Healing Foods For Back Pain – Eating Done Right

By Michael

April 11, 2018

Anyone looking to achieve maximum optimal success has to seriously consider proper nutrition. In a perfect world, all of the nutrition should come from the foods we eat. There should be no need for supplementation. But that’s a fictional world.

The real world will wake you up from your snooze and daze. We’re consuming

  • fertilizers
  • herbicides
  • pesticides
  • hormones

…And not to mention, the food is exported for other countries around the world!

If that’s not bad enough, the soil used is not nourished with nutrition like it used to be. “Cropped” crops you could say. This is why we should take a hard look at the supplements and ask ourselves not if but when we need them.

The Back Pain industry is exploding on the scene, just not in the helpful ways you’d like to think.

Back pain is placing a burden on the wallets of way too many people. Did you know that twice as more money was spent in 2007 than in 1997 for all back pain related “problem solvers”? That number was more than $30 billion! and up from inflation

that was at $16 billion the decade earlier.

In my article I will help you get the best out of your meals, and make sure that you can cease your inflammation. I’ll be covering:

  1. Vitamin D Deficiency
  2. Fruits and nutrition
  3. Veggies and Nutrition
  4. Quick meals
  5. Taste buds
  6. Proper nutrition
  7. If you’re not eating, it supplement it

Lets get started!

Not Enough Vitamins In Your Body?

It’s alarming that between the age of 15 and 52 more than 80% with chronic lower back pain reported a vitamin D deficiency.

No sun? No problemo. I figured out without natural solutions what to use to start feeling better:

Through the passage of time, it has become easy to take for granted the use of our body mechanics. We eat, eat, and then eat some more until we’ve lost sight of what the meaning of nutrition means.

A calorie does not always mean a calorie, and more greens and reds on your plate necessarily mean you shouldn’t watch out. Drugs might seem a viable alternative, but I think simple stroll down your local supermarket sounds much better.

It is evident that there are certain foods you eat that contribute to increasing your inflammation, thus worsening the pain. Beginning or changing a diet will help you avoid it.

Throughout this article I want to show you what The foods you should be paying no mind to, and the Healing Foods For Back Pain, in particular the lower back. I’ll let you know what actions you can take to turn a less nutritious lifestyle into a nutritious one.

Should You Rethink Your Fruits?

What If I told you that you to watch out for the fruits you eat? You would think I was crazy. Most fruits do not contain not even a 1/2 of the nutrition you think it does. This case will be proven here in a second, but let me first ask…

Are you drinking concentrates?

The soluble form of a fruit actually has flavor boosters! Although concentrates are packed with phenolic compounds, along with other antioxidants and minerals, they are packed with SUGARS and CALORIES. Yes, fruits do contains sugars, but how is that bad?

Simply, it is artificial flavors and has (what is a shame to be a part of the sugar family) sweeteners. Watch out for these sugars. My rule of thumb is that if the drink is too sweet it has sweeteners. Beverage companies like to make you think they are healthy for you with the way they brand. Such examples are those of:

  • beverage
  • flavored drink
  • punch

Drinking high amounts of concentrates will lead to overproduction in calories, and calories will lead to…more weight!

If I can recall correctly, extra weight puts an amount of stress on your spine, and will increase your inflammation at a quicker rate. That’s hitting two birds with one stone!

I want to lay out an example:

Let’s take a cup of apple juice. We’ll examine it, and collect evidence. You have a frozen concentrate of this apply juice with NO added sugar, and it has been diluted with 3 times the amount of water. That will have about 25 grams of sugar. Now take an entire cup of apples(eaten with skin), and guess how many grams of sugar that give you? 13 grams!

Besides Apple Juice, I have two of the most tastiest beverages sitting in my pantry and Refrigerator.

They taste as good as they look, but the question is…are they good for you?

I’ve done a side by side compare and contrast between the two-  One is Tropicana “not from concentrate” Orange Juice, and the other is Cranberry “Cocktail” Juice

To conclude in the great words of doctors. and health advocates, avoid bad sugars.

Erase the word convenient from your head, because that’s all these fruit juices are. If the convenience of it didn’t begin to stop you, so won’t your habits. These drinks create an addiction in your brain. Flavor enhancers are supposed to do that to you. The Nutrients are what you want to fight off inflammation, not the calories.

The sugars like fructose corn syrup are especially worse for you. They are high in calories

Check out the complications of sugar in general can have:

A mix between sugar and artificial sweeteners

A popular sweetener. Read the label at the bottom before purchase. Don’t drink before bed with back pain either, cause lack of sleep

Age and weight is of relevance:

The older you get the more at risk you are to health problems. The last thing you want is to worry about fending off inflammation, while being at risk for type two diabetes, or cardiovascular problems. If you are a diabetic, please stay away from these concentrates. They put you at more harm.

these drinks contain some of the highest sugars

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You’ve Finally Been Told Not To Eat All Your Veggies

You’ve probably never heard of a vegetable that can do you any harm, but like fruits, vegetables come in different forms that can affect you too.

Night Shade vegetables are locking up your lower back. It can get so bad, your joints and muscles may feel stiff the very next day after consuming them. So If you’re waking up with lower back pain already, you’ll need to avoid them.

Here are the night shade family:

  • Eggplants
  • Paprika
  • Pimentos
  • White Potatoes
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Ground cherries
  • Cape gooseberries

They are so YUMMY, yet very ineffective to your immune system. They’re tempting, but at the cost of a surplus amount of swelling to your are of pain, I’ll stay clear away.

It’s hard to imagine that these rich antioxidants and delicious vegetables are actually worsening the pain for you.

Consuming just one these have enough power to cause inflammation to increase. They cause one of the major problems, that inflammation gives you:

  • Muscle pain
  • Tightness

…Only to name a few!

I like to wake up nice and fresh in the mornings, don’t you? If you have these vegetables you could wake up the very next morning in stiffness like I stated. I know I sound repetitive, but you don’t know how many times myself I’ve made the mistake over and over again. I didn’t pay enough attention, and so I would wake up with tremendous inflammation, and by the time I took my cream and supplements, what good were they?

Learn from me and don’t do what I did to begin. Plus, you can cause stiffness from sitting extended periods.

How is it possible? Nicotine. Tada! No surprise there. You know, that most infamous ingredient found in cigarettes? Oh and by the way, if you’re smoking already, this will double the inflammation.

Believe this or not but the nightshade vegetables contain nicotine. If you know a thing about it, you’d know its highly addictive. Sounds like an Opioid, and painkillers if you ask me.

The night crave came to be their name, hence nightshade.

Now lets look at the best ingredient for our bones and joints: calcium

It’s obvious, you need calcium. Just don’t eat these vegetables when you need inflammation to go down, because there is a thing called Calicinosis. It softens the tissues. It’s purpose is to consume the calcium from foods eaten. The problem is having an excess amount. Here are some symptoms you can get from Calicinosis:

  • Weakness
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle pain
  • Bone pain

…These are the most common, but there are much more!

We haven’t touched the volatile surface just yet.

There’s one item in most of our household, we’re not even aware of when we eat, but it sure taste better with it.

The good “ol Vegetable Oil. 

How to avoid it:

Eat less of

  • corn
  • Safflower
  • cottonseed
  • Mixed vegetables.

…This is the fastest way to cause inflammation.

In the next segment you’ll like what you see, but will have to do some rethinking on your end.

You’re Out Of Luck If It’s A Quick Meal

“The Process of a meal is different from a processed meal”

One is a:

  • well taken care of
  • raised right
  • organically prepared

…Vs one that is injected with all the:

  • hormones you have
  • saturated fats
  • fast food

You will just add fuel to the flame-the already threatening inflammation. But don’t we need fat?

Not necessarily is fat bad, In fact, your body needs Omega-3 fatty acids to build protein and boost your metabolism. As opposed to saturated and trans fats, which will only increase your weight, and can cause obesity.

For all my the chronic lower back pain patients I’ve dealt with, this is the sentencing of all sentences. It can’t get any worse, because if you didn’t know, acute pain inflammation is actually alright for you, but when you get into chronic inflammation; its persistent over time, and can take every minute of attending to.

The Domino Effect is coming:

As someone with chronic back pain the slippery slope can become even slipperier with one bite. Yes, that’s all it takes to go from a smile to a cringe. Now its not only you’re inflammation you’ll be worrying about, but your on going lower back pain and cognitive thinking.

Your psychologically can pick you up but has more potential to knock you to the bottom much faster. The pain persist for so much that you can’t get up to do the strengthening and flexibility exercises exercise. In result this can lead to

  • Depression
  • Hunger

Depression leads to huger, hunger leads to inflammation, and inflammation leads to your lower back pain. Do you hear that second wave coming?…

Saturated and trans fats are the perfect solution for you. You turn to them because they are cheap and an easy access. I know the thinking, if taco bell offers a 2 for 5 soft tacos, How can that be passed up? Oh but it can, but by now the domino effect has placed you in a mental trap.

No exercise, and all pain, that doesn’t sound like a recipe for the release of your endorphins.

Here are processed meals that are bad for you:

  • Anything thrown into a fryer
  • Bread
  • Pies
  • Meat products. Bacon, sausage, ham, salami
  • Microwave meals
  • Ready-made meals

Basically, if you can freeze it, can it, bake it, or dry it, it’s processed.

We live in a day in age where it is tough to see what is happening with our factory-raised animals, They are fed inappropriate foods, like refined grains, given antibiotics, and are brought up in unsanitary conditions. You’re likely to consume these, in rich, high Omega-6 fats.

Your body needs both OMEGAS-

  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6

Too much of one will cause swelling of your tissue.

Sometimes we have to change our taste buds so our brains can cope with more natural nutrients.

Forget About Taste Buds, Focus On Nutrients

cut down on omega 6 and take more omega 3

Want to know how I get my omega-3 on a quick day? Have a look:

Nature Made Fish Oil is a great Omega 3 formula. I have one every day before my meals. This way I get the benefits of MSM and so I keep my:

  1. Inflammation down
  2. Blood sugar down
  3. Triglyceride levels in check

They are a great alternative for eating fish like salmon which is rich in omega 6 fat.

I want you to know that there are better alternatives to take than it is the counterpart. Food that is rich in nutrients is going to give you the best lower back relief and will cease the pain. This is why creating an anti-inflammatory with not only the right foods, but good nutrients will help you maintain back pain.

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Welcome to the dark or light side?…

Eat deep(dark) colored fruits. They are good for lower back pain management. Get to the grocery store or your local farmers market and pick up cherries. Fresh or tared cherries will reduce muscle pain and strain. I used to do drink tart cherry every day, twice a day out of an 8 ounce can for months. In the afternoons for lunch, and at night for a healthy munch.

This reduced my pain significantly.  And till this day I don’t leave my local grocery store with 2 cans for the week.

The Fruits that come out of a can are good for you as long as they are not packed with a high amount of heavy syrup or salt. The thing I like to emphasize is:

“Since we all need sugar to survive, it is better to have a little higher count in grams consumed than it is to have more sugar out of less nutritious fruit.”

Nutrition compensates for those 13 to 15 grams!

But that’s only where I start…

I opt out most high in rich fructose corn syrup fruit juices for a V8. It took me 2 years after having constant chronic pain to put this saying in my head: “You could of had A V8”

Although v8 cans are packed with sodium, 920mg to be exact, they are nutritious and pack all the right vegetables for you.

Here’s something I recently started buying:

The one thing you don’t hear your doctors talking more about is hydration. Drinking plenty of liquids helps the fragile spine. The spinal discs are made up of water, mostly, and by replenishing and hydrating with water, it’ll keep the spinal discs:

  • Flexible
  • Keeps it flexible

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Check out the following video on water dehydration. You will not want to miss this.

Stick to the calcium. It’s the best-known nutrient for bone health.

Eat Your veggies, fight back the pain. My rule of thumb is to take Omega-3 rich nutrients because they can be more easily accessible. You should generally be eating these foods:

  • salmon
  • sardine
  • herring
  • tuna
  • black cod
  • trout
  • omega 3-supplement
  • turmeric

If you don’t know a thing about the healing powers Turmeric can give you, you’re likely missing out on the most abundant natural medicine. A great deal of lower back pain problems is associated with inflammation, whether that be of your:

  • joints
  • heat
  • redness
  • swelling

The spice, blocks your bodies response to inflammation and that’s primarily because of the ingredient called Curcumin.

 With its powerful antioxidants, it helps your body block damage and harmful radicals. Turmeric is a great way to help fight off quick inflammation, and you get your daily dose of antioxidants. You can either blend it in with your food as a spice, or take it in a capsule form. If you’re going to try capsules(which is most recommended), then look for curcumin that has more than 450mg.

The more plant based you get the better your chances are for long lasting relief, and the better off you will be in the long run. If you’re looking to reduce your cravings, and shed weight in the process, you should check out my article on turmeric and forskolin here.

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Chia seeds, and flax are a plant based diet. Eating these will expedite the largest return of investment. Even better yet, mix these with the omega-3 rich nutrients and you can get a better result out of it.

What’s more nutritious than Omega-3’s? Carrots, sweet potatoes, grapes, red wine, and watermelon. These can reduce inflammation of the cartilage in your spinal; column, which controls back pain and stiffness.

Sciatica patients: Avoid refined grains. These strip the vitamin B nutrients away from your body. Choose whole grains instead.

Whole grains include:

  • Whole wheat
  • Whole oats
  • Whole Rye
  • Wholegrain barley

Sciatica nerves will tend to reduce significantly when you consume these just about every day in moderation.

Watch this short 2-minute video on the proper way to eat for a sciatic nerve:

What’s the solution to eating fats?

 Eating smarter than the farmer.

You should choose humanely fed and raised animals. The best are:

  • Grass-fed beef
  • Pastured poultry
  • Pork
  • Wild-caught fish

I can’t forget about alcohol. You shouldn’t be drinking until you drop. The very next morning feeling, you guessed it, is inflammation. Opt-out alcohol and drink hot tea before bed. You can get your very own 7-day Meal Plan For Ultimate Relief for free, by 7-Day Meal Plan For Ultimate Relief, by clicking here

If You’re Not Eating It, Supplement It!

That’s a rule I don’t break, and the reason you can always catch me taking supplements. If you can not take the nutrients I listed all above, your only option is a supplement, otherwise, your body will take nutrients away from other parts of your body.

Right now is the best time to live in the supplement world. And here is why.

Scientist have already released what makes our bodies tick, and how to keep them healthy.  New compounds have been formulated each and every year.

A great supplement for anti-inflammatory includes a mix of:

  • turmeric(turmeric root)
  • bromelain(the best bromelain supplement)
  • Papain
  • Devils claw root extract
  • Rutin
  • Boswellia serrata extract

…And plenty more.

Here are the best options and the ones I commonly use every week:

  1. Colon Cleanser. Your body needs at least 35 grams of fiber per day, per day! A Juice of fiber will ensure you feel light, and there’s less pressure on your spine.
  2. Multi-Vitamins. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C. It’s best to find one that has all together because they function much better in sync.
  3. Glucosamine and Chondroitin. In other words, they are Sulfates. Glucosamine is an amino sugar, bringing cartilage to your joints. While Chrondroitins support your cartilage giving it the elasticity.
  4. Digestive Enzymes. Have you ever felt like you were about to fall into a food coma after lunch? A digestive enzyme will break down your lunch, and give you better digestion. So the next time you go to eat a large meal, those nutrients will be ready for your body.
  5. Systematic Enzymes. They operate differently than a digestive enzyme. Rather than working in the gut, they operate outside it and are proteolytic, meaning they will break down proteins. The awesome benefit is the break down of fibrin, and work through your scar tissue all over your body. It improves your blood flow and removes metabolic waste, which minimizes your inflammation and pain.

For over the past 3 years, I gained the trust of supplements because the specific one I used brought me pain relief, and decreased inflammation in the most natural form. I’ve turned from using generic joint supplements to more targeted ones. The ones that work the best are those that can not only bring the inflammation down but help us get less and less of it as we age. I use Heal-N-Soothe to get long-lasting relief.

It supports me with the enzymes my body has lost. The reason joint and muscle pain is so persistent is that the fibrin gathers at the area of pain, and the enzymes you no longer have can’t help block it off.

With this supplement I get the best ingredients for inflammation in a bottle.

My pain was so bad that I couldn’t jog let along the walk. And without the use of drugs all I did was take Heal-N-Soothe and like that, I was back to enjoying standing up and walking.

Here’s a video on exactly what you’ll get:

If you’d like to learn more about the #1 inflammation pain-relief supplement not only for lower back pain but for any pain in general, head on over to my review article here.

Time to Filter In The Right, And Funnel Out The Wrong

The longer you wait to take the necessary steps to help fight back pain inflammation, the faster the inflamed area will grow on you. The process is much simpler than we make it seem much of the time. Try to incorporate an exercise or two a day for maximum results. It shows that if you can stay active it will lead to healthier food awareness.

Keep the right fruits, vegetables, and meats close by your side, and implement one at a time, each day. Then make your way up to 2 categories the next time, then three. Before you know it, it will become natural!

When you can’t eat it, my rule is to supplement it, and the great thing about them is that they have become more powerful and a natural alternative for fighting off the pain that’s chronic. Your lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain doesn’t need to continue with the effects of the most powerful supplement. See more about heal-n-soothe here.

If you have any comments, opinions, or questions, please leave me a comment below. I encourage that you leave me questions, and ask away what you would like to know. I’m here to help as always. Thank you.

The Remove Back Pain System

After your morning routine, you can now see the right foods to eat, and the ones to stay away from. Your health is on the rise, and you can’t stop here. Eating is great and all, but what about if you’re dealing with a weight issue? Excessive weight can harm your back, and throw off your posture like you don’t even know. Before heading back to doing things right at night, let’s look at your choices for furthering your weight. If you haven’t seen the link above to treating belly fat, you can locate my belly fat article through here.

Continue with the remove back pain system by accessing the how to work article here.


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  • Great, informative article. This just helped me solidify why I’ve dealt with back pain over the last year or so. Too many foods in my diet that cause inflammation. Thanks again for helping me understand which foods to remove and which ones to add to my diet.

    • You are welcome. My first time with pain, i had a hard time understanding that I had to pick and choose what I ate, because I like to eat!lol. The reality is we are exposed to more good than bad.

  • Thank you for so informative a website on the subject of eating sensibly for back pain!
    I appreciate everything I learned but especially about hydration!
    I liked your web design and found your copy neat and uncluttered which is very important to me!
    Congratulations on a job well done!

    • Hi Janice,

      It’s all too important to not pay close attention too. Yeah, you are welcome. I was amazed when I first started with pain, but had already been hydrating, imagine if I didn’t! I appreciate your analyzation. Thank you.

  • Hi Michael,
    I have suffered for a long time with back pain. Have done all the therapy programs doctors shots and pain management to no avail, i know they preferred using ice to heat because it was the nerves instead of the muscles. However food was never brought up as a way to fight the pain, am going to book mark your page so I can refer back to it and try using some of these in my daily diet. Thank you so much for the information, with the examples of what type of pain each one of them are for. With Best Wishes VickiG

    • Hi Vicki,

      You’ve been through it all! That’s the thing, PT helps, it’s just not a great long term solution. Yes, ice in your circumstance would be better. Yeah, I’m amazed by how much people are not aware of it. I used to not think about it myself. Give it a look, I’m sure it will help a lot! Let me know if you have any questions too. You’re welcome! Have a great day.

    • Hi Theresa,

      You are very welcome! I’m glad you found my information to be useful for you. The types of foods we eat are reflective of how fast we can actually heal in our healing process.

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