How To Relieve Lower Back Pain Naturally -Become Clever In Your Approach

By | May 18, 2018

If you’ve ever suffered from a lower back pain, then you’ll know just how difficult it is, and can become. Luckily, You’re not alone in this process.

Millions of others are in your shoes, and I’m one of them.

You could have been a part of the following:

  • Been in an accident
  • Done too much repetitive movements
  • Had an illness
  • Or just weak muscles

Either way you look at it, there are ways of getting you back in shape naturally rather than choosing more invasive options, like surgery. Alternative therapies are majorly increasing, and you should take a dive right in.

In this article I will be going over a couple things:

  1. Explaining the confused meaning of “naturally”
  2. Showing you how to relieve lower back pain naturally
  3. What works the BEST for you

Let Things Come “Naturally” By Nature

The way you do the things that come to you naturally vs doing things naturally over time are two different meanings.

  1. One takes not time and effort
  2. The second takes some adjustment

But with adjustment comes gains and rewards.

For the record, I’m in no way in fathom with myself by the image of me above. This picture actually has some meaning behind it.

It was the end of last year, and New years day was in full swing. I got myself dressed(in what I hope you think is decent 🙂 ) in my attire, with a necklace of god I wear every year, along with my yellow tie for good luck –

its part of Hispanic culture(for those, who don’t know, I’m America, Salvadorian, Mexican – born in California) and I wanted to take this picture, as an “I did it, I made it”.

I was set to start the new year with a healthier, pain free back, and a new me. I want to validate, when you put in the work, and you work “naturally”, anything is possible. You can clear your lower back pains, especially it being chronic. Chronic may mean long term, but who said it was every day?

There comes a point in your life where you’ll have to make a decision, and sometimes this decision could be concerning…

It might sound like this:

The heck with! lets do surgery

If this is you, you’re not alone in your thinking, millions are going through it, and so have I. So do the following three:

  1. Pause
  2. Step back
  3. Re-evaluate

…And honestly ask the inner voice in you not knocking at your door right this second:

Do I really need the surgery?

I know how difficult it can be to have the worst pain day to day, and then have pain that comes EXTREMELY one day, and leaves and becomes just mild the next.

9 times out of 10 you’ll want that surgery for your herniated disc or sciatica pain. I’m here to tell you, you’re not thinking naturally.

Whether you’ve been exposed or you just don’t do things naturally because you haven’t seen the results, there more to this you’ll need to understand.

Consume the natural methods.

My number one and two goals in that order are these:

  1. Get through your treatment without the use of drugs
  2. Get through your treatment as naturally and without buying little to nothing from me.

But I understand, we all need a different type of nurturing, and actually buying a product really does benefit us. Heck, I started paying when I was introduced to Physical therapy, and I needed to change my diet, exercise routine, treatment methods and the most important cognitive thinking.

From this point on I have your heart at interest, and if you’re going through my Remove Back Pain System, you’ll understand why.

What’s the bottom line so far?

To say “not today” when you can to more invasive approaches.

Here they are.

Natural way #1: Cold and Heat therapy 

Ice and heat alternation (cold and heat therapy) is the best solution for a fresh inflamed injury. You’all get the most out of it when you apply it for small

For Ice:

Reduces the swelling

For Heat: 

  • Brings blood flow and nutrients to the injured area.
  • Allows your tissue to repair itself
  • Circulates Oxygen

==>If you would like to learn how to heat and cool your pain away, click here.<==

Natural way #2: Exercise 

Your follow foe is trying to shake you from your trance:

Effective Exercising

The first thing your mind and body will tell you when you’ve encountered pain and inflammation is:

  • take a seat
  • sit back
  • relax

…And let your lower back muscle handle the rest. This sounds ideal, but it’s the wrong approach, and here is why:

Your muscles need “strengthening and flexibility”, and the only way of doing that is by exercising. Depending on your exercise routine provided to you by your:

  • Chiropractor

You can do things like:

  • yoga
  • exercise
  • stretching
  • walking
  • swimming

You know exercising strengthens, but what exactly?

Strengthens your:

  • lower back muscles
  • core
  • hips
  • thighs
  • butt

==>Click here to see how I have absolutely changed my life with exercises like these<==

Natural way #3: Sleep Like a Baby

I sure like the sounds of peace at night, but that can’t always be the case.

Getting enough sleep is SO important that it should not(but does) interfere with these TWO things:

  • Cognitive thinking. Your ability to shut your brains capacity from bothering your sleeping rhythms.
  • Physical functions. The wrong positions can lead to a sleepless night.

Tossing and turning at night can make your continuing back pain much worse.

==>Click here if you would like to see what getting a truly restful night looks like<==

Natural way # 4: Improve your posture completely

Posture up…

Having good posture will make sure your back has less stress tension. You’ll want to pay close attention on how you position your back in different activities, such as when your at:

The best advice given to me and implemented straight away was:

When you sit at work, the best solution is to keep your back pressed against the back support of your chair without slouching down.

How to correct:

  1. Push your chair as close to your desk as possible
  2. Make your station Ergonomically friendly
  3. Get up to walk after every 30 minutes
  4. Wear comfortable shoes
  5. Stretch in your chair

==>Go here of you’d like to learn how to completely remove your pain at work the proper way<==

Natural way #5: Release The Endorphins

You were brought to earth naturally, but thereafter time made you derive from this entry way, and this brought on by:

  • bad habits
  • lack of discipline
  • distractions

I can relate very well, in fact after my injury it set me back, and my natural downfall really showed.

You were naturally put on earth to release “happy” transmitters in your brain. These are called “endorphins” –  hormones that your body will produce naturally.

When triggered, your brain relieves you of:

  • Stress. One of the causes of your lower back pain
  • Pain signals. Your brain blocks the pain signals from getting to it, and relieves you from going “OUCH”

How to do it: 

  • Yoga
  • Massage therapy
  • Meditation
  • Walking
  • Water therapy
  • Dark chocolate

==>Click Here if you want to see how I’ve made my own endorphins put into action<==

Natural way #6: Chiropractors Care

Professional treatment is a great tool at your disposal. A chiropractor can get your spine re-adjusted. Here is exactly what they have the ability to do:

Natural way #7: Massage Time After Time

Let me tell you, massages are the BOMB! Yes I had to say it with meaning.

I get a completely 360 turn around in results.

A massage can loosen up your:

  1. Muscles
  2. Release a tense or sore lower back pain.

Your massage can give you:

  • Fewer days laying in bed
  • Reduces your back pain
  • Improve your back function
  • Smaller chance of using pain, inflammatory medications

How to do:

  • Seeking a massage therapist
  • Buying your own device
  • Medicated ointment
  • Repeat for best results

==>Click Here to Learn more about Trigger point release massage<==

Natural way #8: Acupuncture

You can plunge into “Ancient Callings” with Acupuncture . this form of lower back pain therapy stimulates many or all points in your body by using a vast of techniques.

How it looks like:

  1. You set up an appointment to see your practitioner
  2. You lye on a cushioned table, with your stomach down
  3. The practitioner adds needles to various parts of your skin

How it helps:

Find yourself a solid licensed practitioner and you should see results within a day.

Natural way #9: Capascin creams are in all

Capsaicin, a cream found in red peppers.

How it helps:

I’ve actually used capsaicin cream, and it helped cut down pain signals as much as 40% of my pain. Yes I measured it. I  spoke to a my practitioner for the assistance too.

How to do it:

  • One way to go about it is crushing up red peppers and adding them to your favorite cream or oil.

Natural way #11: Arnica, The Famous Plant

I’m betting on something you didn’t know:

Every oil and cream you rub onto your lower back most likely carries Arnica. The ingredient is properly extracted from a plant that grows in:

  • The northern United States
  • Canada
  • The European Alps

It’s a plant that is an ingredient of topical creams and relief remedies that when you use it right, it will make your every daily task like working much easier.

In the meantime, while you’re in the process of healing use arnica to prevent the use of drugs and side effects.

The first common line of remedy is painkillers like ibuprofen, would you agree? or naproxen, but we will not go that far deep into the list.  Overuse of these painkillers can cause serious side effects. The longer it gets used, you increase the risk of:

  • bleeding
  • ulcers
  • blood pressure
  • severe allergic reactions
  • strokes
  • heart attacks

Doesn’t sound friendly, more like the friend-emy(that turns on you).  That’s where arnica montana comes in.  Here’s more on that…

How it helps: 

  • Relieves arthritis
  • Joint pain
  • muscle soreness
  • swelling

How to do:

  • Most arnica can be found in creams, and gels

It’s a great homeopathic, and one I’m using every time. I’ve been doing it since I had my fall.  Most people Don’t know the power of arnica, and those who do haven’t found how to combine it with the best natural ingredients in one can.

==>Go here to see what I use to control pain and inflammation once every five days now<==

Natural Way #12: Valerian, The Great Almighty Purple Plant

The Valerian plant looks as neat as it works.

This a plant used for:

  • Insomnia
  • Nerves
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tension

How to do:

  • Try Valerian tea

Natural Way #13: Bromelain, The Pinapple

This is an enzyme that’s found in pineapples. What it does best is:

  • Brings blood circulation
  • Reduces swelling

How to do:

  • Eat a locally fresh pineapple

Natural Way #14: Turmeric, The Ginger Family

This Southeast Asia and Indian Spice has the remedies to turn your inflammation from appearing to vanishing.

How to do:

  • Turmeric can be found as a supplement
  • A Spice

==>Go here and Learn more about The awesome powers of Turmeric <==

Natural Way #15: Bone Broth. Yumm

Bone broth ladies and gentlemen, Don’t be alarmed, although the name is less appealing, the taste is delicious!

A great application. It’s rich in:

  • Amino acids
  • Glycine
  • Proline

All these ingredients help build your muscle, tissue, and lessens inflammation greatly.

How to do:

  • Build your own broth from chicken bones at home
  • Get your bone broth protein package

Natural Way #16: Standing Up

Standing up can be almost the same as improving your posture except for the “improve” part.

If you can stand up straight, you should do so appropriately without aggravating your back.

Here is how it helps:

  • Causes less stress than sitting
  • Frees up disc pressure

How to do:

  • Stand up and away from your chair at work
  • Get up every 15 minutes from a couch or bed
  • Performing a stretch or exercise on your feet

==>Go here to learn about how you can increase your posture in minutes<==

Natural Way #17: Drink Refreshing Water 

The “mother of all” lifelines. Water can help TREMENDOUSLY reduce your lower back pain for many accounts.

If you have disc problems, water can help with your:

  • Disc Degeneration
  • Herniated disc
  • Bulging disc
  • Thinning disc

By drinking water it will replenish the the dry tissues and evaporated bone structures that make up your spine. Water will open up vessels and supply nutrients to your spine.

Water just got better than you thought it was

This ones for my athletes:

Athletes, you will need much more water than the average person with a lower back pain, because  you’ll release much more ounces of water per activity.

Drink up! Stay hydrated.

Natural Way #18: Essential Oils

This is as natural as it can get.

Peppermint oil is a great place to start, and here is why:

  • Its found in all types of herbs
  • Low maintenance
  • Largely aromatic

It can bring a cool feeling sensation to your lower back, and after a period of time calms your restless nerves that have been irritating you through your day.

How it helps: 

  • added to the inflamed area, the Peppermint oil will be absorbed by heat, causing your inflammation to decrease
  • Increases blood flow to your area.

How to do:

  • Find your local peppermint bottle, and apply a dip to your lower back

==>Go here to learn more about the peppermint infused with arnica cream I use to treat inflammation at the core<==


==>You can visit our Essential Oils Page by clicking here<==

Natural way #19: Talk Therapist Talk

Talking to a therapist about your lower back problems is proven to “greatly” reduce your cognitive and lower back pain.

As much as 59% of people have reduced their own lower back pain, insanity!

How it helps:

  • Focuses on your cognitive behavior
  • Changes your thought pattern

How to do:

  • Set an appointment with a talk therapist
  • Talk to a great friend

Natural way #20: Focus your brain

I wanted to make sure I ended this with “Focusing Your Brain – The most missed element”.

Why I say that is because what you think is pain, most of the time is what’s “exhausted” in your brain. In other words…

Your pain is not absolute.

My chronic lower back pain patients, it’s absolutely necessary we carry a “cool head”, and think with our logic and not our emotions.  Everyone experiences a different level of pain, therefore is subjective.

What you can do right now:

  • Focus on a visual sensation. Think about an image that brings you happiness, and pleasure.
  • Do simple activities. Turn on the Television, crack open a laugh and derive your attention away. Read a book, listening to a tape, music, talking to a friend

I’m all in for music, and I use it to help me out all the time. It’s great for when I have to get in a workout because it pushes my attention away from my pain and into the activities at hand.

For all you’ve been going through, you’ll need a mentor other than myself, and for that I’m literally handing you my own copy of “Healing Back Pain By MD Dr. John E Sarno. His methods work to drive the pain away from your brain by using TMS.



Live by, and breathe by it, and you’ll see the changes in your life.

What’s The Best Thing You Can Do?

Everyone senses pain differently, so carrying out an action varies…

I can tell you from my experience, it didn’t take me much thought. It was rather easy.

When I found out about my discs degenerating, and a possible herniated disc,  the very first thing I did was drink LITERS of water day in and day out. It helped bring so much rich blood circulation.

I have tried everything, except this one point above:

Natural Way # 12: Valerian.

Thanks to my closest friend in college, he exposed me to learning about it. I’m glad I know much more now.

Want my advice? Start with one at a time…

When you have Chronic Lower Back Pain and Sciatica, it’s always best to start at the top of the list and work your way down. If your pain is GREATLY, then it’s best to begin and end by:

  • Seeing your Physical therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Getting good sleep
  • Eating anti-inflammatory foods

Here’s a greater discovery…

I’ve read a lot of books in my life, as I’m always curious on how to help people relieve conditions that I may not have.

And so in the last two years of recovering from my own pain , I found a free book that completely helped a close family member battling with severe Arthritis find lasting relief naturally. In a a matter of moments, she was honestly a new person.

In it, was all the best tips and advice to revers your arthritis pain, and why most doctors NEVER offer you these pain-reversing solutions.  Read here for arthritis reversed.

The Natural Way Or The Highway

For thousands of years, the best treatment for lower back pain has always been the natural way to freedom.

You can save yourself a lump some money. Surgery is common but the outcome doesn’t necessarily mean you will be better off. Most of the time it’s about taking a step back and thinking about your options.

I’ve shared with you 20 of the MOST natural ways to help diffuse your lower back pain, at any level.

Go out there, experiment, or maybe you have already found what works best but want to pair things together, and if you do leave me a comment below.

“The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.”

~Greg Anderson

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The Remove Back Pain System

What’s it going to take for me to get you to realize that natural treatments are the way to go? There are so many more natural and organic alternative medicines I want to show and give you, but first let’s get through inflammation, and your exercising. At the end we’ll come back to the natural remedies segment.

Find out more about inflammation here.

Author: Michael

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

6 thoughts on “How To Relieve Lower Back Pain Naturally -Become Clever In Your Approach

  1. Emily Hii

    I have backpain problem after long term carrying and breast feeding my baby, and my mother in law has serious back pain too! I will share this with her and I will definitely check out how to strengthen my back muscles. Great info like drink water and eat tumeric for the backpain. I studied psychology and I know how our mind can often trick us! Great read!

    1. Michael

      Hi Emily,

      I see how your back could be affecting you, the spine tends to push its self out of alignment, pushing itself towards the belly. What happens is that your spine goes into what’s called kyphosis, where your spine gets pushed out, and begins to bend. That would be phenomenal! Just as a reminder, there are links highlighted that serve to go to some of my other articles, where you can learn about muscle imbalances,and how to strengthen with exercise and stretching. Water is always overlooked because we don’t think its nutritious, and how well it lubricates and hydrates our disc. Turmeric is by far the best herb for back pain. When you can combine it with curcumin, black powder, or any other aid, you’ll have a recipe for awesome healing powers. Nice! Unfortunately, lower back pain affects us mentally and our emotions are a huge driving factor for pain, especially chronically. Thank you.

  2. shenai

    Thanks god I found this article because I want to know why my lower back feel little pain! I see your article it said too much repetitive movement but I don’t need surgery! I love the way you put lessons telling how to solve your lower back pain by activate! I would like you send me this article so I can use this word in future to let people know so people can decide to get surgery or not.

    Thank You

    1. Michael

      Hi Shenai,

      I’m glad you found my article just in time! Too much repetitive movement in the wrong manner is bad for your lower back, but if you do the right ones in your day to day normal activities, like stretching, and walking, then you will be on the right track. I’m glad surgery is out of the picture, you always want to try your alternatives before even heading in that direction. Activity is crucial for optimal success, you can’t expect your back to get better just by adding a pain relief cream, a pill and then it’ll go away on its own forever. While they do help, it just repeats the process, and exhaust your options.That would be great! Just let me know what I can do, and how to do so. And if you ever need any help, you know you can talk to me. Thanks. 

  3. Christine

    Thank you for sharing so much helpful information regarding lower back pain.

    I do have lower back pain from time to time when I sit too long at one place. When I move around, the pain is less.  I like walking. Walking helps to reduce my lower back pain.

    There are so many natural ways to reduce lower back pain and we just need to be aware of them.

    1. Michael

      Hi Christine, 

      You are very welcome, I’m glad you found my article useful. Sitting and having lower back pain is a really common problem, and finding ways to get around it can be too; if you don’t know what you’re doing. And many people don’t know how to do they end up slacking, sitting more and just dealing with the pain. Walking is a great way to reduce the pain, as it’s easier on your joints, and you get to regain your balance and posture more. Yes, there are a lot of ways, some might be better for others, but it usually comes down to a trail and error expirement. Please let me know if you need any further help.


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