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Hi everyone, welcome to my website!

I am glad to be able to share with you all who I am as an individual, first and foremost.  The back pain industry Is something I hold close to my heart because I have had my many encounters with all levels of back pain. My experience range from acute, chronic, to sciatic nerve pain.

my troubles come from disc, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, scoliosis, arthritis and curvature in the spine.

Not only was I a victim from lower back pain, but I also struggled with the most basic foundations- “how to treat it the right way.

As an active athlete, I couldn’t wait to get back to doing what I loved – kicking the soccer ball, and strengthening my muscles and joints(makes me excitingly anxious 🙂

there was only one problem…

standing in the way were my specific and non-specifically related to my spine, lower back pains.

But I now know all too well the consequences of not taking better care of your back, and all the structures that make it up. Like:

  • your joints
  • muscles
  • facet joints
  • ligaments
  • hips
  • hamstrings
  • pelvis
  • quads
  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • nerves
  • disc
  • vertebrae
  • spine

…and way more!

to take care of the lower back, takes some “trial and error”, and as you might know already you’ll fail before you succeed. Everyone’s different, your process is different, but we can all use similar methods to heal, and prevent lower back pain from stopping you from living your best life.

A Short Minute About Me…

I’m a back pain specialist, who’s been working with many other lower back pain patients over a year now, and have been continuously working close with each to get them to modify and pursue their own lifestyle needs.

I Take Things With A Grain Of Salt

About 5 years ago, I could get away with a small strain or sprain, a muscle and joint ache here and there. I’d use menthol, capsaicin, and oil creams to treat my less severe knocks. Wrap some KT tape, and call it good.

It worked like I needed – in the short run.

In a couple years, that’s when things got “tricky”…

fast forward to age 21, something new had developed.Degenerative disc disorder.

I tried just about everything to get rid of a Degenerative Disc (DD) in my L1-L3, L4-S1.

I lost mobility and strength. My muscles became weak and In fault my joints became even weaker, and I heard some crunching.

I started hunching, and slumping anywhere I found myself.

A herniated disc is no fun when it disrupts daily activities either…

I couldn’t get up to do the simplest low-impact activity like walking, sitting in a car, and sitting at work- haha, just forget it.

My posture just got worse, and my weight increased an extra 25 pounds! Who was I right?

It didn’t help my on going scoliosis, arthritis, anterior tilt from my hips, hamstrings and glutes, and my nerves  started to shake a bit.

But I found support, change, and solutions…

Icing helped to lessen the swelling from inflammation, and so did heat therapy to bring blood circulation to my area of pain. Alternating between the two worked especially well for my random flare ups, when my pain was more acute.

When my pain became more severe, I found more long term solutions…

Then I crawled my way into topicals/analgesics. What I needed was not just a temporary “fix” to alleviate my pain, but something more long term.

certain creams helped me, not on the soccer field, but with my day to day living. I was able to do the things I needed to before. I noticed my muscles didn’t hurt, the 100% all natural cream I used specialized for my joints, made me feel brand new.

and so that’s when it started looking up…

I began to work on my posture, investing about 1 hour each day to standing better, and at work I used the right tools and ergonomics to help. By far was the best decisions I’ve taken.

Thereafter, I was able to focus more deeply on my day to day exercises, I strengthened my L4-L5 region(offers your flexibility and strength) and I reshaped my weight by trimming my stomach, working my abs – allowing me to take pressure off my spine.

My nutrition took off!

I ate clean, I started to incorporate anti-inflammatory meals with herbs.

My mentality rose, and I noticed as I was going through my exercises with yoga, it helped me decrease pain.

I even took lessons from DR John E. Sarno on Healing Back pain. A whole 360 on handling pain. “It’s more in your mind that we create the pain”

A clear picture began to form…

I now knew the way to remove lower back pain in less than half a year.

i truly reloaded what it is like to not live with lower back pain as an athlete, but as a less active lifestyle.

I worked with my closest family member my mom, and helped her. I took my years of pain and condensed into into less than 6 months.

I listened to her, her body, and configured a blueprint, if you will.

Now, I had a system to work with…

It was evident that I now knew the process to get people where they need to be. Whether you started with different conditions, there’s a healing process tailored to your needs.

“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”
― Franklin D. RooseveltLooking Forward

I found solutions from the people around me, and I have them to thank for my recoveries.

Onto I went, using the most old school techniques combined with the more advanced and latest treatments…

What I Do Best

I am an active person within my community, and within the online world, trying to make an HONEST living in helping other people and patients succeed from their back pain issues, and getting them to use more natural treatments that actually help treat the root of the cause-inflammation.

When I am not working you can find me dedicating my time to my hobbies, such as soccer, working out, and most importantly, squeezing in that much valuable time with family and friends.

A Little Back Story

Growing up I will remember always thinking big… I knew very little of what I wanted to be but my thoughts about prospering were never cut short. I will recall my first measurable goal. This was in the world of sports, in particular with soccer.

One year led to the next and I found myself at a division one program. My vision of a student athlete was created right in front of my eyes. I surely was not the most athletic out there, but I kept in mind that I had the heart to get my batteries charged.

Fast forward two years later and I made the decision to move back to Vancouver, Washington. Here I continued my two year education at the local community college, where I was pursuing a degree in business with an emphasis in chemistry.

After attaining my associates degree in general arts, I had to make a choice. Either I continue my education, or I take this time to work. I choose the labor force.

As the years went by I now had more than enough money to support my funding in continuing higher education, bur rather so I opted out.

The road to success is not only justified by an education but in many other routes.

It was while I was working at my recent job position as a material coordinator that I realized I needed a change.

Life was getting on the back burner and I was searching for the momentum to get me rolling once again. I knew I needed to help others. I have all this knowledge in academics, and from personal experiences, but how do I use them?

It was not until my best friend talked to me about helping people online. I asked how? He proceeded to tell me that I could help people understand and fix their own problems. It was a no brainer…

I jumped right into the field I had much experience in, lower back pain.

You Are Why I Get Up Early In The Morning

There are many people like myself that believe we were not just placed on earth to help people, but have become molded to do it. Yes, my own words lol.

I did not wake up out of my bed one day and assume this is what I needed to do. Rather, so, I adopted a philosophy over the course of my teenage yours and into adulthood.

My philosophy was that to gain more in life I must help show action to others and give my support to their specific needs.

I’ve had TONS of back aches, continuous pain(nonspecific, specific) and re-appearing inflammation. Being a chronic pain patient, I want to give back to what helped me overcome it, and I hope to make sure you get the most benefit, and if need be cost effective solution.

I would like to take you back as far as my junior year of high school, so please let me journey us back to 2010.

This was an instrumental year because of the people I learned to lean on. My teachers, guidance counselor, and even my coaches made an impact on me.

My teachers did not want to see me slump in class when I thought I could for a short period in time. When I thought about putting in less work to earn a satisfactory grade, they were there to push me to turn my B into an A.

The integral point was not how I knew to do an assignment or exam, but the outcomes of why I was doing it; for better skills and knowledge.

My guidance counselor created my path post high school. I remember my senior year being pivotal. I would meat regularly with my counselor just to catch up and have word on how classes went, and in general life talk.

Unlucky, I not have all the resources to make decisions about what school I wanted to end up at or if I should even continue higher education as a student athlete.

I give my gratitude to Mr Woods for the fact that he was never short on quality information about what options in education were the best out there, and he even talked about his backstory as to how he made decisions.

I figured out that through their own personal stories they were reaching out to me to go and get it.

Mentors will always be key. My soccer coaches were vital. I learned through them that it was about putting others first and not themselves.

When I felt I could not help my self, these men were here to help me battle through the difficult times. I asked my coach one day, why is that you do what you do?

The response I got: My experiences and knowledge in this field serve better purpose when I am exchanging my time to others.

My Promise, My Mission, My Goal

My mission with Remove Back Pain is hopefully to make it a helpful encounter within my website. There is way too much information not only on the web but in day to day physical interactions, and sometimes this can lead anyone in the wrong direction.

I make it my mission to help deliver you the best information, help, and most appropriate next steps to give you the best ways to work around and get rid of your lower back pain.

there are shortcuts that are both right and wrong, along with long term process that are more suited for what I stand for…following alternative natural medicine.

I have had my fair share of experiences with all ranges of back pain problems, and I can from firsthand tell you there is a long term solution! So Be prepared for the good news.

If you allow me to take you thru your lower back pain healing funnel, then you’ll realize I don’t disappoint.

I will bestow a clear and concise representation as to what is you need to know about anything from back pain to back pain products.

This involves targeted information you may want to learn about, and the products that I will assure will give you the best rewards in the end.

Come see what I will help you with. Follow me. Ask for my help. Offer your thoughts. Thanks for making the effort today to stop by and check out Remove Back Pain. Your pain does not need to last any longer.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Michael Granados

2 thoughts on “About Michael

  1. junior fortuneh

    Hi Micheal your words are spot on in your website.
    I love your site i was troubling myself because i didn’t know what i will be doing with that bad low back pain that troubling me 5 months ago.
    Now i come across to your site i found exactly what i was looking for thank you for that post.
    continue posting good contents i’ll ahead back again for your new post.

    1. Michael

      Hi Junior. I’m glad to hear you found exactly what you were looking for. I’m here to help anytime you need it. If you ever have questions, comments, concerns, or even your own opinions, please feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be glad to help. Thanks for your response 🙏. Have a great night.


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