Opioids And Back Pain – From Danger To Safety

By | April 4, 2018

All it takes is a matter of seconds to pop a pill. Is it that easy? Yes. Is it getting you the results? questionable. There are many reasons that people take opioids to relieve their lower back pain symptoms.

May that be, that it’s the most formal and straight forward solution, or that it “masks” the pain faster then anything else.

But contrary to popular belief, its not supposed to be your fault. The average person doesn’t understand what opioids contain, and how they trap your body from working normally.

These drugs are containing so much attention at the moment, wherever you look, in rural area, and any demographics are finding opioid drugs readily available by their doctors.

There is a lack of understanding that everyone should not only hear, but also benefit from.

Not to throw harsh reality down your ways, but these drugs are “NOT clearing you of an existing pain!”

Rather they are “masking” the pain for only hours at best, then you are right back to hole you started in.  Big pharmaceutical companies like:

  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Novartis
  • Pitzer
  • Bayer

…Are producing massive stocks of side effect causing painkillers that we see today causing addictions, and in most extreme cases, death. But if it were so easy to use them, wouldn’t it be as easy to go “cold turkey”? I wish it were that simple.

That’s why In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about opiates, and more importantly, how you can “Detox” and even go “cold turkey” to the points where you wouldn’t think about the width drawls.  Here’s what we’ll run into:

  1. What Opioid painkiller drugs are
  2. How to cut Opiates off
  3. What alternatives are there, like NSAIDs and acetaminophem
  4. How they can help you
  5. Why you shouldn’t use them long term

Ready for the ride? then follow me…

Opioids Uses From Short To Long Term

In the United States alone, opioids have risen and increased as the most dominant prescription drug in the entire world! How many of these problems are reported?

Half of the population who are on these prescription drugs reported a problem, and the other half simply do not speak up.

If you thought these drugs are good as long as your lower back pain is a:

  • minor spasm
  • a minor strain, hence acute

…Then its time to do some rewiring, of the brain that is.




Where there’s a quick fix, there’s usually an enemy waiting on the other end.

If you were thinking about returning to your daily activities expecting the maximum amount of productivity, you should guess again.

Get this, you might be prescribed a different amount of milligrams(mg) dosage than another patient, and if your dosage is lower than the other person, you’d still feel the same side effects as of someone who had a stronger dosage.

Why’s that?

Opioids are meant to block pain harming signals from reaching your brain neural receptors, flooding it with dopamine, and regulating your bodies responses. So, the smallest amount can have you feeling relaxed, more than productive. So don’t throw out your back trying to clean the yard, or tidy up on cleaning just yet.

Like everything that has a cause, has an effect behind it. And that effect the root.


Let’s look at the root first, and dive into a scenario.

Scenario 1:  You’re driving your way back home thru a popular one way street. You’re driving forward thru a street while to your right is traveling a vehicle towards you from the wrong direction. It was too late for you to react, and so it hits the passenger side door and compresses to your side.

You’ve just suffered a lower back injury. It is fresh and acute at the moment. The inflammation is rushing to your spine and hip region. It is time to pop a pill right?As you do so the counteract-ant starts to do the job within an hour or two.

A couple minutes pass and you feel the pain settling down.

At the time it would of been the right thing to do, but months after the injury, you’re continuously using a dose of either:

  • Oxycodone
  • Hydrocodone
  • Codeine
  • Morphine

…Or your commonly used Opiate.

All it takes is a short term use to later finding yourself dependent on them. I know the feeling, believe me. Years can go by, and what used to be a small 300mg dose of Oxycodone, has now become a 1,000mg dose!

Here’s a scenario when you’re using an opiate can cause severe implications at work:

Scenario 2: Under the influence of opiates, you’re running a CNC mill machine, and an hour later you’re feeling numb. What would be the causes and effects?

Causes Effects
Rapid alertness Work done in a short spurt
Relaxed response Work slows down, loses focus
Side effects: Nauseous, vomiting A liability

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Opioids get attached to the receptors of your brain. The signals get sent up to your brain and in result will trigger the following 3 activators:

  1. Blocking the pain
  2. Slows down breathing
  3. The anti-depressant “calming” effect

It is all in your head that is doing the job. Have you taken notice of that?

The bigger picture is that three satisfying components come from the endorphins in your brain, but only one comes from the actual job of an opioid, which is to decrease inflammation.

All that is happening is that your receptors act as a neurotransmitter, where the nerve cells are being activated. When the pill is entered into your system, the brain chemical dopamine is released. Dopamine will then follow by:

  • emotion changes
  • motivation goes up
  • cognition increases
  • feelings of pleasure

It all sounds great but in reality the the first sign of danger is just a moment ahead…

People have been abusing drugs now more than ever before. Some of us don’t even have pain anymore, but we still crave them. The reason behind that is that they are comparable to heroin, and they derive from the plant for heroin use. Here’s a direction:

Abuse >> overstimulated system >> miss use in drugs

The end result is always the same, the behavior repeats. You become hooked!

Here are a few peoples testimonials on using opioids:

‘I couldn’t manage the pain’

Graduated magna cum laude from law school. After motor vehicle accident, I was prescribed hydrocodone and eventually ended up on OxyContin, Percocet, Xanax, Soma. Eventually I couldn’t manage the pain because it was worse, and went on disability. Lost my wife, friends and job. — Sean

Take addictive drugs too long and guess what?’

I have used pain medication for 35 years without a problem. The issue on the prescription-drug side of the issue is stupidity. Take addictive drugs too long and guess what? On the other side, what is important to understand is that people who feel very poorly about themselves and their prospects are very inclined to indulge in something that makes it all go away. — Ben Jencks, Springfield, Ore.

Avoid taking the following drugs:

  • Any opiate you are currently on

One opiate that will put you at a higher risk is Oxycodine. Stay away from this as much as you can because it will make you get a:

  • headache
  • dry mouth cause you to sweat.

In the next part, we’ll drive deeper into the side effects.

What About In Small Vs Large Doses? Acute And Chronic

Simply put, neither one is better than the other. Some of you may require a higher dosage and from a quality opioid for radiating pain that caused large, acute inflammation or whether you have persisting chronic pain.

But the problem here is that it will cause side effects. Such those are:

  • Addiction
  • Nerve damage to the nervous system
  • Family member abuse

The key element family member history. If you know someone that has abused opioids, then you are put at a higher risk of doing the same. Another complication you will run into is acetaminophen, the deadliest ingredient because it contains “codeine”…

Just like alcohol damage the liver, acetaminophen will not only do that but at a much faster rate. Taking 2 or more pills by day can do that in less then a month!

  1. Small dosages

Not even taking a small dose, which 325mg of acetaminophen is recommended is good enough. What took me by surprise when I looked into opioids was the fact that if you’re already on any other medications, taking both will do you way more harm.

A small amount of acetaminophen is enough to cause you to be constipated, and sedation and nausea.

I highly do not recommend it for people in their 50’s and above. The rate of chronic lower back pain increases as you get older, and being reliant on drugs is an easy route to turn to.

      2. Large Dosages

People with depression will be more likely to be taking opiates, and in a large amount. It takes more milligrams(mg) to get your brain to respond. A large amount will not only cause depression but it will actually cause greater problems in these areas:

  • greater addiction
  • loss in natural happiness
  • death

You might become pain intolerable after taking a large dose, so you keep taking higher milligrams to relieve the pain. This can lead to yes, death.

How To Cut Off Opioids

Now that we’ve seen how opioids for short and long term use can lead our health in the wrong direction, the most important factor is how they can be cut off completely.

What I’m not saying is to go at things on your own and stop the use of your medication out of random one day, but to judge your conditions:

  • Your health
  • Your spirit
  • Your mentality
  • Your family

You can turn all these conditions into a plan. With the help of your family and friends, you can defeat anything the world has to slam in your face. It’s like the same feeling when your boss throws 10 buckets full of paperwork on your desk and expects the reports to be done in the next few hours!

You don’t think you’ll finish it in a day, but you know you’ll make progress into the next day.

That’s the same mindset you need to take when you’re cutting painkiller opiates. Its not surprising what people will do to alleviate their symptoms. What I hear from my friends and family is Marijuana. But that’s not entirely true.

What You Should Do

A detox program. Opioid withdrawal will be uncomfortable but its not life-threatening. So the fastest and most unpleasant approach is going cold turkey. And going back to your support, your success rates will be higher than going home and doing it on your own.  Let me explain more…

When I was trying to get off Oxycodone and Morhpine after years of use, it was like telling me to quit my love for soccer. It just was not going to happen. But I had a great support system, from my parents and my little brother. After the 3rd month of cutting “cold turkey” you wouldn’t believe what happened.

I experienced chills, sweating and anxiety. Everything I didn’t need right?

So then I made a transition into using NSAIDs not a day later. I was on 400mg of Naproxen for the next couple of months. I switched from Naproxen to Ibuprofen after 4 months of constant use. And it helped just as well.

I was feeling better, and I couldn’t believe the use of Opioids were not there anymore. But a year later it happened…

My back gave out while lifting a pallet of boxes at work. Immediately, I went back on stronger drugs. I didn’t want to repeat the process all over again, so instead I turned to a remedy that was surprisingly effective and it was called Kratom. And let me tell you what this remedy did before I tell you where it originates.

What Kratom does is, it  kills your brains desire when you are addicted to opiates and you need more opiates. It dulls your pain and lets you get your pep in your step back to doing everything from:

  • Giving you energy
  • Letting you work and function
  • Not get sleepy

. Taking 2-4 tablets in a day is enough willpower to get you up and going with so much to look forward to.

How It’s Made

Kratom is made in Southeast Asia, from the leaves of a tropical tree, and its been used for hundreds of years to relieve pain. You can eat the leaves raw, but its commonly used as a capsule or brewed into tea. It works well to help with:

  • mood disorders
  • withdrawal symptoms

It has a few negative effects like:

  • nausea
  • constipation

…But that’s associated with higher doses, or taken frequently.

Can it be addictive is the question right?

Its equivalent to that of coffee, but it’s not going to cause a withdrawal like it does with opioids. I’ve gotten emails at least once per week from people on prescription opioids or heroin stating that they have gotten off the drugs by using kratom.

But it has to be taken with caution because its not completely understood. It is not regulated, and no standards for how much is sold in the US.

How, When, and Where To Use Kratom

Since Kratom is not regulated and not understood 100%, its log term use can come with side effects such as addiction.

The recommended time frame is 2-3 weeks of use and that is it, if you’re scared of having to detox from it.  The best form, and if you’re a beginner is to use capsules.

Other method as you might already be familiar with are:

  • Suboxone
  • Subutex

…But these two detox options will cause side effects unlike Kratoms leaf extract.  The good thing is you can not overdose on Kratom, but you can with the others.

The Karatom dosage will vary from person to person. Generally, its about 3-10 grams. And the more you take, the more relaxed you become.

From my own experience, I liked to take 2 different strains and mix them together in low doses. This was I could help reduce more with pain, and have energy at the end of it.

Many of our friends have turned to Kratom as a withdrawal option. Having the right sources is more than consider than picking the right strain. You want someone you can trust. I only use Coastline Kratom. You can click here to see their selection.

Now onto a great chronic pain relief.

CBD Capsules/CBD Oil

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and no its not marijuana. But it is however, the active compound in hemp that will give you its medicinal and therapeutic properties and purposes.

The difference between “THC” and “CBD” are large, in that when THC is not present, the plant is hemp. And when THC is present, it is marijuana.

I was first introduced to CBD after a doctors visit. My friend from and room mate from University told me about what it was and how he tried it and it helped relieved anxiety and pain from his sports injury.

Another friend of his used cbd pills to combat his chronic pain, and fight anxiety naturally.

CBD capsules are “the go to” source for pain relief.

It’s become my go to source for chronic pain, and it mainly serves two purposes:

  1. As an opioid replacement
  2. Transitioning off opioids to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Where’s The Best Place To Buy CBD Capsules?

I used SOL CBD for many months to start.  You can see here to view their products as you wish. They are very reputable, and deliver on their promise to fight pain and get you off Opioids for a lesser price.

Further on, as the years have passed, and after trying out different companies, I came second across SeraLabs which Is where I had my first bottle for free and it was more pure, simply for those two facts(plus all the added health benefits of course :)). See here for your free bottle

And my third and final destination which was in 2016, the beginning of summer, around late June, I took off with CBD pure.

  1. Their product is made and comes from Colorado, which is a state you know grows it very well.
  2. It’s organic.

They offer gel capsules for a little bit heavier of a price, but work very well for the toughest chronic pain. Where to start though?

Speaking from once being a beginner, I’d start off with SOL CBD capsules(which are less spendy), and then move your way into the other company CBD Pure if you can.  I know trust is important, and that’s why I started at point A to get to point B. Learn more abot CBD capsules and oil with CBD Pure here.

How Do Kratom And CBD Compare?

Both Kratom and CBD capsules are used to withdrawal from Opioids, and either option will work very well.

I began with Kratom for about a week, and thereafter switched to CBD capsules, and the results have been incredible. I’ve seen less anxiety, way less pain, and its been replaced with more energy and productivity.

Like with purchasing kratom and getting shockingly instant pain relief, CBD immediately did the same and took away my anxiety and pain.  All it took was about 17mg of use.

You’ve probably heard about CBD oil, but do you know how and when to use it?

CBD oil is the liquid form of the capsule. It can be just as effective as capsules. You can use gel or capsules for convenience. If you are on the go, or if you don’t want to measure out the amount you need, capsules will work great.

You can learn more about CBD Oil here.


After using Kratom for a short stint, I reverted to using NSAIDs. Expect this time I stayed on them without going back to Opiates.

I Don’t Hate Opioids, I Used Them At One Point

Let me be honest, for a short time I used opioids(as you’ve already seen).

Opioids are not something I want to turn to for chronic pain ever again, let alone it be for acute pain. But I needed something so I could get back to my activities in and out of the office, and with the game of soccer.

I only used what was necessary because I didn’t understand how to transition quickly, and try more natural alternatives.

A single 2oz jar of cream changed my outlook forever. I completely went from using NSAIDs one night to saying goodbye to them the following day.

Over the years I’ve tried every “topical” out on the market, and none of them ever made me healthier in the long run. Except for this gem named Penetrex. 

It doesn’t give me the side effects taking drugs do. No oral medication will ever substitute this cream again. What I love most about it is its ingredients of:

  • Boswelia
  • Glucosamine
  • Magnesium
  • Arnica
  • MSM

…Only a few of the important ones to name. It hits the root of your cause which is inflammation, and empowers your aching muscles, and its very well known use for joints.

Every lower back pain has a similar problem – a muscle imbalance. Which you will learn more about in the Remove Back Pain System. But more on Penetrex.

I used it day to day the year of 2017 for about 3 weeks, and after that I put on less cream in a day, and not have to reuse it for at least another 4 days. It’s my go to cream for both:

  • pre and post workouts
  • day to day activities

See more about the #1 Inflammation Formulation Penetrex here

Following it up with exercise will be the best way to manage your pain. After coming off the use of NSAID’s, Penetrex gave me the fundamental back again.  I was able to walk well again for a longer duration, and get back to strengthening and flexibility exercises for my lower back. Anytime inflammation occurred, Penetrex was there.

Stretching gave me the best results. It not only worked on releasing my dopamine in the right ways, it also helped make me feel really good when I was done.

Unlike opioids the results are usually the same, you take a pill, dopamine takes place, but the end result is always light headiness, constipation, and more side effects. There is a big difference!

The mix of different exercises makes it more enjoyable for me, and it gives me more energy after I am done. The goal is to feel better after right?

When I am I feeling like my back is about to start hurting again, I jump into stretch mode. I want to b able to quickly target my L4 – L5 part of my lumbar, because that is where all my weight is located, and gives me my range of flexibility.


Trading Opiates For This Will Lead To A Recession

Other than using Kratom and CBD’s for more chronic conditions, there will be times when you just need a quick relief.  If you have to use medication, there are replacements for it that you can take fully advantage of.

  1. Nonsteriodal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs(NSAIDs)
  2. Over the counter Acetaminophen. The main ingredient in Tylenol.

These will help reduce your inflammation and numb your pain.

Pros of NSAIDs:

  • are a good option if you want to get rid of your inflammation much sooner,
  • more potent then Acetaminophen.


  • older patients at risk for liver failure and higher toxicity levels.

For Acetaminophen:


  • Active ingredient in Tylenol which helps kill the pain


  • Its addicting

Moments Of Relief VS The Road To Redemption

There’s an analogy I like to preach:

” Do you live for the moment, or the future?”

We’re living in new times, people are searching for immediate relief without the knowledge or inch of concern about their health.

If you’ve paid attention to recent news, more people are consuming Opioids and NSAIDs and are proving to be very ineffective in the short run with large doses and critically, in the long run.

You’re already a step ahead of the pack, hence the rest of lower back pain sufferers -by dropping into this post!

Whomever hasn’t stepped across this article still has a chance to see it, but lets focus on you, the active participant. Feel proud of yourself, but the work has just begun. Don’t take a seat yet…

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please add your value by leaving me a message down below. I respect any response. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


Continue with the Remove Back Pain System by reading into “How To Treat A Back Pain” here

Author: Michael

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 25 years, and I’m a back pain enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

4 thoughts on “Opioids And Back Pain – From Danger To Safety

  1. Sarae

    This is such great information. I struggle with lower back pain almost constantly and I try not to take medications, and using more natural methods, but sometimes it is hard to resist the temptation to just get relief! But this has definitely reminded me to try and stay off medication, and get to the core issue. I definitely need to stretch more. Do you have any specific stretches that you would recommend? Should I be stretching several times per day?

    Thank you!

    1. Michael Granados Post author

      Hi Sarae,

      I’m happy to hear you are going the natural method route. Oh yes, I know! At times it will be tougher than others. It comes down to mind over matter, reminding yourself, and most importantly the scneario/circumstance where you find yourself in…if you are no where close to it, it doesn’t make it as easy to take an opioid. Good.

      Yes I do. For stretching these following should be performed for no more than 30 seconds each, (as a general thumb I do 10-30sec), every day at least twice, for maximum relief. 1)Your hamstring. 2) partial crunches-helps your abdomen, less pressure on spine

      I highly recommend yoga, this will give you the most flexibility and strength

      For yoga, twice a week 3 workouts for a total of 25 minutes and
      1)Cow Pose
      2)Pigeon Pose
      3)Child’s pose

      Overall, I would start with stretching, and once you feel more comfortable jump into yoga, it is great!

  2. Brandon

    Thanks for this great review. I think my aunt will benefit from Opiods a LOT. I want her to get back into the work because she’s struggling on the governments money, and I absolutely know she hates not being fit and getting out there to do stuff (she’s had a bad back for many years now). I’m going to get some tablets for her right away so I can see her happy again. Thanks!

    1. Michael Granados Post author


      You are welcome! I do believe too that she would benefit from taking a form of opioids. I know that with age, if the pain was there for a while before, it will increase over the years. Yeah, I hear you, its tough to live on government money, been there at one point, its no fun! Its important to have the right dosage, and get the right drug. At an older age, and I’ve seen this happen with others- where multiple medications are taken, so its important to keep track of it all so things don’t get mixed.


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