Alpha Home Workout System Review – System Used By Tier-1 Spec Ops Teams?

By Michael

March 13, 2021

How would you like to see a bodyweight-only training system originally designed to help special operators in the field stay at the top of their game?

AND have an all year round Alpha Male Physique, status, and confidence without the punishing special forces lifestyle?

This Alpha Home Workout System Review will uncover the darkest and deepest truths about how this “once in a lifetime” home system is being used by hundreds of men across the country to carve rock-hard shredded muscle with ZERO equipment…

As I “Michael Granados” a fitness enthusiast and back pain expert will give it to you Straight, show you inside the training program, the pros and cons, alternatives and so much more so you can finally stop dreading the whole “dad bod” stigma, looking at defeat in the mirror and wandering off into feeling stressed and overwhelm and show you how to get your body back in its optimal shape!

Alright, let’s get into it.

what is alpha nation

First off I have to address who and what Alpha nation is before I give you the workout system run around, so Alpha Nation is a Site/Institute if you want to call it that, is on a mission to transform the lives of 1 MILLION men through their programs and information of workouts only the Special operators in their field of combat would use and hand it off to any average everyday person.

But who’s the creator?

Who Is Tom Lamb?

who is todd lamb

At the center of the Alpha Nation and Alpha home workout system is Owner Tom Lamb who’s like this badass 17-year veteran police officer and a recently retired SWAT Team Leader with over 350 completed missions and in excess of a decade of experience on his team…

Four of his year on the team were spent in the TL(team leader) role. Prior to joining SWAT Tom was a dog handler for 7 years having worked SWAT and Canine concurrently for 3 years, during that time he was fortunate enough to capture 2 Canadian Police Canine Championships due in large part to his partner Police Service Dog Rogue…

He was one of the most amazing animals Tom had ever encountered...and he’s seen hundreds. Tom was also a member of the Police Dive Unit immediately upon getting hired as a result of his commercial driving experience.

He has previous military experience in the Canadian Forces and earned his jump wings during his service and get this…

Tom was also awarded the Commandant’s Shield as a recruit! His dream to become a Pathfinder was shattered when after receiving his transfer message to the Airborne, a scandal resulted in the entire unit being disbanded.

Anyways, here are his certifications:

todd certifications

Now let’s go deeper into the system

Going Inside Alpha Nation(Alpha Nation Workout Review)

On the home page you’ll see this:

alpha nation home page

What you’re looking at is a blog scroll page where you’ll get the latest and greatest content on topics like:

  • All Topics
  • Fitness 
  • Nutrition
  • Motivation

And you can filter between categories by clicking on each of the sub-menus:

alpha nation fitness

For example, I’ll click on Nutrition and this comes up:

alpha nation nutrition

You’ll get topics on:

  • Sugar and the big sugar lie
sugar and the bie lie

  • Supplements - are they worth it?
alpha nation supplements

  • Training while fasted
training fasting

And more.

To the right of the blog scroll you can find a side widget with ways to connect with Alpha Nation on social media, and at the top is the navigation menu…

alpha nation product

This is where we will now click on “Products”

Alpha Nation Products

alpha nation products

This page will show you ALL of Tom’s training program products and they are:

  • Alpha Nation Membership
  • Anabolic Finishers
  • Alpha Home Workout System
alpha products

  • The 21 Day Flat Belly Fix
  • SpecForce Abs
  • First Strike
alpha nation 21 day belly fix

  • Combat Fighter
  • Combat Shooter
  • Ground Fighter

  • Tactical Muscle
  • Tone Your Tummy
  • Eat Sleep Burn
alpha nation eat sleep burn

These are all great programs, I’ve done some reviews on the others like the 21-day flat belly fix and eat sleep burn

Alpha Nation Workout Reviews

alpha home workout system reviews
alpha home workout system testimonial
alpha nation reviews

Pretty helpful Alphanation workout reviews right?

Now let’s get into the product you came here wanting to know more about…

Alpha Home Workout System

alpha home workout system home page

As you can see in the headline, You’re going to discover the Previously non-disclosed Bodyweight Workout System Developed By Top Tactical Training Expert Dr. Tyler Goodale For Special Forces Teams Stationed In Even The Most Remote Location.

Tom goes into saying how you have no excuse…

  • No excuse for surrendering to an inflating beer belly…
  • No excuse for feeling gross and bloated…
  • No excuse for letting your hard-earned strength and muscle erode and decay with age…
  • Because there’s simply no need for a gym…
  • There’s no need for a long workout that steals your time away from family, work, and leisure.

And there’s no need to eat like a rabbit and avoid the good things in life like pizza, burgers, and beer that make a man’s life worth living!

Truth is Tom has spent MONTHS in remote locations without access to the gym, Without anything that resembled a healthy meal…

And thanks to Dr. Goodale's methods he came back more muscular, leaner and stronger than before he was deployed…

And now he wants to humble share his EXACT methods he was taught.

Here’s what the Alpha at-home workout system is allowing regular guys like you and Tom to do…


In case you forgot, this system is used by Tier-1 Spec-Ops teams to stay Mission Ready while they enjoy a ripped, rock-hard Alpha Male physique.

Inside the Alpha Workout System, you’ll discover and get Special Access to:

  • The Exact 7-day training cycle responsible for the year-round rock-hard physiques of virtually every special forces operator around the globe…
  • The steal Targeted Focus Muscle technique that forced ripped muscle growth faster, by using your own bodyweight!
  • The PRECISE set and rep scheme to dramatically increase your natural Growth Hormone production that quickly accelerated fat loss…
  • EXACTLY what and when to eat, based on your own personal Macronutrient Profile, to keep your testosterone levels optimal…
  • Including why it’s fine for you to drink beer and eat manly foods like burgers and pizza without sacrificing your physique or performance…
  • 2 Spec Ops mindset and focus “shifting” techniques to instantly make you look, act and even think like an Alpha Male…
  • Detailed video coaching on the perfect executing of every single fat-burning, a muscle-building exercise in the Alpha Home Workout System arsenal…
  • Exactly how to build the kind of functional strength spec ops guys use to lift loads as much as 9 times their body weight...WITHOUT ever stepping a foot in the gym!...
  • What YOU need to be doing before every workout in order to get an optimal boost in your male sex hormones in the hours after your workout(Almost every man messes this up)...

Alpha Home Workout System Reviews

alpha home workout system reviews
alpha home workout system testimonial
alpha home workout reviews

How Much Does Alpha Home Workout System Cost?

The Alpha Home Workout System originally cost $224 but you can get it a massively discounted $77 price of $29 - A one-time payment.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund within 60 days. So there’s really not a whole lot of risk here when you think about the massive discount you’re getting plus the 60 days to return if you’re not happy.

PLUS, you’ll be getting 3 FREE Exclusive Bonuses from the owner all valued at $147 free of charge to help you build an elite, ripped physique even faster...

BONUS #1: The 7-Day Testosterone Solution

alpha home workout system bonus

BONUS #2: Develop A Warrior’s Mind

alpha home workout system bonuses


BONUS #3: Alpha Nation Online-Coaching

alpha home workout bonus

Is it okay if Todd Over Delivers for you?

Special Bonus #1 The Alpha Status Handbook…

alpha status handbook

Total Value:


Who’s Alpha Home Workout System For?

This system was created for average everyday people who want to have an Elite performance and Rock Hard Physique of a Real-Life Special Operator. Here’s more…

  • You're HUNGRY to do whatever it takes to jack up your body into top peak performance and be able to look at your best no matter what(no excuses!)
  • Beginners, intermediates and expert athletes who want the challenge of a lifetime to take their life from ordinary to extraordinary as you’ll never ever have again.
  • Men who want to jack up their sex hormones that are scientifically proven to signal growth and repair BOTH your muscles and immune system
  • Develop big, rock hard, and steely strong arms and shoulders, without spending hours in the gym or ending up with a puffy bodybuilder physique
  • Have confidence walking into ANY room, and be 100% certain you are “Mission Ready” and that those around you can count on you when the shit hits the fan
  • You want to finally leave behind the feeling of being “unprepared” to meet the demands of these trying times

Who’s It Not For?

  • If you’re looking for another generic muscle building plan thrown together by some two-bit trainer who wants to make a quick buck because his gym is closed
  • People who can’t handle a few short, yet very TOUGH workouts, each week
  • People who prefer the gimmicks, useless, expensive supplements, and dumb sissy diets

Pros And Cons


  • Unique Spec Ops workouts adapted by every day civilian men who want an Elite, Athletic Physique in just 20 minutes a day without a gym so you can look and feel like at the top of your league no matter what age which means you'll turn more heads and attract more things into your life that are positive.
  • Jack up your sex hormones significantly and are scientifically PROVEN to signal growth and repair of Both your muscles and immune system so you can feel nothing less than a man who's on a mission to ooze confidence in front of anyone which means you'll project a stronger sense of self because of this!
  • Develop rock-hard abs as well arms of steel and shoulders unlike no other so you don't have to spend hours in the gym or getting that puffy bodybuilder physique. This ensures you'll look unique and have more time and energy to do other activities you love doing for a longer time.
  • The confidence to walk into any room going in "Mission Ready" so you don't have to worry about handling a problem with anyone because people will look up to you.
  • 7-day training cycle responsible for all year round rock-solid abs so you can get your body ready for beach day, a family gathering or a workout and feel like you can show your body off without feeling embarrassed.


  • I can't really say there are any cons and I'm not trying to be biased here but truth is if you want the best, you go to the best and get the best, simple as that. There's no other training out there released to the public(and could be for a limited time) that gives you spec ops training.


I’ll be honest, there really are NO close alternatives so I won’t have a list for you because of that. And No, I’m not saying this to be biased but because this is the ONLY program of its kind where you’re going to get a special operator who’s been through hell and back and take you through the chance of a lifetime to get your strength and physique in the right place.

What I Liked Most About The Alpha Home Workout System

So much, so let me give you a list here instead:

  • PROVEN results where thousands of people all across the world have built the exact rock-hard, muscular, vascular, and defined physique 
  • You can workout for as little as 20 minutes and can still drink beer, and eat foods like burgers, pizza, and any other staples in a man's diet
  • Authentic Special Forces training unseen anywhere else and released to the public for a limited time only
  • The EXACT 7-day training cycle response for a year-round rock solid hard physique 
  • Detailed videos on the perfect execution of every single fat burning, muscle building exercise
  • And so much more!

What Did I Like Least?

Hmm, tough call, there’s really no downside to this program that I could point my finger on and say I disliked, why?

There’s way too much value and authenticity that makes it super powerful and has all the resources you’ll need to support your lifestyle at all times. Other programs give you the “fluff” and “theory”, and when they are helpful, they don’t produce the EXACT results you want long-term…

They are usually short-term solutions to long-term problems.

Final Thoughts And Next Steps

What stood out to you most about Alpha Nation and or the Alpha Home Workout System?

Man, there’s no way you’re going to fail when you have a retired SWAT team leader and Tactical Fitness consultant literally holding your hand(virtually) and showing you step-by-step how to take your average physique and build you a rock hard physique...in just 20 minutes a day!

Oh, and you don’t need to be in a gym, especially for hours at a time, you can literally do this from home or anywhere else, and don’t be worried if you’re tempted to eat fast food and the foods we men love to eat because you can!

What’s funny to me is whenever I tried another system and I ate my favorite foods like pizza, and burgers, enchiladas too, It would take me A WHILE to get back on track, and if I even tried again, I would just feel like quitting…

But with the Alpha Home Workout System, you can “slack” but pick up right where you left off so you can have the confidence and certainty level high at all times...Even when you’re at your worst or are in an unknown situation that’s not your environment.

So what’ sit going to be? Let me remind you of all the limited-time only bonuses you’re getting today again when you pick up the Alpha Home Workout System…

3 Limited-Time Bonuses(Worth $253)

BONUS #1: 7-Day Testosterone Solution

Bonus #2: Develop A Warriors Mind

Bonus #3: Alpha Nation Online-Coaching

Special Bonus #1: The Alpha-Status Handbook

Do you have any questions or need general help about this Alphanation workout review? Feel free to reach out to me for any help.


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