter, to give it better cushioning and support for your lower back. They are very useful at giving you similar support to a mattress, they are portable, and can come at a less expense than a whole new mattress. If you’d like to check out the best mattress toppers, click here.

After years of relying on a couple different mattress toppers, I decided it was time to invest in my own mattress. I went from location to location testing and trying out various mattress until I could find the right fit. Come to think of it, the best mattresses for back pain appeared to live online.

If you’d like to check out the best of the best mattresses for your lower back pain, I highly suggest you give our back pain and mattress  article a look.

I learned one important lesson:

“You can’t steer the sheep without tactically shepherding them in”

Now, what in the heck am I talking about it? Bare with me.

It means: If you don’t have time to prepare before laying in bed, you’ll be leaving bolts and screws loose.

There are a couple of things I do I make it through the night each and every night. I’ve setup a routine before jumping on my bed.

==>Click here to see how you can get the best sleep every night<==

This next treatment is the most overlooked.

8. Cognitive Behavior

The leading factor to worsening pain is stress alone. Chronic lower back pain adapts more internally as a an emotional trait than anything.

Your body’s natural reaction is to send nerves from the brain stem into the brain. Your nerves fire back pain signals when your stress is in play.

How to correct it:

  • Exercise
  • A hot bath
  • Meditation

At first it may seem like a endless struggle to get your “mind” back in order, but once you get the hang of these tips, it’ll boost the way you think and how your motor functions. Chronic lower back pain places limit on your brain power, and that can bring about depression and or anxiety.

It’s just not very welcoming, but sometimes you have to accept that it will push you back from your daily activities. Your grey matter shrinks, and it prevents memory and processing information. Luckily there is a one step process to get a way from it!

Other than the key points listed above that are sure to make you think more clearly, there is a formula I’ve used to fast track that, known as Inteligen. An advanced brain formula that’ll boost your brains performance in a matter of minutes.

It’s made 100% from all natural ingredients, and has show to boost productivity, enhance memory and focus all at once! The nice thing is that you can get your bottle for free; Inteligen Brain Supplement – Click Here!

With chronic lower back pain, I was really dependent on drugs, and I didn’t have the right solution to healing my body. I found a peace of mind from the style of yoga I do till this day, but I still needed more to not think of the pain itself.

What I did one afternoon at work while surfing my phone changed the way I perceived pain forever. It’s not a joke.

I found the most natural way to clear my mind, and adapt to strengthening my thought process. It all started with “Healing Back Pain” by MD John E Sarno, and without that man, I don’t think I couldn’t have stopped my habits. Throughout my experience reading Mr. Sarnos book, I left the:

  • opioids
  • painkillers
  • muscle relaxers
  • steroidal injections

…And the best one of them all, my worries.

Post Surgery Tips:

In addition to every option you should get into above, there are times when you just need to know what to do post surgery, and that’s a specific I’m about to give to you right now.

Whether you have a Spinal Fushion, a disektomy, or just any back pain surgery you can think of, your time frame to heal can open up or close with just a matter of a slight move.

Let’s take a spinal fushion for this example…

Time frame to heal:

  • 4 to 6 weeks until you can start to do light activities like walking and or swimming
  • 6 months to a year until you’re feel recovered

Post surgery makes everything 20X harder to do, like sitting, standing, getting around the household, and the worst, it can strain your thinking. But there are something you can do in the meantime while you’re healing.

Use a lower back brace. With a back brace, you’ll be able to move around your house, and get from one location to the next without causing further injury to your back.

You see, what happens is that your disc is trying to heal, and it’s like putting yourself in an environment that’s completely out of your element, but if you try to make yourself more diverse in it, you can succeed.

Also, take painkillers are directed by your doctor, or if you can get into Over the Counter(OTC) painkillers, do so. But there are other more natural alternatives you can get into(and I HIGHLY suggest you read into the next option I’m about to show you).

Natural 10X, Ways Your Medical Professionals Don’t Share Too Well

9. CBD Oil

Until recent accounts, CBD oil has been able to greatly reduce chronic lower back pain. The reason its placed in the number 8 slot(next to cognitive behavior) is because it is more effective for neuropathic pain, as oppose to an anti-inflammatory. I will add that it is absolutely very helpful in getting over chronic lower back pain.

I’d rather it be used with severe pain, as oppose to pain that is just starting out. There are other solutions to fighting less severe chronic back pain.

==>Learn more about what CBD has to offer you right here<==

10. Take Herbs

The worlds number one natural remedy for fighting off chronic lower back pain has to do with mother natures plants.  They haven’t been pushed by doctors, nor health practitioners not now nor never, and that’s no disrespect to them, but because like everyone else, they are too busy with their heads stuck in the world of pills, and harmful addiction drugs.

What’s to lose for them?

The question shouldn’t be what’s in it for them, rather what’s in it for me? Too often you’ll find yourself popping up a pill next to your kitchen counter top, and only a moments later, you’re lying down for a breather, and a chance to regroup yourself. But there’s unlimited problems, one of which is…

It’s not productive!

I think you’ve dosed yourself miles over the invisible line of using NSAIDs, and other more addictive painkillers. I think its time to turn the book over, and pick up a healthier condition of an edition.

The answer to helping you fight off your chronic lower back pain should come with overwhelmingly positive, life changing effects, and not ones that cost you a lost day, weeks, months, and even years.

In my journey to find the best form of pain relief for lower back pain, I didn’t settle with the first form of ant-inflammatory relief. What I did was experiment with one herb at a time, then a mix of one or two, until finally I landed on the best dosage of combination.

After all, chemistry has taught me trial and error, repeat your formula, and don’t settle until the lab work makes sense.

See, when herbs are mixed together, they give you the maximum amount of relief, and that’s in part of each one having its own specialty. You have everything from:

  • Boswelia
  • Arnica
  • MSM
  • Glucsoamine
  • Chondotrine
  • Devils Claw
  • Turmeric

…And so much more!

It’s easy to get lost. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Chronic back pain hits different areas of your body. The pain and ache you feel in the morning when you wake up, is in large part of your joints and muscles.

These muscles and joints were deprived of lubrication, and when it’s all against your spine, then its your mechanical structure…This is an equation of a lump sum of issues.

So how can you defeat inflammation and mechanical pain like I have the last 3 years?

You go toe to toe with it, right at the source…the root of the cause with what is known as Heal-N-Soothe

As our bodies get older, the smallest task become the most daunting ones. Everything from standing up, dressing up, to walking around, and going about your business takes on a whole new challenge.

The one thing we all don’t have a problem with is getting short term relief, yet we have trouble finding long lasting, and long term relief. Yikes!

With a supplement like Heal-n-Soothe, it combats the inflammation at the root. In your joints, and spine, there is this agent called fibrin that’s lurking in the shadows.

Fibrin, builds up at the center where your area of pain is, building an invisible white wall in your inflammation, and doesn’t stop unless you have the right amount of enzymes in your body to counteract it.

Your enzymes help to give you more:

  • bounce
  • activity
  • movement
  • and more mobility

A higher amount of enzymes allow you to fight off inflammation soundly, and quickly. But with far less(and this is a result of age, and rugged use of grounding and pounding our bodies), your enzymes will not be able to fight off the fibrin. So it needs a catalyst, if you will.

That’s where what’s known as “proteolytic enzymes” come into play. These special enzymes not only help push away the build up of excess fibrin, but it restores more enzymes in your body! How amazing is that?

I was skeptic at first to give it a try myself. Overwhelmed actually, to find what would work the best. Before Heal-n-Soothe came into my life, I was dabbling with herbs like Turmeric, Curcumin and  Bioprene, which worked out great, but I needed something that would help alleviate my disc, and inflammation related pain, while giving my body the strength to do more activities long term.

Heal-N-Soothe really put a stamp to the unanswered questions in my life when it helped me get over sciatic nerve damage, nothing any other asset was able to give me.

  • I felt short of breathe some days
  • Lost in my feelings
  • Not sure if I was going to exercise that way I used to

I’d recommend the use of Heal-n-Soothe at any age, but more specifically for those who are older whom can’t quite do the things they are so accustomed to doing, and want to take the venture of being more active.

It truly works the best in my opinion for years of chronic lower back pain without an answer, even better than Turmeric, Curcumin, and Bioprene all put together. The reason I say this is because the best herbs act together. See these stellar ingredients:

The great thing about it is it has enough turmeric to reduce your inflammation while letting the rest of the herbs do their work.

You can’t go wrong with a combination of Tumeric with Curcumin and BioPrene though.  The turmeric will aid in reducing your chronic lower back pain inflammation, while the curcumin puts an end at your inflammation from growing and spreading the wrong enzymes, while the bioprene allows the curcumin to easily absorb through your bloodstream, making it a more potent anti-inflammatory.

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11. Essential Oils

One thing is for sure, essential oils are very concentrated on fighting your chronic lower back pain. What I mean by that is that they are highly potent, and concentrated. A little drop can do a great deal to change your stress and way you relax.

Both herbs and essential oils come from the same leaves, but just the oils are extracted in synthesis from the plant, and not the actual leaf itself.

If you’re a beginner with essential oils, and are looking to delve into the world, it’s better to have the right education about them.

Here’s a quick video on how to decompress with an essential oil shower/bath(and yes I’m clothed)

==> Click here to learn more about essential oils<==

Best Treatment Reviews

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I like to stay current with the latest tangible products in the back pain industry, so with my efforts and past experience, I have developed a page that has all the best back pain treatment reviews.

You’ll be able to see what types of products are considered to be the best of the best for their own category, and you’ll see me talk about my own experience with them, and it’ll cover everything from helping find the right treatment like we have done so far in this article, along with products trialed and tested. 

Make sure you give them a look in my treatment review article here.

What’s Your Vote, Did You Hear Enough?

Now that you’ve seen all the chronic lower back pain treatment options available to you, I want to turn the mic and podium over to you. Don’t feel overwhelmed, I was the first time; you’re not alone in making your decision.

In the past 4 years of dealing with very severe pain, I’ve learned to cancel the not so good decent treatments, and substituted them with higher forms of permanent relief. Here’s what you should think about:

  1. Do you need immediate relief?
  2. Do you want long lasting relief
  3. Are you looking to combine remedies?

If you have answered yes to all these, then great, you’re right where you need to be, but if you’re not, then it means you’re doing something right already.

I have gone ahead and laid out a plan for you. Keeping the three questions I asked above in my mind, and if you don’t know the place to begin because maybe I threw too much information at you already(pardon me), then these action plans will really bring justice…


If you have severe chronic lower back pain, and I mean pain that is mechanically, and even inflammation related, and you can’t get out of the rut of finding relief while staying away from opioid drugs, CBD oil is the perfect route.

It’ll help reduce your neuropathic pain by centralizing its effects on your brains receptors to help calm your pain. The addition of CBD Oil will also help you stray far away from Opioids and other less invasive drugs.

It’s so amazing that Natural Treatments can actually help remove your lower back pain with 100% effective and precise control. We have a great Canadian Legend in the world of Hockey, Bobby Orr who endorses the use of relief products and natural treatments:


Maybe you hadn’t used CBD oil yet to help relieve your chronic lower back pain, and that is totally fine. And I’ll explain just that…

It’s not the only way, and not exactly the one way to just treat your chronic lower back. At this stage, you should be thinking about natural remedies that are good for your body, and will work as an anti-inflammatory.

If you didn’t need CBD Oil, but can start off your healing using natural remedies, go directly into herbs. The right ratio of turmeric to Boswelia, to Glucosamine, Chondotrin, and many more will help aid in your recovery along side:

The reason using herbs will do a great deal for you is because they also help target your joints, which is not so much of a secret anymore since you know. And your joints are the second largest reason for causing your muscles pain, and leaving you with a muscle imbalance.

Stick to mother natures natural herbs for your:

  • herniated disc
  • degenerative disc
  • bulging disc
  • spinal stenosis
  • Spondolythesis
  • thinning disc
  • sciatica
  • osteoarthritis
  • arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • scoliosis
  • facet joint syndrome
  • pelvic pain
  • SI joint
  • sciatic nerve
  • inflammation

And more I couldn’t fit on this list. You can always test your own combination, but this usually takes awhile, and continuous effort in finding the right mix. I’ve experienced this myself, and let me tell you, it was a huge trial and experiment lesson.


Would you like to find out the power of using herbs and essential oils together? This is the best way to go about getting long lasting healing, I kid you not.

What I’ve done is different than what doctors suggested. I have a structured day by day regimen that incorporates the use of:

  • herbs
  • essential oils
  • exercise
  • healthy eating
  • cognitive thinking

See how I didn’t just benefit from herbs or essential oils, but with those two everything else came together?

I like to use a cream that will heal me from the outside in, while also taking supplements to treat the inside of my body to counteract the inflammation from growing and spreading.  I use what is called penetrex, a long lasting anti-inflammatory pain relief and recovery cream to treat me from the outside in.

I’ve put it into great use for situations like:

  • pre and post exercise
  • everyday activities
  • for traveling

There’s nothing else out there like it in the analgesic world. It can simply help you without the use of NSAIDs or acetaminophen’s. The great thing about it is it takes the guess work out of the herbs and essential oils you need to figure out will work.

It’s safer to use, and it add the right amount of combination of herbs to essential oils to help you get rid of your mechanical and inflammation needs.

What I like to do is use this to recover after a long day of grinding, and exhausting my joints. It’s the best cream joint to date that will not mask your pain.

After a long day, and use of Penetrex, I will use an herbal supplement like Heal-n-Soothe before my meals, and it will also give me the strength to move around with strength and flexibility.

At night, I’ll go into about an hour of stretching and exercising, doing yoga in between. Soon after, I’m ready to add heat with a warm shower and improve circulation. You can substitute a heating pad in too.

Minutes before I’m ready for bed, I make sure to loosen up with my routine stretches, and the use of essential oils, whether it be Penetrex, or my own single bottles.

Over the years, I’ve had different routines, and sometimes I switch them around, but the goal is to always be at a level 3 and below with pain. So far so good!

I didn’t want to forget mentioning more conservative treatments like:

  • acupuncture
  • acupressure
  • massages

But the reason I didn’t talk about them sooner is because while these are all great treatments, they are only a support tool. They can help you treat the real root of your cause by giving you a short term break from your chronic pain.

At anytime you decide to use massagers, or seat cushions, use them to get relief and align your posture, but focus on natural remedies, and getting rid of your inflammation at a more efficient pace.

To find out about how you can start and end your day with chronic lower back pain, you can learn more about that in my morning for lower back pain article here .

Sweet Almighty Testimonials

What would all of this be really worth if you didn’t see others come out on top?…STILL All the value in the world!

The TRUTH is that back pain can be treated in so many ways, there’s not only one, but understanding how to treat it is the most important thing you will ever find out. I always hear people screaming: “Well everyone back is different, they should be seen by one on one specialist all the time. Well, ofcourse, who is disregarding that?

The point is how you can treat yourself when you’re not around them and what you can do when you can no longer get that help. You can still make it…and with my help you will.

Check out what some of my clients have had to say in these testimonials:

>Our Testimonials Page.

The bottom line is that we give into fear, and too far easily. We are people that develop one or more of these personas:

  • “I will never get better”
  • “I always need the doctor”
  • “I give up”

…And the most disheartening of them all? Has to be feeling hopeful and not educated on how to take the appropriate action. I’ve been right where you are. It always feels like we need the doctor 24/7, or we just can’t make the simple adjustments on our own because it’s hard to trust someone else.

What I’m asking from you is to take a leap of faith with me today. I got you!

Managing Your Chronic Back Pain From Day To Day – More Action Plans!

Now, I have a feeling that you might not be seeing the big picture here. What I’ve shared with you up to this point is the “pot of gold” with every conservative/natural treatment that WILL work for you. But is it enough?

It’s great to see what the options are but how can you make it happen on a daily right?

I have composed a guide, a cheat sheet per say that will help you manage your pain day to day, and get you from morning to the night. And Although you can learn that from the Remove Back Pain System, I’m going to give you a cheat sheet to follow.

I’m still adding the finishing touches to it, so stay tuned. In the meantime, bookmark this page, and go check out the FREE Remove Back Pain System.

My Dear Bonuses To You Will Amaze You


Yes, I have extra resources that I want to share with you for knowing that in a way YOU acted upon these treatments(as if you so choose too)>

I’m a man of my word, and man who wants to ensure you get the most long term treatment plan available to anyone with chronic lower back pain. 

Getting the right treatment is a must for your pain, and trimming through the conservative treatments(that are really helpful), outside of exercising, there are two that stand out far from the rest.

  1. Herbs
  2. Essential Oils

These two alternative and natural remedies to medicine are the building blocks for now and the future. They are much better than drugs, and can give you better results that what you already do.

So what am I giving away?:

Bonus #1

What I’m giving away to you for free is my very own Yoga therapy DVD lessons, and yes these will come out from the “Vinyasa therapy for low back, sacrum, and hips DVD” up above. What you will get are:

  • 10 lessons from each section- low back, sacrum, and hips
  • Recordings of these stretches from me, and in a presentable form
  • A long term treatment

Stretching is single handily the best treatment for chronic lower back pain, there’s actually nothing else out there like it. You will need it now, and in the future, unless you have no plan in keeping off your chronic pain. Vinyasa therapy style yoga is a hidden gem for many of us with months of chronic lower back pain.

It’s been fundamental in my success, and till this day, I can’t go with out it.

Bonus #2:

What I’m doing next will be even more specific to your physical well-being. I’m giving away my best selling back pain book in the market, “Treat Your Own Back” by Robin McKenzie himself.

How will it help you?:

Treat Your Own Back is a do-it-yourself relief of lower back pain guide that gets you through your postural changes, ergonomics, and simple yet HIGHLY proven exercises.

Robin McKenzie will explain to you like he did for me- the differences between short term and long term care are the biggest reasons why you have constant chronic back pain.

Why this book?:

I’m not kidding you, the 2 years I spent with a physical therapist for my herniated disc, spending the big bucks, I could have pretty had the same treatment that was laid out in the book.

The Two Bonuses:

Remember how I stated that exercising is the best thing you can do for your chronic lower back pain? Well, that’s in large part of why I’ve put these BIG bonuses in play. With Vinyasa, you’ll get everything:

  • A plan
  • A long term treatment
  • A Breakthrough mentally, physically, spiritually

And with Robin McKenzie’s Back Pain:

  • The rudimentary steps to improve your posture
  • The simple exercises to improve your life and lifestyle

The Exceptions:

You’ll get all these bonuses(plus I’m working on more) after you make your purchase on either the “herbs” “essential oils” or “CBD” page. If I really cared, wouldn’t I just give it to you for nothing?

I honestly don’t know your level of commitment. You can just take these and do with them whatever you want and show no interest.

The reason I went for natural remedies and alternative medicine items are because they are the future of chronic pain. Let me show you an example:

There are two types of people:

  1. Those who can’t exercise without pain
  2. Those who can exercise with pain.

What does this mean?

Person #1:

I was once at a point where I couldn’t even think about getting down on all four and doing a bridge stretch or walking out my front door. I was up against more than I was able to handle. I had used inversion tables, back rest, back braces, you name it.

The one outcome was always the same…My back was still in pain. While I was able to do an extra stretch here and there, my pain was always back. Simply put, it was a short term fix to my real problem, the root of the cause.

Person #2:

If you can exercise without pain, and no problem, awesome! That shows you are well on your way, and you probably didn’t need me. But time and time again, we’ll run into other forms of treatments, and when you do, herbs, essential oils, and even cbd’s, will be your next best friend.

What they help you with are:

  • Gives you a healthier lifestyle
  • adapt your mind to respond to treat the root of the cause

Check out all of our natural treatment articles right here. Or you can access them through the articles above under herbs, essential oils, and CBD’s.

How to get your bonuses:

when you make your purchase, make sure you either email me at michael@removebackpain.com, or optin into our list below, so you can get your Amazing bonuses immediately!

If you’re still having trouble understanding chronic back pain and any of the essential like:

  • Where to start
  • Which treatments will work best for me

…Then I HIGHLY suggest check out our top rated #1 best composed and comprehensive review article below:

A Quick Note:

It’ll set you on fire, if not now, then later for not seeing how fortunate you are to see these options. You’re one of the very many who will see this and believe, how fake, or is he being serious?

Don’t believe me, but don’t make excuses for why you keep looking for article after article, and you don’t find anything as useful, but the same generic answers.

I was in the same rut, and I needed to stop running into my troubles. The only ways I learned to do so is to rely on exercising with stretching, and using the right natural medicines for fast, easy, and the most effective uses. Get ready to start your new healing journey!

Your WILL Is Your WAY – Make Your Health Your Wealth

I will not lie to you, my head is spinning a bit. That’s great, it means you care about your health and wellness. What is better than your own self motivation? A help in hand. Chronic lower back pain does not have to defeat you, and it certainly does not need to hold you back.

You understand the causes of it, and by now I hope you have a much clear gateway as to what you can do to treat your pain, and say that you conquered your own pain.

It starts with quick hot and cold therapy, then start thinking natural health. This road begins with exercise, then it leads into better foods, maintaining weight, working out the abdomen, getting better sleep, and having cognitive recognition at the end of it all.

Remember to consult your doctor or medical adviser to see if these options will work for you. These methods have been proven to effectively work, but the results might be different for you. This is what’s worked for me, but I’m not a Dr.

If you have any questions, opinions, or your own advice, please do leave me a comment down below. I would love to hear from you.

Serious About Removing Your Back Pain?

Don’t become another statistic in the chronic pain system. To learn more about our new 5 Steps and 3 secrets guide to managing your back pain day to day Monday-Sunday, morning, afternoon, evening, and night, and what it really takes to have a pain free life, Click on the button below and you’ll get instant access to the best back pain Guide in the market.

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The Remove Back Pain System continued…

To start with The first measures in the Remove Back Pain System, Head on over to our Opioids Page below.


About the author

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 25 years, and I’m a back pain enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

  • Great article and full of great information.

    I’m in my 60’s now, but when I was in my mid 30’s, I experienced lower back pain. I thought I was in shape, but the pain persisted.

    Now that I look back, my diet today has more anti-inflammatory food in it and I take better care of my body and back. When I was young i though I was indestructible, yea right!

    Most people think the chiropractor is the answer, but not for inflamation. Fortunately I didn’t get trapped into this.

    I enjoyed your article and it renewed my information funnel for these typwe of injuries and chronic pains.

    thanks for writing this.

    • Hi Don,

      You brought up a good point, and I like to reference that as being underestimation…I know that we don’t listen to our bodies reactions at a younger age. While being in shape adequate, it’s not enough.Your back needs supplemental work like a fresh diet, and rest from all the quick pressure to your vertebrae. A fresh diet opens the door to weight change, inflammation, and flexibility.

      Correct. I’m glad to hear. There are better alternatives out there for a better result.

      You’re welcome.

  • I was thinking of investing in a hot tub so that I could soak my aching back much easier than using a bathtub. But I was actually surprised to find out there may be a much cheaper way to get more relief.

    Back in January I started doing meditation for the first time in my life and was very happy with the amount of relaxation that came as a result. As I got to the end I figured you would suggest a hot tub for more relief.

    To my amazement, you suggest yoga, something I haven’t entirely thought about. And based on the results you’re getting makes me curious enough to try it out for a couple weeks.

    I probably will still get the hot tub, really was wanting one, but now I have something I can start doing even sooner. Thanks for bringing that idea into my mind.

    • Hi Eric,

      I think the idea of a hot tub would be great. While it soothes your surrounding muscles, calms your aches, increases blood flow circulation and more additives, there could be a more natural solution to begin with, and that is Yoga. It would be the right place to start in my opinion. With yoga you can add more strength to your lower back, stability, along with flexibility(like a hot tub will), mind with body; and you have to take into account the type of injury-hence the human condition. What I mean by that is, hot tubs can irritate a pinched nerve, and if you have Degenerative Disc Disorder, in the lowest levels of your back this at times can cause all the pain and tension to resurface at the same level as before. If you don’t find irritation while performing yoga, any position is possible.

      Both are helpful options for chronic lower back pain and sciatica. For acute pain works wonders too.

      You are welcome!

  • I found your website to be impressive. The images are very clear and they explain what you want them to explain. I have L4, L5, L6, and C3 back and neck problems, so through the years, I have learned how to take care of my body and my mind. I understand the solutions you offer to your readers, and I think they are much better than the opioid answer. I have tried both. Keep up the good work and I wish you much success!

    • Those are the most prone areas L5 and L6 in particular offering you the most flexibility. I like that you are able to push through it.

      Your cognition is where it begins. When you have a positive mindset you can change the outlook of how you deal with the pain. But even better it opens you up to a better lifestyle.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Great post. You’ve covered a lot of important points, very informative. I can certainly attest to the feeling invincible, and not realize how easy it is to be at risk of back injury. At age 40, I wanted to return to my favorite sport, playing soccer, so I went to a training session. The skills came back to me quickly, but in the final few minutes, I went into a hard tackle, got knocked over and then broke my tailbone! That was over 2 years ago. So I have had trouble ever since. I have found however that doing stretches and incorporating yoga has been extremely beneficial! Plus a healthy diet has also helped manage the pain which has gradually improved over time. Thanks for such a helpful post.

    • Hi Kat,

      There are definitely more than one factor in play. I’ve learned that being invincible leads to soreness and aches.

      Go soccer. All muscle memory, yeah. There are many moments in the game that can leave you vulnerable. Once you know the level of pain you can workout the rest ok the field. A tailbone will hurt! Ouch.

      Stretching with yoga is key here. Not something to take for granted. I like that you immediately did yoga and went to a diet, those are the right steps. You’re welcome.

  • My son was a competitive gymnast for 13 years. The result now is that he has a few issues, back and shoulder pain. I think this viniyoga therapy for the back will help! Do you think it might do any good for his shoulders? Thanks!

    • Hi there.

      For thirteen years, impressive. I can relate but within the sport of soccer, and the occasional competitive grind of other sports.

      This video will work just great. These yoga stretches will keep a good routine going. For the shoulders yes. There are ways. One being the positions at which you have your shoulders In a stretch like the “Cakravakasana” your shoulder are your support to your lower back. Sitting on your knees, and when you inhale it will help keep steady the shoulders posture. You flatten the thoracic spine(upper body) and on exhale the back will contract working the shoulder

      Movement 2: vajrasana is how I call it. Your arms will start out wide and by bringing them from up, down to your body it will work the shoulder and lead to your back.

  • Thank you. This is a very informative article. Though I’m fortunate not to have chronic pain, I do find that as I get older, it’s easier to tweak by back. A lot of it from picking up and playing with my grandchildren lol. I’ve started working out regularity in hopes of strenthening my back muscles. I’m hoping that might help.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      All it takes is a matter of a couple movements at any age, but your bones might lose its strength, muscle elasticity, many reasons, with age. It’s unfortunate, but I’m glad to hear you are taking the necessary course of action. That’s the right thing to do. It should help as long as you are using good techniques in your workout regimine. All the best!

  • Hello Michael,
    This is really great information and much needed! Thank you for sharing! I’ve been to a lot of doctors and therapist and even taken several different medications, but as you said, most of the time they were only temporary fixes. The pain still persists.
    I learned some back exercise while in therapy that has helped me the most. It looks similar to the exercise shown on the cover of the video case you have in your article. I’ve never tried Yoga, but that sounds like the way to go to help with back pain. I’ll have to give it a try.
    I really enjoyed reading this article and so thankful for finding it. You seem like you really know what helps back pain and I love that it’s natural ways.
    Best of health,

    • Hi Devara,

      You are welcome! I’m here to help. Unforutnely you just get a temporary fix no matter how severe the condition is, it amazes me they can’t recommend at least more. I’m glad you have some exercises down, this will help you greatly. Exercising and stretching truly makes the biggest difference and it’s the key aspect to keeping your pain level down as well as inflammation. Give yoga a go, and also it’s important to know the style you go after. Like “Ashtanga” would be a good one if your pain is not severe or just barely starting out, but if you’ve had chronic pain persisting, I’m no doctor but I know “Vinyasa” is just right for it. Thank you!


  • This is a great post!

    I love the way you talk about how we need to change the way we think, exercise, eat and consume natural treatments.

    In today’s world, it is very common for us to look for the quick fix and some special drug or surgery to treat symptoms. However, prevention is always better than treatment.

    The health system needs to focus on this. I think it would be great to see nutritionists and personal trainers joining with doctors surgeries to help promote this message to everyone.

    I had very bad lower back pain a few years ago. I never wanted to feel that again so I have done yoga every week (almost daily) since and I haven’t felt better in my life!

    Thanks for sharing


    • Hi Mike,

      I like the way you started your first statement, we do need to to change the way we think first. The mind is #1, and the most overlooked component. It’s the key to unlocking everything else, such as properly exercising, eating, and using natural treatments. Without it, we can start but fall short to meet our goals.

      I couldn’t agree more. Prevention is where we need to be, and not having to treat something over and over again. This can be achieved here and through my back pain system, but again we’re always one quick fix away. But that’s why I’m here, to make sure it doesn’t happen. That would be great right?…

      I have the same vision. Instead of each working as one, why don’t we get the point of views of each and say look, we will work with the same individuals, but we get them at different stages in their healing treatment, and see how our trials look. Yoga is the way to go Mike, you’ve taken the right and the best course of action. Keep it up!

      Thank you,

  • Wow Michael what a an awesome blog packed with so many tips and tricks to sort your back out. It’s always the way that we don’t know what we don’t know and this blog just fills the brain with good stuff. To your continued success

    • Hi Hannah,

      I think it’s important to reach out to many but at the same time precisely get them to understand that what they are doing might not be right, and that there are more ways than one to treat your chronic lower back pain. We are a society that depend on conservative treatments, and drugs, and it feel like the only thing to do, to a degree. But there is much more to see. Thank you!


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