FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Review – Flexing Your Way Out

By Michael

April 14, 2018

Product: FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack

Price: $13.99(Standard Retail Size)

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon

Size of Pack: 10.5″ x 14.5″

Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee

My Rating: 9.8/10


The FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Overview

More often than not, after I had both a very long day at work, and a day of soccer practice on the same day, I would develop a back ache. When I was done, I wouldn’t think about wasting more time.

I would hurry on home. Soon after opening the front door, I would walk gingerly up to my freezer, reach in and grab a cool and refreshing ice gel pack. It was always the coldest thing in there!

The gel  comes in a standard, 10.5″ x 14.5″ size that will allow you to cover the entirety of your back.

The FlexiKold has a heavy-based nylon exterior, with doubled sealed seams making it durable for many years to come. This will cut out any unnecessary leaking.

It is a well crafted unit, and I will be walking you through some of my personal “favorite” aspects of the FlexiKold within my review.

A brief background about me and this product. One day in college, I was in my coaches’ office discussing classes, life, and soccer. I noticed he had a black square object sitting on the top of his award cabinet of all places!

I asked him what it was, and in response he told me it was an ice gel pack. From Who? FlexiKold…

He went on to tell me that he would have sudden back spasms every day, and that his inflammation kept responding back at him. He needed to specifically use an ice gel pack to get over the pain he had. I thought, that is no regular looking ice bag to me.

While on the job, he would use it at his desk while he was sitting down, and throughout his 30 minute breaks.

He then went on to tell me that there was another one he leaves at home inside his freezer. Two? Yes. No need to wait.

Solve Your Problem Away

Flexing has never been made this easy! literally. The gel cold pack technology will remain even the most flexible underneath the coldest temperature you have set on your freezer.

The mix of it being flexible and cold can allow you to place it on a more targeted area of your lower back, and will mold nicely without any manipulation. Think of it like a “shape shifter” outside and when placed back in a cold unit.

I like that you can use the FlexiKold anytime, in any place! I have come to gain more trust with this product because it promises me that I can use it when I am lying down, resting my back on a couch, and while on my chair.

Outside of practicality, I get great use from after lifting heavy objects at work right now, and especially after practice, games, and other sports I am involved in. I don’t know if you know yet but I played at one of the highest levels in soccer, so I needed relief more often that not.

Imagine twisting, placing your stance foot, turning left and right, along with front and back. It takes a tole on the body right?

I’d have to make re-occurring visits to the physical therapist for ice.

“Allow me to share a quick story?”…

I had a soccer game. I went up for a 50/50 challenge in the air, and when gravity brought me back down, I planted with my right foot to one side, leaning my body. I was in immediate pain.

I was sent in to see the therapist for a large amount of ice. My sports medicine therapist gave me a thorough look. Rachel told me that I would have to sit out for 3 practices at least, away from prolonged sitting in class, and to not lift heavy objects. What she told me next got thinking.

Rachel said I should be investing into a “Gel” cold pack. Like the one my coach has right? The FlexiKold. Yes! Rachel went on to tell me that she was advised by her colleagues(other physical therapist), and a couple healthcare professionals that this was relied by all the healthcare professionals she deals with.

I was told that this actually helped the best with inflammation. I went online and purchased my very own the same day.

It’s taken relaxing my mind to body to a whole new level…

When I am at home resting my lower back, the gel pack will ensure that I stay positioned so that I will not further aggravate the pain by plenty of movement. In doing so, better relief comes of it.

I made this area my routine environment:

Whenever you have your back flare up, and you need to Ice it, this gel pack will conform to your back in any environment you are in. Like me in my room, i can lay in bed and still enjoy time to myself.

How To Use The FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack

Generally, you will want to keep the gel pack in a cold compartment. Whether that be your ice bucket, or a freezer, you should leave it sitting for about 1-2 hours(the longer the better, for maximum freeze).Fold it up nice and tidy if need be with the rest of the food products in the freezer. This is the waiting period you’ve been anticipating for.

Now, remove the pack from the compartment, find your desired location to lay down, and place it in the area of treatment.

Leave it there for 20 minutes. For the best results lay down on your belly, to keep your back straight, and allow your vertebrae to breathe. Simple as that!

A Chronic Condition Note: When you have a chronic condition, it is best to apply this pad for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off. Repeat for a total of 40 minutes.

What Does It Feature?

The Flexikold holds many benefits for me, and I know it can have the same effect for you. Here are what I am raving about:

  • Gels packs are mean to stay cold longer, bar none. This pack stay cool for just about an hour, longer than other ones I’ve tried.
  • MOST Flexible. Thanks to a professional grade gel interior, it can be easily bent to conform to your body
  • Constructed to a tea. On the outside lining of the gel pack, there is a double sealed seem, it helps to prevent any leaking. Durability at its finest.
  • No gravity. The gel will support your lower back without it shifting to one side like ice bags, and other cold packs do
  • Doesn’t sweat any water, so you don’t get any burn on your skin.
  • Reusable for year after year

 Want to see how cold a pack can get?…Take a look right here:

The Cost Savings Are A Bargain

The amount of time I’ve spent with a GEL cold pack does not compare to that of a standard cold or clay pack. I used to spend a decent chunk of my cash on cold therapy. It started off with bags of peas from the freezer(couldn’t use after eating), to cold packs like U-line that don’t last long, 3-4 days after us if that. I’d rack up about $24 for a total of two bags, in a month!

At a time I had inflammation come back a month after. I couldn’t afford to continue this type of spending for a small use. Then the FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack came into play. I’ll spend a little more for what I need, especially if it will last me years. There are different buying options.

  • Standard pack: 13.99
  • Standard two pack(10.5″ x 14.5″) = $26.99
  • Half size(7.5″ x 11.5″) = $10.99
  • Oversize(13″ x 21.5″) = $27.99

Is This What You’ve Been Looking For?

The gel pack most definitely has a wide range of features and benefits, but Let’s have a look to see if this is right for you.

It is for you if:

  • you are dealing with small acute lower back pain
  • you have chronic pain
  • are dealing with sciatic nerve pain
  • are recovering from a fresh surgery
  • have piformis syndrome
  • your L4, L5, S1 is an issue
  • deal with degenerative disc disorder
  • muscle spasms get in the way
  • have a sore lumbar
  • herniated disc
  • L4 and L5 is hurting
  • are on the go.
  • want more than one(not needed but an option)
  • you have constant flare ups
  • you want it to shape to your body
  • Physical therapy and a cold pack will help you
  • you do pre and post exercises

What Gets Me “HYPED” About This Product

I can’t say enough good things about it.


  • The design is phenomenal. I’ve never run into an ice pack that can deliver in all aspects.
  • The nylon exterior is better than vinyls. Vinyls can crack easier, causing leakage.
  • It’s simply flexible. I can bend it to my left, right, up, down, and backwards
  • Stays colder than any other packs I’ve tried, and delivers a frost look after removing from the freezer
  • Instant application, no need to wait to feel the exothermic energy of the cold pack on your body
  • Good for all levels of back pain, especially because of its sizes
  • weight is reasonable
  • I can fold it up easily into the freezer even with little to no space
  • Multi-functional. Use it at home, at my job, or while I’m at a sporting event
  • Stays cold outside freezer
  • Gets better with age. Helps a serious injury or recovery
  • Machine washable

…And way more!

  You can see the reactions of people through forums, and the analysis of a video like this one:


  • I would say the things I wouldn’t like is, that sometimes you have to be laying down for better use, but even that is not an issue. Other than that, I really don’t see other negatives.

Here are some Testimonials of patients, and people I know well

What Customers Are Saying

“I discovered PENETREX about 1 year ago and have been using it all along. I have chronic joint pain issues and of all products [which are safe and side effects free] Penetrex has been superior to. It truly gives me relief in the more acute phase as well as maintenance and certainly has very much reduced need for painmedication. Needless to say I have become a huge fan of Penetrex and recommend it highly – with the under standing that it is not a miracle treatment, which of course does not exist anywhere.But it gives me significant pain relief and is safe.”

Johanna H Gorman

“Penetrex provides effective relief when I have sore joints, tendons, or ligaments without the use of any NSAIDs. I find that it has a light pleasant odor that dissipates quickly – no one can tell that I’m using it. It is important to follow the directions on the label in order to get the maximum benefit. Initial dosing is more frequent (3-4 times per day) than some products and at least in my experience, this more frequent dosage is important to achieve the optimal effectiveness.”

Steven M Carter


Penetrex is the best product I’ve used for my lower back pain! This instantly helped my pain! Over constant use of this, I can really see the results. The more I constantly used this, the more results I saw for my long term health. I suffer from chronic back pain with degenerative disc issue, L3 herniation and arthritis pain. I have more relief now, don’t have to struggle with pain anymore and This product REALLY does work! Now I can do the little things I’ve had trouble doing before. I understand why they say this is the product out there! This is the #1 pain relieving, muscle relaxing, joint relieving and inflammation formulation product out there! Thank you for making me smile again. Your knowledge, advice and product saved my everyday life!

Peacehealth Medical

“This product is somewhat expensive a these kind of products go, but it seems to be helpful along with the exercises I am doing to reduce osteoarthritis pain and inflammation. I does not seem to require a lot of product to cover the needed area.”

Dr. D. Thomas Stone, Jr.


Penetrex is by far the best product I have ever used for my arthritis joint pain. It is a godsend. I am 71.5 years old and fairly active, work full-time, keep a vegetable garden here in South Florida, do a lot of lifting and carrying bags of soil and fertilizers, plus harvesting and pruning. Since I was 49 I have had arthritis in most of my joints, and my right knee was once so bad that the orthopedist wanted to replace the meniscus, but my family doctor gave me a cortisone shot, which allowed me to live with it. Each morning I apply Penetrex to my bad knee and my bad neck area, and it allows me to go almost pain-free until the next morning. When I am required to do extensive walking — such as days at Disney World or in the Everglades or some such attraction, I apply the Penetrex to my hips and knees, and by the next morning I am in almost no residual pain or discomfort. Over the years I have tried numerous arthritis products, mostly menthol-based, but also the capsaisin creams (I don’t take pain pills; never have), and not a one of them comes close to the relief of Penetrex. Sure, it isn’t cheap, but neither are E.D. tablets. Some things are just worth what you pay for them — Escalades, Corvettes and Penetrex. If you want pain relief, get it.

Rick Garr


My Mom is 84 and has terrible back and neck pain. She has been on narcotics for years and also has had many many injections.
This cream has provided her REAL relief and consequently she has reduced her morphine in half. She now only takes a single dose a day. When it came time for a neck injection, she did not need it. My Mom shared this cream with her neighbor who has a terrible injury to her hip joint. She too saw real relief and is now purchasing it. No clue how it works.
I praise and thank God that I stumbled upon it and purchased it. God’s Glory is seen in His Holy Face, Amen!



It works for me and gives me some relief. I think when it comes to pain relief, I believe that is the best praise you can give. I have chronic back issues, stemming from scholiosis & kyphosis which led to fractured vertebrae. My entire back in general is always sore and very stiff but the sharpest pain starts below the small of my back and wraps around my right hip and waist and can go down towards the groin. Using Penetrex has really helped. It doesn’t take away all my pain but it cuts off a large portion of it. I previously used icy hot, which did help but it never really felt like it was doing anything beneath the surface. With Penetrex, it does the same topical relief but then it also goes deeper into the muscle. It does take 5 – 10 minutes for it to really kick in but I can definitely tell when it does. To manage my pain, regular daily exercise is extremely important for me. Getting my back limber enough to exercise and getting the pain down some I’m not just in agony while working out is a real challenge. Penetrex is now part of my routine for exercise. It allows me to “get moving” and start my exercise. For me I think I can feel it actively working for 30 – 45 minutes. I’m sure it’s helping even longer but by that time the endorphins from the exercise is kicking in so it’s hard to determine. Sometimes I use it before bed especially if my muscles are inflamed.

The only con that I have is the price. It’s a bit pricey but no worse than any other ointments that I’ve tried. If you go to their website and register your email they will give you a small discount code that works on Amazon. Also I’ve learned that you don’t actually gave to apply to much Penetrex to an area for it to work. Just make sure you massage it in well.

So with all this being said, it works for me. It reduces my pain and makes my life more enjoyable by doing so. I am very thankful to the people who produce this product and am eager to try out future products they might create. I sincerely hope that this product will work for you too.

Josh P


Vinyoga Therapy Testimonials

Kraftsow’s Viniyoga, though, is quite the opposite. Because Viniyoga’s emphasis is on therapeutics and mindful breathing, it offers a refuge for anyone (beginning or experienced) who desires a healthy, pain-free low back, sacrum or hips.

The instructions are clear, well illustrated and well timed. The videos are easy to follow, never hurried, and perfectly sequenced. And, as an added benefit, once you have learned the poses visually, Kraftsow has included MP3 versions as well.

Though slightly put off by Kraftsow’s introduction—he didn’t really look like a yogi and sounded more like a doctor than any yoga teacher I have ever met—I went into the shortest (23 minutes) and easiest set with an open mind. I’ve learned from experience to let the body rather than the mind be the judge.

– Leela Durgane

– Yoga Instructor



Gary, I love you! This DVD has changed my life, seriiously. I’m buying another one for my cousin and now I’m trying the one for upper back, neck and shoulders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For anyone with a “bad back”, chronic pain, and difficulty moving, sleeping, simply living please try this – you will benefit greatly.

– Marilee C

– low back pain

– See more at: http://www.pranamaya.com/kraftsow-vyt-lowback.html#sthash.guKYWoz1.dpuf


I suffered an L5-S1 herniation in October of 2008 and was told to have surgery by my chiropractor, of all people. I decided to try yoga and happened upon this dvd. I have done it almost daily since then and can honestly say my back has never felt better. People always tell back sufferers to focus on the “core” but these exercises work where back pain resides most and allow you to gently and effectively strengthen the muscles responsible for good back health. I highly recomment this even if you are now having pain. These exercises diminish and eventually eliminate back pain!

– Bean

– low back pain

– See more at: http://www.pranamaya.com/kraftsow-vyt-lowback.html#sthash.guKYWoz1.dpuf


Hi Michael I really took your advice and tried out this video which helped me with my chronic lower back pain! It showed me that I didn’t have to go to a Phtsical Therapist anymore! It’s improved my strength, flexibility, my cognitive thinking and my quality of life. My pain level went from a 9 to a 2 with excercising and using this yoga dvd. I definitely recommend this dvd to anymore suffering with back pain and anyone that wants to get into better shape, eat better and overall improve their quality of living!

– Janet

– dedicated follower, low back pain


FlexiKold Testimonials

I’m at an age where things start wearing down: joints, cartilage, etc. I used to be really active (dancing professionally, equestrian sports, etc.), and it has definitely taken its toll 40 years later. I’ve developed osteoarthritis and the most recent victim is my left hip. I’m trying to delay hip replacement surgery as long as possible, so I’m using exercise as well as cold therapy, and that’s where this FlexiKold Gel pack comes in. I’m working with a physical therapist, and this was one of the brands she recommended.

I have the “standard” size (10.5″ x 14.5″), and it’s the perfect size for my needs. It freezes quickly, is flexible, and stays cold longer than any of the other cold packs I’ve tried. It definitely helps with the inflammation and pain that comes from this condition.

I just ordered a second one in the same size so that I’ll have one in the freezer ready to go at all times. For the price, I couldn’t ask for a better solution. And I may invest in the half-size one for my shoulder (same condition, similar issues … ). Very satisfied with this purcahse.

– L Mountford

-osteoarthritis, hips, joints, muscles, lower back

SO MUCH better than the ACE piece of junk! Why? Because this FlexiKold pack has a nylon outer jacket and the edge seams are sewn, not glued or thermally fastened like the ACE large cold compress. I played ice hockey goal for 40+ years and finally had to quit due to all manner of L4/L5/S1 low back, rotator cuff and knee problems. I live on ice packs and NSAID’s after golf and the gym. The ACE packs last about 6 months before they pop a seam and the slimy cold pack guts coming slithering out, really greasy yet sticky goo. I’ve done that 4-5 times now in the past 2-3 years and it was a pain having the ACE packs leak so often and I got weary of stuffing them in a ZipLoc bag to prevent the goo from getting on my hands and clothes.

I noticed that my PT guy uses FlexiKold packs daily at his practice and he told me they last years with 4-5 a day of continuous use in his office. Saw the FlexiKold products on Amazon and I’m sold. If I run into problems down the road, I’ll report back but to my eye, the quality of the FlexiKold gel pack is far superior to the ACE products.

There is a photo of my ACE cold pack on top of the new FlexiKold pack. You can see that the edges of the ACE bandage are either glued or thermally sealed and when you put pressure on the pack like using it on your low back, the seam eventually splits open. The FlexiKold pack is in a ripstop nylon pack and the edges are sewn with a cloth edge all the way around. The FlexiKold is a bit more money upfront but if I’m not buying a new one every 6 months, it’s actually a lot cheaper.

– Tretiak

Sports activist, lower back pain


If you have back pain in your lower back for …
If you have back pain in your lower back for whatever reason this is extremely helpful. I was doing physical therapy for awhile and had some success but you need to pair this with hot/cold packs to get through it. This was very helpful.

– Jared

– Lower back pain


Is there a 100 star rating? These gel cold pads are the BEST I’ve come across in over 18 years living with what feels like sitting in an inferno of pain in my lower back. After 3 neck surgeries for similar reasons as the pain in my lower back, I’ve bought most anything that claimed hope of relief even if it was for mere moments. Most cold pads that you keep in the freezer until use aren’t pliable enough to bend & conform to the curve of the lower back let alone stay cold for longer than 15-20 minutes. I’m a tall & thin woman who doesn’t have extra body surface area to keep those stiff pads in the right place.
Have been using these for two months now. Bought one to try & then bought another to have a swap out when I needed to continue to extinguish the inferno like pain. Now I have five of these & my friend just bought one for her husband. They are well made, seams aren’t stiff & don’t poke you with pain as others do coming straight from the freezer. They hold their max cold temp almost a full two hours. After that, the cold lasts about two more hours getting about half as cold as when you took it from the freezer. When I go to swap for the next pad, the one just used is still quite cool to touch & would keep anyone comfortable on a hot day to have it in a chair behind their back.
PLEASE: if you have this inferno, fire type nerve pain in your back or anywhere else, walk straight pass the other cold gel pads & buy these.
Honestly can’t think of a product of bought in years I’ve been more excited to have. With the government taking away needed pain medication, these gel pads are now my greatest source for relieving the pain. I bought these with my own money, no endorsement or anyone asked me to review this product. Was pure luck to have found these on Amazon & figured I’ve tried all others, why not one more?
Tip: I wrap a clean dish towel or slip it in a clean tee shirt before placing it around my back to avoid tissue damage on skin.

– Mickeylyn

– Lower back pain, nerves







Biofreeze Testimonials

My husband and I love using this for sore/tight muscles. We had first experienced this when we went to the chiropractor after we were in a car wreck. He used it on us to help with the pain we were having from whiplash. It helped so much that we went home and bought some for us. I especially love the roll-on type because then I don’t have to rub it on with my hand and run the risk of accidentally rubbing my eye or something and transferring some of this to a more sensitive area of the body. My back and neck especially get really knotted up sometimes, and this works wonders to both relieve the pain on contact and also help relax my muscles over time. We are on our third bottle now, and I cannot say enough about how much I love this product. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has muscle pain/aches!

If you found this review helpful, I would very much appreciate you giving me a “thumbs up”. And if you have any questions, I’d be more than willing to answer them to the best of my ability!

– JMCress

-lower back pain – muscles


Like many other reviewers, I also suffer from chronic pain. I was first introduced to Biofreeze as the 360 spray, and wow does it work fantastically. Long lasting, I don’t mind the smell (though it is strong), but I was concerned about how much spray was getting on my skin vs. flying past my arm. It’s also much easier to unknowingly get on your hands, and then you rub an eye, and that’s no bueno. So I decided to try the roll-on.

I don’t like the roll-on as much. It is very nice that it doesn’t spray everywhere, it’s good for weaker pains, and the ball is a decent massager for my arms. The biggest problem is that the roll-on is less than half the strength of the spray. Biofreeze 360 spray is 10.5{b2e0dba9c93837a4f3ce441fa43dc3a0e947a29fe0fd2c517ea2237d7754a6d7} menthol, while the roll-on is 4{b2e0dba9c93837a4f3ce441fa43dc3a0e947a29fe0fd2c517ea2237d7754a6d7}. I noticed immediately. The spray lasts FAR longer, and being a single person, I can’t roll up my own back. So I’ll still be getting the spray, but these roll-ons are very useful for minor pains in places I can reach.

TL;DR: not as strong as the spray, but at least you won’t accidentally spray it in your eye.

– Marahute

– Lower back pain – chronic pain


Biofreeze is so amazing! The first time it was recommended to me by my chiropractor I thought well how is it any different than the old Ben Gay cream that was just stinky and didn’t seem to do anything to the aches and pains that occur occasionally. But i purchased it with his encouragement that it was NOT like other ointments and rubs on the market. Best advice I ever got! It just works. I don’t know why or how, but it dissolves the pain and aches of sore muscles and aching joints. I use it regularly. The roller ball application makes it so easy to use without getting it on your hands because if you do you will not like it when you rub your nose or your eyes! I’ve used the tube before and just really prefer the roller ball. Plus it feels good when you roll it onto the area you need relief in.

– Debbie Buckingham

– Lower back pain – muscles, joints


I was in an auto accident years ago & have been left with 11 slipped or bulging discs in my back, knees that need replacement & residual nerve pain in both hands from accident related carpal tunnel surgery. I try to keep my pain medication to a minimum. I have-been using Bio Freeze about 6 yrs. as soon as I discovered that it came as a roll on I immediately started using it! No accidentally rubbing my eyes any longer & the length of the roll on bottle facilitates easier access for application to my back! I love this product. I order it through Amazon for price & timely delivery!

– BT

– Lower back pain – bulging disc


Dr Pats Ultra Freeze Testimonials

Oh my God! This is the best product I have used since I discovered I have osteoarthritis! I am 60 years old and I love to hike and walk. When my arthritis started, I was really concerned that I was not going to do the things I love to do anymore. I looked at the creams that amazon offers and I ordered several, including Dr. Pats Ultra Freeze. I used all of them on different days and Dr. Pats is by far the best cream in the market. I use it with a knee sleeve and I was able to walk three miles with no pain. I got home and even though I didn’t have any pain I put a little cream and walk three more miles. No pain! Now I use it all the time, particularly when I walk and hike and it has given my lifestyle back again! If you like to walk or hike, use Dr. Pats Ultra Freeze and go out there and walk. You are going to be fine!

– Miguel A. Prieto

– Lower back pain


Forget your icy hot, your ben gay, your bio freeze, this Dr Pat’s Ultra Freeze puts them all away.. Much colder. It’s like putting
real ice against your skin and you forget about your sore muscles. I like it. Lot of product too for a smaller price, though it’s not brimming full as shown in the photo; it’s only about 2/3 full. IMO, this is the best pain relief cream out there.

– Albert Johnson

– Lower back pain – Chronic


I like this product a lot. It is not expensive for such a huge jar. The menthol smell is not too strong and very calming. It feels cool for a long time but it is not too much to make me feel uncomfortable. I used it for my back pain at night and it helps. I recommend it to anyone looking for a pain relieve cream or gel to try it. It is also a USA product.


– Lower back pain – sleep


Excellent product. I have tried many cold muscle pain therapy gels including Arnicare gel, Icy Hot and Biofreeze. Some have a strong menthol smell and others don’t and also go on greasy until you rub it in for a minute. Some work better than others. There are many over the counter to choose from. Dr. Pat’s I found on Amazon and tried it. It seemed to work for relief the best with a lighter menthol smell but still there and rubbed on quicker in like 20-30 seconds without a greasy feeling. My mother even said it worked better than others. You can feel it working for a while. It’s not a cure all but seemed to work the best and at a fair price for amount you get 16 oz!!..so it will last a long time and I like the color too. Other gels in a tube 2.5 to 6 oz’s, didn’t work as well, had a strong odor and were more expensive for the amount you get. I highly recommend trying out Dr. Pat’s.

– Mark Harris

– Lower back pain



Everlasting 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion Testimonials

I’ve only had my cushion for a few days but I’m so glad I have it. I have severe spinal stenosis and I needed help keeping my posture straight as I tended to slouch forward. I have a deep seating couch and I needed to attach my lumbar cushion to a large throw pillow I have. By doing that I can now keep both feet flat on the floor like I am suppose to. Did not have to use the extenders. I like the two straps to keep it from slipping. Highly recommend.

– P Maguire

– Lower back pain – spinal stenosis


This product is great. I suffer from lower back problems from years of carrying an asymmetric duty belt, and now sitting for long periods of time puts a lot of strain on my lower back. This cushion not only stays on my chair perfectly, it helps my back immensely.

I recommend this item to anyone who has lower back issues, and sits on an office chair for extended periods of time.

Also the customer service appears to be fantastic, I received two emails asking for feedback on their product and reiterating the lifetime guarantee offered.

I am very impressed with this product and with the vendor. I would definitely purchase from this vendor again.

– Will Machado

– Lower back pain – office chair


I bought two after determining I have some serious lack of lumbar support in my Jeep Wrangler. I have a 60-70 mile commute to and from work every day and the suspension is very loose, so I feel everything. I think between exercising and the constant sitting on the commute (and at work), I may have aggravated my SI Joint. First day to work and at my desk, the support on my back is amazing. I don’t feel like I am slouching down in my seat which was obviously causing me discomfort long term. This padding is a blessing. The material is plush and soft and the memory foam is not too tough. I recommend you try it!


– Lower back pain – Si Joint


I bought it just for a try! Surprisingly, ever since I had this cushion attached to my office chair, I cannot sit without! I am completely satisfied with this genius lumber support cushion. Was diagnosed with lower back, L4 and L5 disc damage from aggressive running and heavy liftings. Went to physical therapy twice a week since last Oct. Purchased this item in December 2017. So far, it saved my life!!

With this lumbar support, I haven’t had low back pain due sitting at work till I had to stand up to release the pain or I had the feeling of pain like I’d want to vomit! I am serious! This cushion supports lower back area just perfectly. It SUPPORTS so well and I even introduced my coworker ordered one who had the same back issue as mine. Of course, on the the side of sitting with this cushion while at work, you also need to do lots of stretches and tostand up to walk around every 30 mins if possible. But, do so to prevent from further damage to reduce pain not because of long lasting pain.

– Kimberly

– Lower back pain – L4 and L5 disc damage


No more constant pain, Michael gets it.

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Hi Michael,

Your website removebackpain.com is amazing and extremely helpful! I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I’ve been the last couple of weeks, I’m really pain free! It’s been 3 years with constant research, questions, and very limited rightful answers, and all it took was a matter of minutes to find your page. Let me begin with your systematic approach. Your “Remove Back Pain System” is the reason I’m not worries about getting a nagging lower back pain. It really took me from one page to the next and not only educated me at the beginning, but most importantly, each page felt like it gave me the attention for my own specific lower back pain. Your system really shows, the path to healing is a process, its a step-by-step solution. Furthermore, it helped me treat my actue pain, but even more the sever chronic lower back pain I’ve dealt with so desperately. There’s simply nothing like it, where someone takes you from one page to the next, and makes sure you connect with the right treatment(s), to get to the next page, and read your content thoroughly. You showcased many step-by-step tutorials, and made me realize far less than I previously thought. There are answers to treating your lower back pain whether it be acute, chronic or sciatic, but like you said: “You have to treat root of the cause.” I got serious about treating the root and not just the symptoms(the reason many people don’t find a long term relief). You’ve placed products along the way that 100% made sense to my own specific pain. You don’t force anyone to purchase a product, because you know you can treat lower back pain well without it – through your 4 categories: Exercise, healing foods, mental strength, and healing foods. But I am more more than happy I made the decisions to make my purchases along the way, it made so much sense! You know the who, what, where, when, why when it comes to either creams, a DVD, a cushion, weight loss, and muscle and joint supplements. You don’t show people something you think wouldn’t work, you actually go an extra mile and help people save money when they can. I now understand that sometimes we can’t treat our back pain naturally to begin, and you give us a decision to purchase a product that will help get you there, so in ways you reverse engineer the process for many of us, and that’s great! One more thing you do great at, is to make sure we can take care of ourselves, and not have to rely and use painkillers like NSAIDs, acetaminophen and opioids. Instead you gave me a much better alternative solution, that I hope anyone else will learn by reading your content. I give credit to anything that can transform and make my life better, and I set out to do this within this review. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone struggling with lower back pain, and for people serious about changing their lives. Thank you Michael!




“My name is Jared, and I’ve known Michael for 7 years now. I was severely suffering with lower back pain for 3 years, and I had no answer. Doctors are far behind in treatment, and don’t understand how to treat the root of the cause, only the symptoms. Michael reached out to me and asked me if I was serious about change, and I remember him saying: “It’s not a sprint.” He took a look at my pain in person, and figured out exactly step by step what I needed to treat my spine and lower back problems. In about 4 weeks, he helped me get off of drugs, and set me up on an exercise, eating, cognitive thinking, and natural treatment routine. I’m forever thankful.”


The Remove Back Pain System

Average Rating:5.0 stars (based on 9 ratings)

The Remove Back Pain System is a true genuine experience that has allowed me to get a feel for my back pain by understanding it first, and then going through the journey one article at a time, being able to let go of first the constant mental struggles, and second, overcoming my bad back pain. I started my journey from The starting point and I made it all the way through the targeted exercises, as that was all I needed to get to. And this system somehow understood everything I needed to go through before crossing over to the next feed. This has been a nice life changing funnel system, and I highly recommend it for anyone that struggles with short back pain, and especially for those with more chronic pain. Thank you.

-Ali, Chronic Back Pain


Hi My name is Daniel, and I’ve had chronic back pain for the past 6 years, and It’s been a constant struggle every day to fight it off. I’ve tried everything or at least I think I have to get rid of chronic lower back pain, but the climb has always been greater then the descent. After hearing about the Remove Back Pain System offered here for free by Michael, I was a little suspicious, as I had my doubts about it. But after a week of going through his funnel system, Oh boy, it’s not some hoax. The system has been able to help me get over my fears of exercising regularly, eating correctly, and has allowed me to focus on my mind and both much more in a relaxed state than ever before. You can try physical therapy, massages, acupuncture, seeing your doctor for the 50th time, but there are things that you’ll see that they talk about plus much much more in this in depth system. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, and family, and also the people who have to deal with back pain on a daily basis.

-Daniel, Chronic Back Pain, and Sciatica

Cleaning Up Made Easy

To summarize, there is a two-step process: 1. Fold up the pack(if need be) 2. Place it into the freezer(or any cold compartment). Done.

It Is Conclusive, The FlexiKold Ice Cold Gel Pack Will Cease The Pain

I have to say that I stay true behind what I say, and I mean it when I say I am a believer of this product. I've talked with many people and they say that they recommend it as well.

I know that we all have our stories about having a lower back problem, in according to inflammation. Sometimes you can solve it on your own, but when it comes to taking care of yourself, you want to make sure you take proper pre-cautions, and the with the right approach.

The FlexiKold can do much more than ease your lower back pain, it can give a pleasant feel to your back, through the heavy nylon coating, as it warrants off any leaking.

You don't have to worry about how it will be placed on your injured area, because it is flexible enough to mold to your body, and flexible enough to store in your freezer.

It helps when a cold pack can stay cold for an hour or so, this is important for icing on and off regularly when you need to for higher levels of lower back pain. The cost of one is enough to last for years, and even with two, you can have on the go, and one tucked away in storage for different activities of the day.

==> Go here if you want to find out more about the FlexiKold<==

If this sounds interesting to you, I would highly recommend you pick up your very own FlexiKold. I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions, or have an experience with this product, please leave me a comment down below.


About the author

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

  • Great review! I had a similar injury as you did and I’ve been stubborn for so long thinking an ice pack is an ice pack, but this investment looks worth it. Thanks for the great post!

    • Hi Eric,

      I know the feeling, I can relate. I started with the same attitude. You can make an argument that an ice pack helps but it doesn’t help out the muscles, ligaments enough, especially the nerves, and it’s irritating to the skin. The Flexikold makes an instant change to all that. Definitely an investment for years. You are welcome.

  • I love your post and the product! Icing can be so beneficial, but the rigid packaging of ice packs makes it difficult to get maximum ice pack coverage. I am a huge proponent of icing for inflammation and use this strategy on a regular basis for myself. I am both a horse trainer and personal trainer who is very physically active. This means for me that I push my body to the limits needing to incorporate recuperative strategies that allow me to keep going without the use of NSAIDs. Icing has been an incredibly beneficial tool in my arsenal!

    • Hi Stacy,

      All too often an ice pack can pick and poke at your back. Rough edges, rough texture, and not including the water dripping. And when it dries, a mess. Cold gel packs like the FlexiKold solve these issues. Nice. I bet, it sounds like you are twisting, and turning into different directions. I’m happy you ice instead of using drugs. A life without NSAIDs is definitely possible! Thank you.

  • A great review you have done on the FlexiKold Product. When I first looked into this product, I thought it would be a waste of money. I could just use a bag of frozen peas! But after reading your review, I realize this is an excellent product, especially for the price.

    Also, The short video at the end was great with explaining your product

    • Hi Clyde,

      I was right there with you at one point. I was very old school minded, using regular ice, until I found that the cost outweighs the disadvantages of a regular ice pack. With the help of colleagues, and close friends It made an influence in my decision. Used the peas and they can be a heckle right? Then you need to eat, and they are gone. The Flexikold is cost efficient, and a great opportunity cost at best. I appreciate it, thank you!

  • Interesting product! I have had a bad lower back for years. I have used a few pads and they were messy and uncomfortable. Maybe the FlexiKold would help me. My old pack sweats, so I need to put a towel under the pack so I don’t get the sofa wet. My pack is as hard as ice, too. If the FlexiKold is as flexible as you say, then that would be a definite improvement.

    • Hi Peter,

      Oh really? I know the feeling, I had it for years. On and off. What a pain! Just about all ice packs and pads have one thing in common, they are messy, but more importantly don’t penetrate your inflammation well enough In my opinion. It has more cognitive
      Implications too, irritating receptors. The sweat is the worst, because it might not of been long enough to ice your back for, and in a sunny hot day, its not that good.- I remember icing in soccer games, turned messy. You want to relax the best you can, and that’s a sofa. The Flexikold is as flexible, you can trust me on that. I’d give it a look.

  • Hi Peter,
    Great review, creates excellent understanding of how to use and the benefits of the product. Comprehensive detail in your personal experience with it and the prices. I’ll definitely look out for it if I’m ever in need.



    • Hi Andrew,

      I wanted to make sure people had the best knowledge like I’ve been able to receive. I appreciate your comment. Give it a look whenever you do, you will not be disappointed with a FlexiKold in hand.

  • What a great product. having suffered from low back pain for a number of years now, I admit that I have tried just about every pain relief invented. This looks different. I like the reusable part of the pack, and the ease at which it can be applied. Does this require a towel or similar to protect against cold burn? I have tried other gel packs that left a slight burn fro the cold, and would want to avoid that in the future.

    • Hi Brad,

      I was at the same point, tried just about it all, with no clear answers. Its different in regards to how cold it can get, and the great design. I would recommend putting a piece of fabric over it like a towel, because it can get really cold when it comes out from a cold compartment. To less likely prevent it without fabric, you can set it out for 10 minutes in a controlled temperature(at 22, average) and let it get a little warm. Then apply the FlexiKold for 5 minutes less than what you are used to, so like 10 minutes instead of 15. The key is to ice, then take a break, and then back on again.

  • Thank you for the Flexikold Gel Cold Pack review. I work for a behavior treatment program and many times I would come home and be sore from the day. I find this cold pack to be better than many I have tried in the past. It would seriously be something to consider.

    • You’re welcome. Oh yeah? You probably feel a lot of wear on your back. Hard work has no rest right? I like it a lot. I found the Flexikold to work way better than anything else I’ve tried this far. It’s an all in one. I have to lift things at work right now, and it can get heavy, sometimes a spasm or sore spot occurs. This helps quite well.

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