How To Treat Inflammation – Defeat The Heat

By Michael

July 20, 2018

“The bark of Lower Back Pain is usually much worse than its bite”. The pain always seems to be worse than it actually is, but why is that? Have you ever paused, and stopped to think about it?

Pain can be severe, but usually not dangerous, and spinal disc issues like a bulging disc, and herniated disc can heal on their own, so its harmless at best. But the #1 reason you get that “OOO AAH” pinch fear feel is because of inflammation.

I mention inflammation to many of my patients, on average 15 times a day. So why is it so bad!?…

Some areas more than other: your hips, the spine, and hamstrings.

In my article, I’ll get to the root of your lower back pain, on how to treat inflammation . I will help you fix your lower back by tackling and removing one single thing: Inflammation. You’ll learn about the following concepts:

  1. What is inflammation?
  2. Causes, symptoms,
  3. acute and chronic inflammation
  4. Short term vs long term
  5. How to relieve your lower back pain

If you’re on board, lets get to it…

What Is inflammation?

You and I are all too familiar with that nagging lower back pain that keeps re-occurring, sometimes with no explanation. So why is it that you are doing everything right, and out of thin air your back gets to the point of exhaustion?

You’ll find the most comforting answers right now.

Simply, Inflammation is a defense mechanism in the body. It all begins with your immune system…

It recognizes:

  • damaged cells
  • pathogens
  • irritants

… And so begins the healing process.

Although your signs and symptoms of inflammation might be unbearable and uncomfortable, but the body is trying to heal itself.

Fast facts:

  • Inflammation is part of your bodies immune system and response
  • Chronic inflammation can cause more severe issues, like cancers and rheumatoid arthritis
  • If you get infections, wounds, and any damage to your tissue, it would not heal without an anti-inflammatory response
  • Inflammation is your bodies response to fight off stimuli and begin the healing process

Now, turning our attention back to inflammation being a part of the body;s immune response…

You can benefit for example:

When your lower back sustains a blow to its muscles and joints, and needs care with protection. However, inflammation can sometimes last longer and cause more harm than benefit.

Let’s break down Wound healing:

What have you been taught to do when you get swelling? Our immediate reaction is to reduce the swelling right?

Not that there is anything wrong with taking IMMEDIATE action, but from here on out, remember that inflammation is an ESSENTIAL part of your healing process.

Stage 1: Irritation. The first stage of inflammation is irritation, which than triggers inflammation.

Stage 2: Pus. Inflammation is than followed by “Pus.” In the world of lower back pain, it;s not clear easy to see inflammation, like you would with lets say a knee.

Without inflammation your wounds, and infections would never heal! I used to think inflammation was something to fear, but now I feel comfortable anytime it comes – bring it on!


The only way to defeat inflammation is by understanding your symptoms:  varying depending on whether you have acute or chronic pain.

Very important to know whether you have acute or chronic pain, so this why you can evaluate yourself with the following criteria:

For acute, I use the acronym “PRISH”

Pain. You fresh inflammation is likely to be painful, especially during you touch it, and after. See, your body releases chemicals that stimulate nerve endings, in which makes the area more sensitive.

Redness: You capillaries contain more blood than normal

Immobility: You might lose some mobility in the area of inflammation

Swelling: A build up of fluid causes swelling

Heat: More blood will flow to the area, and it makes it warm to touch

That’s acute inflammation, now lets nose dive into chronic pain.

For Chronic:

Symptoms of chronic inflammation are the following:

Take a double look at number one on the list(joint pain), and hear this:

You lower back pain is likely caused by a joint. Keep reading to know why.


Inflammation will be caused by a numerous amount of physical reactions triggered by your immune system, due to a physical injury or infection.

“Inflammation does not cause infection, infection causes inflammation…”

There are three factors that happen during and after acute inflammation:

  • You capillaries are easier for fluids and proteins to infiltrate – they can move between blood and cells
  • The body releases neutrophills. A neutrophill is a white blood cell filled with tiny sacs containing enzymes and microorganisms.
  • small branches of arteries expand and enlarge when blood needs supplying to the damaged area, resulting in increased blood flow.

Next, we’ll go a step beyond, to look at acute vs chronic inflammation and understand the key difference in your lower back pain.

Acute vs chronic inflammation – 

There’s nothing like getting work done the right way.

Scenario: You’re working away at your desk, writing a note or a 1,500 page essay given to you by your professor. You in the zone, writing away like you have no distraction in the world. And than it happens… You dropped your pencil. It slipped through the slickery surface of your desk faster than you could react, and it hit the floor in less than a second. What do you do? You get down to pick it up right? As the story goes, you bend over, and after you pick it up you resurface only to feel a new phenomenon. Ouch my aching back!

This representation is an analogy for acute pain, pain you didn’t see coming your alley.

An acute inflammation is present now. The best way I can describe it is as: one that starts rapidly, and will become severe in a short space of time. The signs and symptoms will usually show up for a day or two, but sometimes it can last weeks, months, and down the road in years.

The main situation that can result in acute inflammation is:

  • a physical trauma

Take a look at this table that differentiates both acute and chronic inflammation:

How its causedTissue injury or bacteriaPathogens your body can not break down, including virus, foreign body, overactive immune response
TimeA few daysMonths to years
OutcomesInflammation improves, or becomes chronictissue thickening, and death, and scarring of connective tissue

Chronic inflammation:

You’re in it for the long term if you have chronic pain. It can vary from months to years. It can result from:

  • exposure of a low level irritant, like an industrial chemical, for a long period
  • failure to eliminate the acute inflammation
  • an autoimmune disease attacking normal health tissues, mistaking it for a pathogen

Here are examples of diseases and conditions that cause your chronic inflammation:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • asthma
  • physical trauma

In a deeper sense, many people that don’t have a condition like those stated right above, strictly just have chronic inflammation. We all have so much inflammation in our body, but it is so silent that we don’t feel it all the time.

Chronic inflammation is filled by neutrophils, a white blood cell, and when you get a damaged tissue and cell, so in an act to protect and release you of this bad blood cell, your other white blood cells form together and surround and fill the damaged cell;releasing oxygen species.

The Oxygen that gets released into the damaged cell strips it off its electrons, and destroys the damaged cell. But if there is not enough electrons to be stripped away from the damaged cell, then it will take away from a good white blood cell, and in the process damage it.

Get this, we can use what is called “grounding” to add extra electrons slowly into our body, and as we insulate ourselves with more electrons, and you’re going to get a significant decrease in inflammation-and that’s because the Oxygen in your body is being oxidated.

So, if your body is grounded, you can’t have inflammation. Take a look at this video to see what I’m talking about:

So why is not mainstream? Well think about it…

We live in a world where it’s about money, what’s making money now, what can the government, people, and our taxes be poured into? What’s already existing.

Many people are grounding every day. Here’s the best way of doing it:

  1. Take off your shoes, put your socks away, and just step bare foot on the ground
  2. Just try to stand there for a minute, feel the earth
  3. Walk forward
  4. Do this for about 10-15 minutes

Is your inflammation painful?:

Everyone has a different level of pain, and while there is not one answer for all, its always common that it will hurt.

You’ll feel:

  • stiffness
  • distress
  • discomfort
  • and yes, agony

… And what you get is:

  • pulsating
  • throbbing
  • pinching
  • stabbing
  • constant and steady

Any inflammation you receive whether it be acute or chronic will push into your nerve endings, sending pain signals to your brain.

Great, you got all this in the bag, but how do you cash in? In other words how can you fix your lower back inflammation, and keep it away from your property.

How To Say Goodbye

As I stated earlier, inflammation is a part of the healing process, therefore reducing it is not always necessary. Most of the time its your muscle and that leads to your joints being inflamed in the first place. But in most cases I’ve come across whether it be acute or chronic pain, my patients reach for anti-inflammatory. If you truly feel its necessary to reduce your inflammation you can do the following:

  • Use Non-steroidal Anti Inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs). This alleviates your pain caused by inflammation

NSAIDs counteract an enzyme that triggers your inflammation. It will do one of two things:

  1. Prevent
  2. Reduce pain

See my article about NSAID’s, the use of drugs, and if you’d like a more natural long term solution see here.

Battling inflammation usually doesn’t take much work, once you consume a capsule, a food, and even a topical(cream), but that’s how the problem begins.

4 years ago, after my huge blow to my back that left me immobile for months, I repetitively would get constant back aches, like you wouldn’t or would know. My first line of defense were NSAID’s. It fought off my inflammation quite nicely, but those side effects on the label, you know the ones on the back, you should pay close attention to.

After 5 months, I began to feel stomach pain, woozy, and nauseous. But that wasn’t all.

I ate the wrong type of foods, and the topicals I used were either not good and “chemically healthy enough for my body, or they were not strength relieving for the long term.

That’s when I knew I needed an alternative approach, something natural. Without a change, I’d be in some serious pain, because as you’ll learn in this system, inflammation will be caused by other factors, one of them being weight.

Short Term VS Long term

Are you operating in the short run or the  long run inflammation road. The road less traveled is acute pain, but sometimes we dot get to choose.

We all experience acute pain, and some of will have to live with chronic pain(I hope you don’t). But for either situation, you can prevent it.

For acute pain:

  • be aware of how your movements twisting, bending, bending over, standing up.
  • include a nutritious meal plan
  • managing weight
  • fitness levels

For chronic Pain:

Keep Off The inflammation

“There’s nothing to fear when you got the right attitude, and treatment in your line of sight.”

We’ve talked about what inflammation is, the causes and symptoms, with some quick rapid fire facts.

You’ve learned the key differences between acute and chronic inflammation, and how your body responds to physical changes. Both have a similar process, in which your capillaries expand and collect more blood to your area of pain, but one(acute) is quick and last shorter, while the other(chronic) is in for the long run.

Most importantly, I expressed how to fix your lower back pain inflammation. There are more ways than one, but some persistently don’t make the right treatment. And in the short and long run, this only enhanced the previous section. You have choices, so begin to implement these, and I promise your body and outlook will begin to look promising.

To do the things you want, you’ll have to forgo something else – opportunity cost.

The Remove Back Pain System

In the next chapter, I’ll talk about reducing your inflammation with ice, so see the way ice can impact your back here.


About the author

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

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