Is Regular Ice Not Good Enough For You? – Shocking Discoveries

Do you like cooling down on a hot sunny day? I know I do.

How about cooling down with a treatment like Ice? Four words for you:

Got – To – Love – It

There’s nothing like having easy access to ice right? Here’s the perfect example of that:

The play by play:

  1. You go to the freezer
  2. Grab a bucket full of ice
  3. Transfer it over to a bag or towel
  4. Lay it on the area of pain
  5. Relief, and problem solved

…Or so you thought.

Ice has the ability to change your core temperature, and while that’s the purpose, at times it can be extreme.

Remember how I just said “core” temperature a moment ago?

On average, you experience a 98.6 Fahrenheit of warmth circulating throughout your body. In similar ways, when you experience a lower back pain injury, your body temperature will increase; no thanks to the activity you were involved in.

And then your natural response kicks in. The throbbing on your lower back is telling you an important message:

“Send me something Icy down my way”

The Water Is The Best Part For You