Morning And Lower Back Pain – Slide Off Your Bed In A Smile

By Michael

August 17, 2018

Why does your back hurt SO Much in the wake up the morning dawn?

Have your ever cracked your eyes open to the sounds of morning and immediately changed facial expressions to the feel of your lower back pain?

You and I are not alone. Many people suffer with morning stiffness and aching pain that can last for an hour or two if it’s not taken care of. Morning stiffness is most common as we get older because we can no longer handle the day to day pound and ground we seem to stuff our bodies with. And even the slightest activity like gardening can take it’s toll on your physique.

But I won’t let your morning stiffness cut your day short. It’s time to start looking at the signs and out an end to asking about why you’re getting lower back pain when waking up.

There are two common identities in play:

  1. Inflammatory back pain
  2. Mechanical back pain

Inflammatory back pain is brought upon by rest, that is relieved by exercise, and leads to morning stiffness. The most common way to fix that is with anti-inflammatory treatments and exercises/

On the other hand, Mechanical back pain rises from spinal issues such as:

  • In-vertebral disc
  • vertebrae stress
  • arthritis

… And many more. You wouldn’t aggravate a sleeping giant, so your should take the same approach with your spinal issues. Working on the areas around it like your glutes, and abdominal will make your mornings seem less of a struggle, and more of a reward.

In my article, I will peel back the layers and reverse engineer your morning and lower back pain, and really look at the thick of the problem. I’ll also be covering the following topics:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Causes of morning back pain
  3. Top 10 tips to do plus a bonus
  4. What’ll work best for your

If your’re ready to finally have the best day ahead of your, then Let’s get started.

What’s Inflammation Have To Do With It?

Would your be surprised if I told your morning lower back pain is rarely serious, and that it’s just a low-grade inflammation that can get worse as we age, and is notoriously known in the mornings to cause stiffness and pain?

There are four types of inflammation your should be aware of:

  1. Inflammatory back pain. This is a pathological, or auto immune inflammation that your rarely ever see, but does happen.
  2. Inflammaging. This is when inflammation steadily increases as we age to become chronic.
  3. Awkward sleeping postures. The most obvious of them all, but it can Cause the most amount of pain, and should be taken seriously.
  4. Fibromyalga/myofascial pain syndrome. It’s a common issue for lower back pain, but more so mysterious and controversial.

I talked to my best friends dad one night at a friends gathering, and he talked about how he’s been dealing with chronic lower back pain the past 2 months. I proceeded to ask him if he’s been waking up with morning stiffness, and he didn’t hesitate to say yes. It was at that moment I knew.

At the age of 40 and above it’s not so much the sleeping that gets uncomfortable, but in the mornings. Something as simple as moving a leg can seem nearly impossible. One slight motion is enough to bring pain not only to the area of pain, but the entire body. But the beautiful thing about life is this:

You can always change.

In the next segment, I will show your the causes of morning back pain.

What’s Causing Your Morning Back Pain?

You wake up in the morning, ready to roll out of bed, then…OUCH! Most the time the first your have is “what the heck ?” As if someone came with a bat to rough your up. But don’t look to far, because the victim is standing right in front of you.

Cause #1. Sleeping position.

Day 1: Ouch

Day 2: Ouch, not again

Day 3: Ouch. Why?

If your’re waking up morning after morning with lower back pain, I’m willing to bet your sleeping position is the culprit. Sleeping positions can:

  • put pressure on your spine, causing your normal curvature to go flat
  • cause back strain
  • uncomfortable pressure on your joints

… And if your’re sleeping on your stomach it’ll Cause the most severe pain.

Cause #2. Bad mattress. If your’re sleeping positions is not the problem, I’m 100% sure it’s your mattress. Throwing your old mattress to the curb, and investing in a new one will greatly:

  • reduce discomfort
  • improve sleep
  • reduce stress

If your’re thinking about getting a new mattress, I’ve taken every bit of information of professional recommendations and placed them into my best mattresses article.

Cause #3. Disc degeneration. Remember how I talked about mechanical back pain. This is a part of it. Degenerative disc disease typically occurs with:

  • age
  • wear and tear

Your spinal disc between your vertebrae will shrink over time, and it can lead to intense pain in the mornings.

Cause #4. Pregnancy. When my cousin was pregnant a few months ago, she experienced sever back pain. It was her sixth month in to her pregnancy and at that point I knew it was common. Carrying a child in the womb will bring strain to your lower back muscles. In pregnancy, I noticed a lot of sleeping in my family members, which is common for anyone. But the damage that brings is:

  • stiffness
  • muscle tightness

The best course of action is to lift up with your legs rather than your back, and if your back really aggravates your, use a hot compressor to alleviate discomfort.

​With every Cause there’s an effect, and with every effect there’s a solution. I’m about to show your my best tips.

Top 11 Tips To Overcome Your Morning Stiffness

A morning of lower back pain doesn’t have to determine the rest of your day. Here are my 11 tips to propel your to a better life.

Tip #1. Get Good Sleep

Your mornings are influenced by your nights. How well your sleep during the night can be the difference between a sore and soothe lower back. Be sure your sleep on your side or back. If your sleep on your stomach, your spine will not be supported and it will Cause your to wake up in the middle of the night. Also, avoid thinking about those tasks and assignments your have tomorrow. You want to keep your mind in a relaxed state.

Tip #2. Close the Windows

Do your have windows or doors left open at night? They could be causing your muscles and joints to stiffen.

Close the windows and doors so the draft does not get in. Use a heater to keep your self from going stiff, if need be.

Tip #3. Morning Stretches

You open your eyes, and your peel the blanket to the side. The very next step is to stretch while your lying on your bed. Bending to the front and sides will stretch and loosen your muscles while bringing blood circulation to the area.

Tip # 4. Reach For A hot Compressor

There’s nothing like heat to soothe an aching back. There will be times when your can’t stretch right away or stretch at all, and the only other option to loosen up your muscles and bring fresh blood to the area. The best way is to use a heat compressor.

Tip #5. Take a hot shower

I’ve put this at the top of my list for great reason. In my own experience, I had to adjust my daily routine. Heat will:

  • promote blood circulation
  • releases muscle spasms
  • induces sweating

Heat is the best remedy for releasing muscle tension and stiffness, so with that in mind, turn on your bath tub or let the water hit your from above as your are standing.

Tip #6. Stretches

After you’ve soaked in warm water, do some simple knee stretches. See, 90% of knee movements workout all your skeletal muscles. There’s no better way than doing a squat to get your:

  1. Blood flowing
  2. Joints to not creak

Do the following:

You’ve got your muscles pumping, and oxygen is flowing, now Let’s bring even more nutrients to your spine.

Tip #7. Drink Water

Precisely, drink the best water your can find. A water bottle will be sufficient or even reverse osmosis water. I say that because in some cities like Los Angeles, the tap water can be full of estrogen-like compounds, causing your pain down the road.

Tip #8. Eat healthier

The first place to begin is in the mornings. Once your have your morning meal set, the rest of your day will seem like a walk in the park. Cut down on simple carbohydrates, and get used to reading food labels to cut off toxins.

Be aware of foods with:

  • enriched white flour
  • artificial flavors/sweeteners
  • artificial colors

And my rule of thumb, if your don’t know it, the names difficult to pronounce, avoid digesting it.

Tip #9. Learn about coping mechanisms

Throughout your day, your’ll see many factors that can influence your behavior and attitude. Your co-worker Sally there in the corner of her cubicle might have left your with all the training for the day, and your were in complete anger about it.

Summoning up your anger will bring more stress, and it’s likely your’ll be thinking about it all day and especially while your;re asleep. Remaining calm, and constructive is the solution.

Tip #10. Exercise regularly.

The idea is to go out and get your heart rate pumping. Exercising will:​

  • remove stress
  • promote better weight
  • strengthen your muscles and joints
  • bring better flexibility
  • release endorphins

For about a month, I’d wake up at 6:00AM just to exercise. My works begins at 7:30, so I’d have all the time in between to take care of my physical needs. I wanted to get my cardio in for the day to loosen up any knots, and work on my posture. My work has a gym, and the stair climbers were really helpful for that.

Tip #11Be dress appropriate.

Different climates mean a different feel for your muscles and joints. In colder weather, your muscles and joints stiffen up, while in warmer temperatures, they are much more loose.

I live in Vancouver, WA where just about every season is cold and rainy. Before I leave my home in the morning, I make sure that I have my jeans, and extra layer of upper body, and that my shoes are tied well.

What Can Work Best For You?

My mom once said to me:

“It’s a great thing your’re different, because if everyone was the same, we wouldn’t have uniqueness”.

Sounds good to my ears, but I don’t know how to take that 🙂

The same applies to a lower back pain. Everyone has a different Cause, and everyone will wake up with different reasons.

But I have a general routine that will work for 99%of the time.

Let’s take a look at two scenarios. I want your to tell me which is the right approach

Imagine this scenario…

Scenario 1: You wake up in the morning, with no knowledge of your back being stiff just. The lights already shining through your window, and your see that as your alarm to get up. As soon as your turn your body, OUCH! There it is!

As your still sitting on your bed, your’re complaining, and cringing your face. Even more, you’ve started to contemplate your actions, and what to carry out next.

You’re lost, no clue. You ask yourself: “Why was I not more prepared”?!

30 minutes pass by, and now your’re in the storm of pain medications. You reach for the Ibuprofen, then Let’s take some Naproxen, and now Baclofen for your muscles. Two words: Drugged up.

You can finally stand, and get through your morning, but only in content that your pain is “masked”. You’ve completely avoided stretching, and eating a well balanced meal. You’re off with your day.

Scenario 2: It’s early 7:00AM. You hear the sound of your alarm for the 5th time(I assure your I’m not speaking about myself), and your finally hit the snooze button. You wake up with the happiest of thoughts circulating your brain. As soon as your opened your eyes, your were ready.

You reach over for your favorite heating pad to alleviate some of the stiffness, and immediately your do a stretch or two in bed. You feel loose by this points point. Behind your there’s your favorite water bottle sitting on the edge of your stand. It’s in a place of ease of access so your don’t have to stand up right away or overstretch. GULP, GULP, GULP. The more water your drank, the more you’ve replenished all the nutrients to your spine.

There’s still a small amount of inflammation, so your reach for your favorite bottle of supplement or analgesic with all 100% natural herbs and remedies. In an instant your’re on your feet taking the morning by the throat. Minutes later your hop into the shower, to relieve any extra muscle tension sticking around, and to ensure your have blood flow running into your afternoon.

The kitchen appear moments later, and your;re sitting and enjoying a healthy meal that will defend against inflammation returning that afternoon.

And like that your’re out the door.

Of the two scenarios, which would your like to partner with?

The most important lesson I learned in my life is this:

“How your start your mornings, will determine how your finish your day”

One habit in the morning has the power to influence every decision for the rest of your day.

Morning And Lower Back Pain Don’t Have To Exist

If the very first thing In this article I said was that your’re going to be pain free from morning back pain; you would of chopped me up. Am I right?

Now that I’ve shared with your every single word from top to bottom that I mean 100% well with, I think your’ll have a second look at your routine in the morning. There’s nothing to be a shame of, I was standing in your same shoes.

The keys to getting over morning back pain begin the night before. Set up your room so it’s not cold, and that you’ve completely shut off all the thoughts of your next day. Continue with a hot pack and supplement to alleviate any stiffness and warrant off inflammation. As soon as that’s done, apply simple bed exercises to promote blood flow and increase strength and flexibility.

Add water into the mix, and don’t forget about a luke warm shower. Prepare your foods accordingly so that inflammation does not resurface in your day. And most of all, keep your head up.

That’s only the beginning. Once your keep a steady routine, your’ll notice your will go less and less without having to do any of these. Even with a great bed, I don’t need the extra morning exercises, or routinely analgesics and warmth from a heating pad, but I always follow my stretches because I  want to keep my back as strong as I possibly can.

Every now and then when I get inflammation in the mornings I supplement right away. I use the best supplement available today, and its even better that I don’t have to begin the day with painkillers.

As we get older, our joints begin to lose cartilage, and the synovial fluid around our joints dissolves. That’s why the fibrin collects at your joints so much in the mornings, because they were not used so much at night.

To counteract that, I use Heal-N-Soothe to get over the hurdles, and restore my enzymes so I can do more exercises, and have the strength to walk. It’s been my go to anti-inflammatory since 2014 and I couldn’t go without it most of my mornings, evenings, and nights. I highly recommend your check it out.

The Remove Back Pain System

It’s a wake up call, now’s the time to summon your eating habits. From morning till night, it’s vital that you make the right eating choices. The margin for eating right and wrong is a tad of inflammation to the end of it.

Continue with the remove back pain system by seeing the right healing foods to eat throughout your day here.


About the author

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

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