What Is CBD In Hemp Oil? – Only The Most Helpful Natural Medicine

By Michael

November 28, 2018

Can you hear that? It might sound like silence right now, but the Large time clocks about to start ringing, it’s time!

Time to start a new revolution, one that will help you step up to the plate and hit a home run. What I mean is more than a speech, it’s an offering to a premium and superior health opportunity.

Alternative medicine is in your front view, And it will continue with no mercy until each and every individual finds relief for their medical, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual problems. Two years ago, I would have asked myself the same question, what is CBD in hemp oil?

Generation X Is Just As Confused As Y and Z, But Why?

Simply, we are not educated on the large reputation that CBD and hemp oil have. We don’t learn about it in school, at a visit to our doctors office, our chemistry and biology teachers don’t spend time lecturing you on this topic just like you don’t expect your doctor to, and for why should they?

I can tell you exactly why, but that’s not what I’m here to spend time for. If you want to learn more of it’s use for pain, you can see it in our newly updated cbd to pain article here.

You either do or don’t know a thing about hemp or CBD, and if you do, have patience with me, but for those who don’t I’m about spend a little time getting you up to date in a matter of minutes…literally. Hang in?

Let’s start off with Hemp!

What is Hemp? A Remedy In Disguise

It’s 2018, and you’ve probably heard the spill, Hemp is marijuana! OH MY GOSH! That’s a sin! Re-adjust your seat-belt, and fasten up for a different revelation.

Hemp is WAY different than it’s parent partner marijuana, and there are 3 ways to define them:

  1. Cultivation
  2. Function
  3. Application

But guess what? this doesn’t stop political leaders or our combined government from getting confused and putting a label on it as all cannabis species. It’s been almost 46 years, It’s time to get it together people! Excuse me, it’s not about them, or their incorrect accusations, it’s about you and every little benefit you can squeeze out from me.

Not going to deep into marijuana, its known as a medicinal and recreational use drug, while Hemp is used for for hundreds of other applications that marijuana can not be used for. There are so many I couldn’t list them all, but you can see in this article for more that list 1,000’s!.

I can’t keep you waiting any longer, you wan’t to likely know if Hemp can get you high right? This is how I answer many of my back pain patients, and bare with me: ” You are more likely to see zombies come to life before  your brain attains a high from smoking it.

Here’s a better look at how they compare:

High THC 5%-35%
Have THC
Low THC <0.3%
Cannabis derived
Grown in a controlled environment
Plant based
Minimal care, can cultivate in any environment
Medical and for recreational use
Grown in The U.S
Can be applied on your body, clothes, foods, plastic, construction, etc.

So how can you spot the differences between the two that grow from the same plant?…

There are three basic fundamentals to identify them and they are:

  1. Appearance. Hemp looks completely different than marijuana, in that it has skinnier leaves, that are concentrated at the top, you don’t see too many branches below the main top part. And with marijuana, it’s either tied into a twisted knot, known as a bud, look like a nugget, or it’s shaped in the form of broad sticking out leaves. If you stand about 20ft back, and if you saw a field of them, you’d notice that the hemp is skinnier and taller, while the marijuana is smaller and bushier.
  2. Chemical makeups. We’re going molecular in her for a second, and it’ll be in terms we can all find easy. If you look at their chemical composition(compounds), you’ll notice a different look about the two, The THC in the marijuana is the compound you’ll see, and that is responsible for 5-20% of the THC content, and the premium vary as up to 25%-35%. And on the end, Hemp has as low as 0.3% THC levels, not enough to give you a psychoactive feel(similar to what you will find in CBD in just a moment).The awesome part about Hemp is that it has CBD in it, so both of their mixed compounds will interact with you to give you a very therapeutic feel.
  3. Cultivation. You can’t grow hemp and marijuana in the same environment, it just doesn’t work. You have variables like cold air, and cold temperature for one that would disrupt marijuana. You need to have it in a carefully controlled, humid, and warm temperature, while having to be about 6ft apart when growing. The opposite applies to hemp. Hemp can be grown outside in any climate, grown closely together in multi-acre plots.

OK, that’s what hemp is all about, now let’s dive into the meat, and learn about what CBD is in hemp oil.

What is CBD? Is It Just Another Drug?

To know what CBD in hemp oil is, we need to start broad, and that takes some fundamental definitions. IT BASICALLY IS A Cannabis compound that has a ton of medical benefits, without the addition of the psychoactive “high” feelings you would typically only see in marijuana. Which brings me to the most important characteristic…

Marijuana and Hemp, and CBD’s all might have THC, but Hemp and CBD both have less than 0.3% which ensures you will not have a high feeling, at all! I can tell you that’s a fact because I’ve tried it, and it works to perfection, but why not just see a short video on it?

Who Are CBD’s For?

There is no CBD without you. You and I bring it to life, because it serves all these health purposes:

  • inflammation
  • pain
  • anxiety
  • seizures
  • psychosis
  • spasms
  • arthritis
  • back pain
  • joint pain
  • muscle pain

…These are some of the very important ones, but there are so much more! Can you see now why you are the reason CBD has a place in natural medicine?

It’s been helping out millions of people on a global scale for at least the last 8 years, so why is it now that you’re just learning about it?

Well for one, it could be that you hadn’t had to even think about it, not until you were hit with a chronic injury, a neurological disorder, or just pain that hurts you every time it comes and Goes. Which ever one it is, CBD’s will ensure you take away the whole pain completely! YES, completely!

Just the other day, I was speaking to an older gentlemen, about in his late 50’s who never heard about CBD  until about a year ago. He had been using marijuana as far back as he could remember, when pot was the only thing that could help. After him and his wife had tried it, there was no convincing them to switch. If you’d like to learn more about CBD Oil right away, and for back pain, you can see it in my article here.

CBD Vs Hemp, Is There Competition?

Now that you “get the picture” on what marijuana vs hemp is, and what a CBD is, it’s about that time to really answer what is CBD in hemp? Broader conversations between your friends, and family are always between CBD and marijuana, but no one ever talks about hemp. Why?

Our brains like to think a general overview, and anytime a the word CBD comes to mind, we can’t help but make a case for it’s brother marijuana. And that’s not your fault, we were trained to think on the defensive, that’s how our minds work to defend and secure ourselves. But let’s put that to the side and build a case for why we don’t hear about hemp enough in conversations.

Hemp oil is never tested for CBD’s, and but always contains a small trace of it since they both come from the Cannabis Sativa Plant. Have you heard about industrial hemp oil?

Industrial hemp oil also comes from the same cannabis sativa plant that hemp oil or hemp seed oil get extracted from. Industrial hemp is not cultivated to produce the buds you seen in marijuana, which reasonably doesn’t give you a “high” feeling. And this hemp oil contains higher concentrations of cannabidioil(better known as CBD)

So here’s the million dollar question…is hemp oil the same as cbd oil?

Well, we know that both are made from the same plant, and hemp oil contains many antioxidant like omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Since the hemp oil is compressed from the seeds of the hemp plant, it does not contain the same amount of CBD’s like you would find for medical purposes extracted from the whole plant itself.

One thing you’ll notice if you haven’t already is that most CBD manufactures label their CBD as hemp oil,  and the actual CBD contains hemp oil as its carrier base- which helps give it a more medicinal use. So that’s where the confusion lies.

Are you looking To Use CBD’s In The Near Future?

It’s common to feel like there are so many medicines, and funky stuff out there to cause you to shy away. But It’s also important that you sit down with yourself and ask yourself the most potential life changing decision question:

Will CBD Help You? Don’t Blink On It

If you’re in this exact moment of your life, I can tell you without a doubt, YES! The reason I say this is that you’re either ready to let go of your:

  • inflammation
  • pain
  • stress

When I had chronic lower back pain that left me with nothing but to go back to Opioids for the second time, I honestly had no choice but to look into CBD’s. I knew how CBD worked 3 years ago, but I didn’t know where to go to next…

My close friend at the time had introduced me to CBD Oil, and that took off like a jet leaving the landing strip. You can learn more about CBD oil in my top 100 article right here.

CBD’s Are A Derivative of Hemp

It’s time to let you go, but before I do, I want to close up with a few things about today. We learned that marijuana and hemp are very different, and how CBD is an extract from the same plant as hemp, and that CBD’s come from the hemp itself.

CBD’s are a formidable option for anyone that’s suffering with chronic pain, neurological conditions, and everyone far and wide with medical boundaries. The one thing I learned from using CBD’s are that they never give me a “high” feeling, and that with the correct dosages, they work immediately and effectively.

>>See my #1 Recommendations for the Best CBD Oil Companies On the Web Here.

If you have any questions, comments, or conerns, you can leave me a message down below. I will make sure to get back to you within the next 24 hours!


About the author

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

  • I am interested in knowing more about CBD and hemp because I have had several manifestations of pain in the lower back, similar to what some people relate to spinal cord compression, however they are sporadic, not permanent. But when they occur they contract the whole muscle group on one side and in 24 or 48 hours, they spread like an electric shock to the toes, and it is a very unpleasant sensation that lasts two or three days to disappear later. I would like to know if the resources you mention could help me to alleviate this feeling. Thank you.

    • Hi Tommy, 

      I’m glad to hear you want to know more about both CBD and hemp, and not just one over the other. The CBD from hemp comes out from its whole plant extraction process, rather than the hemp seed itself. The hemo seed has very little cbd’s and it wouldn’t give you the same pleasure and effects that the whole plant hemp process dosage does. Ah yes, Spinal cord compression. Decompression of the spinal cord and nerve roots can be tricky because its more of a mental thing than anything. When we feel this type of pain, we seem to think that sitting and doing nothing will make it better, but that’s where waiting can worsen the pain, and cause more second after second pain. I’m sorry to hear that’s what’s been going on, but cbd and cbd oil can really help. In fact, it will help the body repair itself. There are CB1 and CB2 receptors in the oil itself that help calm and alleviate spinal cord compression and injuries. 

  • CBD oil seems to be making a splash in the healing world. I myself have tried CBD oil for cancer pain. Let me tell you, it worked really well. Except it was a little too expensive to keep self administering. Plus now that I’m feeling better, I don’t need to use it. I like that you say it has less effect than marijuana because that is what stops so many people from using. Thanks for making that clarification. Great article. 

    • Hi Jagi,

      It is right? There’s a large gap in alternative medicine, and CBD is helping fill that with it’s natural properties, and very safe and reliable use. Awesome! I’m very happy to hear it has helped. It’s known to help out with cancer well, but many people haven’t heard about its use for this.I’m trying to make that all change. Very less effect, no psychoactive effects, the THC levels are very low, no where close to even the minimum of marijuana THC levels. Exactly, we’re on the same page, I couldn’t agree much more. People get it confused, so for that I had to create this article to distinguish between the three…marijuana, hemp, and cbd, You are welomce, and thank you for sharing with me.

  • Hi Michael, It’s me again. I like your reply on my previous comment and I am following your every post. Though I have no any serious back pain but my mother feels it badly. Actually I did not know about anything like CBD in Hemp Oil. But I think it is helpful. 

    Is it available in every area or in pharmacy? Is doctor prescription needed for using this? Any way, I think you are a specialist on this backpain issue and you can suggest me for my mother’s back pain problem.

    • Hi Mzakapon,

      How are you? It’s good to hear from you man! I really do appreciate that, and keep staying tuned, I have much more in the works that I think will be life changing stuff. Oh does she? It’s not like it’s needed to know that cbd is in hemp oil to want to use cbd’s, but it helps identify where its coming from, and that hemp itself is similar in the way that cbd has a very low amount(less than 0.3% THC levels), and that it is not marijuana. That’s why I placed it in the beginning, to make that distinguish clear and helpful. 

      As far as cbd oil being available in pharmacies, is not. But it can be found in dispensaries, or online-where you really get to see the best products and quality. No, you wouldn’t need a doctor prescription for it, unless you are purchasing the cannabis plant-based cbd oil, patients do need to be certified by their doctor. This a type of cbd that contains THC and can be psychoactive. There is synthetic and hemp based oil cbd which do not require a prescription for use. I hope that is clear, and I made an article on cbd oil for back pain you can feel free to check out at any time here.

      If you have any other concerns, or questions about getting help for your mothers back pain, feel free to ask me, there are many other ways to get over it, and work around it before trying out CBD. There are more ways than one, and ultimately the key is to treat the root of the cause through exercise, but there are more ways than one to manage it, which is great. Thank you!


  • This is a great and well detailed post explaining everything about the CBD in hemp Oil. I have read lots of articles on this fabulous CBD Oil and I have learnt so far that it has lots of benefits. So CBD in hemp oil is quite different from CBD Oil? That’s good information for me. The hemp makes it illegal in some countries but a CBD Oil is legal and has great medical benefits.

    • Hi Barry,

      I really appreciate your analysis! I think it’s not only important to highlight what cbd oil can do for my back pain patients and people, but what CBD traces back to, and where it can be found. It does, there are so many benefits, it’s amazing! Not exactly, the cbd oil is extracted from the whole plant of hemp, as opposed to it being made and extracted from the hemp seeds. It’s a process that takes the raw leaves, flowers, and stalks from hemp and you can extract the oil from there, which is known as the cbd’s. So, it’s just a matter of it being extracted from the whole plant rather than the hemp seeds, and the hemp seeds are not as medicinal of use. Yes it does, cbd oil is the change that everyone needs in a world of chronic illness, and pain. Rather than going and continuing to use the traditional painkiller route, this is one of the best alternatives, especially for your mind(neuropathy). Hope this was clear and helped my friend.

  • Great to know CBD can help with pain removal. If a beginner wanted to try CBD for the back pain, how can it be used? Can it be consumed like a vitamin or some other form? Can it be placed on the back injury area like a special massage oil?

    • Hi John,

      It’s great and huge relief that CBD’s can do that right? I’m glad that you asked my friend. The ways that you can consume cbd’s are in a variety of ways. You can choose to later it on your skin, and have it act as a massage, an edible, where you would just digest it, use a vaporizer pen and that’s where you blow out smoke from the pen, and another way and my most favorite is the tincture way. The tincture way is the most common method, and that’s where you have a bottle dropper and put a dosage of it underneath your tongue, and let it evaporate in. Now which one is the most effective way is another question. In my experience and what many others will tell you is that the tincture is the best way to go, and I agree. The reason it is that way is because it absorbs the best, and acts immediately. With some of the other techniques, it can take a little longer, and as much to an hour to kick in. Gummies can be considered the closest to it’s vitamin form and shape. You should see my “is cbd oil for back pain” article for all your specific answers. In there, I talk about what it means to apply it for back pain, and it tells you where to best go for beginners and first timers use. Please let me know if I can help you more. Thank you John.

  • Hey i really enjoyed this article, it ws very informative.  I have heard of CBD oil but i have never tried it yet.  I may really need it because i get bad anxiety and it keeps me from doing a lot of stuff i used to like to do before.  I also get some lower back pain and chest pain along with it.  It is crazy how this stuff is suppose to help so much!

    • Hi Justin,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my article man! Oh really? CBD oil has great therapeutic benefits for a wide range of issues, and offers a great deal of pain relief. It will definitely help with your anxiety, I should know. I also use CBD and CBD oil for some of my anxiety and pain relief for my lower back as well. It is right? You don’t hear to many professionals speaking out about it, and it’s not like they are not well informed, it’s just not a practice in the “medical sense”. But with all of it’s natural alternatives and organic presence, it should be highly regarded and welcomed with high degree.  

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