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Hello and welcome to our site, “Remove Back Pain.” Since 2013, I’ve been helping people with their lower back pain, and since 2017, Remove Back Pain has been able to help thousands of people from all around the world get long lasting relief from Lower Back Pain to Sciatica.

A Little About Who I Am…

Throughout my early teens I remember playing aggressive competitive sports, and it was when I started experiencing muscle aches, strains, and sprains, and joint problems. It wasn’t until my early twenties I remember having multiple muscle spasms, from acute pain that then led into chronic lower back pain that was non-specific- in other words meaning it was unrelated to my lumbar spine.

I tried to exercise through my pain, and I even tried unorthodox treatments like sitting, which I later found out the hard way was not the answer. Through trial and error, I threw out the mistakes and started tackling the roots of the cause.

My hips, hamstrings were the corporate of it. A couple days after, I started by treatment plan. I worked around the pain with exercising, and working on my posture.

It wasn’t until 21 when I experienced the true dealing if chronic lower back pain. I already had scoliosis, and to top that off, disc problems emerged. I clashed against the ground after a football match, and it led from pain I was dealing with before to even more of a dilemma.

I went through multiple treatments, and repeat trial and error, shifting from one year after the next without results to show for. Multiple visits to my doctor, physical therapy, and chiropractic visits might sound helpful but it was getting expensive!

But like with every valley, there is a peak.

It was until I started listening to a podcast about yoga, that It changed my mindset. At this time, I was seeing my physical therapist, and after about 3 days of this podcast, I was on my own, happily exercising to get my strength and flexibility back, weight management under control, use natural remedies, and transformed my cognitive techniques.

Nothing at first came easy/ I had to work on every aspect of keeping my back in tip top shape. But with the right steps, and treatments I used, that helped pile on the aftermath- a better life.

Every day began like a bright light casting over my bedroom window.  I woke up with no amount of desire for a single drop of drug use. And Every time I encountered a situation, I figured out how to prevent the pain from appearing.

Why Am I Here To Help You?

I want you to overcome any obstacles you’re going through much smoother and efficiently by getting through the challenges much sooner than I ever did.

Whether you have a small, or large amount of lower back pain for the years ahead of you, there’s an end game. We all suffer with lower back pain at least once in our lives, and everyone has a different situation. That’s why I’m here to get the best out of whichever part of the process you are struggling with.

Although my mission is to help eliminate unnecessary back pain all throughout the world,  you can also learn about other forms of healthy living, weight management, and much more. Visit my back pain blog to read out latest posts.

You might be looking for a quick short term relief, or a long term treatment, and with either one, you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for here at Remove Back Pain. How can I guarantee that? With 5 words:

The Remove Back Pain System

The only one of its kind that will flush out all your worries of pain, and dose you with a new image. Let’s learn more about it…

How To Get The Most Out From Our Website

​We are a leading organization that not only teaches you how to eliminate Lower Back Pain, but also provides you with effective and affordable solutions. You will find the information we provide far easier to understand, and important than most, and if not at all, other lower back pain related websites.

To add on, our site differentiates itself from the pack because we create what I like to call a “healing funnel” for your specific pain, starting from point A, to point B, to point C and so forth.  At the bottom of each blog post, you’ll be asked if you want to be taken to the next article. You’ll get a step-by-step breakdown at any stage of pain you’re in. How far you go is up to you and how you’re feeling (depending on how far you need to optimize for your success).

Our site was founded on a few core principles.

We believe in treating the root of the cause of your pain, not treating just the symptoms.


We provide step-by-step procedures for your own type of lower back pain through the one and only Remove Back Pain System, and I off my products, such as Pain relief creams, muscle and joint relaxers, cold and hot therapy, natural remedies, cushions, back braces, electrical devices, and massagers. All of these which I’ve tested, and can say they can be a true necessity.

I’ve broken my system down into what I call 4 categories of relief, Natural Remedies, Exercise, Cognitive Thinking, and Healing Foods.

So If you’re dealing with chronic lower back pain and Sciatica, and you’re serious about your health and wellness; you’ll absolutely thrive! You will not fall short your lower back pain treatment. We’re not another site that wants to throw you with products or useless methods in your face. Rather, we actually your health extremely serious, that we can help get your bounce back without them. But I understand we are not all built to do that, and certain products will help pave the way. I’m an example of it.

In addition to the lessons and blog post, I’m bringing a separate element to the mix. With my chemistry/mathematical studies, I’ll be soon giving you my insight into how that ties into lower back pain. It’s more of a curiosity if anything, and so if you feel like giving these post a look, please feel free to.

There’s one cringing issue worldwide, and that’s the use of painkillers. Our current medicine and pharmaceutical system is so far behind the use of more modern methods, that it has even doctors failing to see. Painkillers such as Opioids, NSAID’s and the ineffective Acetaminophen are not only being used for too long, but have become addictive! Did you know that painkillers with limited effect are routinely prescribed? Enough is enough, and its time to look in the opposite direction. For whether you use drugs in the short term or the long term, there’s finally a way to remove them, and be able to put you in control.

Introducing Project CourseX:


I am truly here to help you get back to your best life. My sole purpose is to make sure you are benefiting, and taking control of your health, so you can regain the life given to you before the pain. Take a look around, and if you have any questions, please do let me know. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Thank you for being here today.


Michael Granados