How To Reduce Belly Fat – Improved Abs

By Michael

September 6, 2018

What’s your Why?

Why are you here? “UHH Because I want to lose weight, DUH!”

Does this sound familiar?

I mean I get that you’re here looking for something different and way superior than what you will get elsewhere, and you will but first…

What’s stopping you? Family? Friends? You Work too much, The gym is too far away, I am in pain so it’s no easy, or maybe its from having to FREAKING try over and over and over again because nothing you’ve tried in the past works.

You’re getting warmer, but how about this:

You don’t like the way people see you, or you don’t feel appreciated from your friends or family enough for what you do instead look at the way you look and feel.

Now we’re there! You see, we all want to lose weight to make others perceive you better, or for the next big wedding event that you need to get in shape for or whatever, but we always miss what we want to see in ourselves and block out the rest.

From this point forward I want to help you change with the right methods that actually work, but most importantly what will work for YOU.

How Agriculture is Changing You and Why It Needs to Matter

In a world of agricultural growth how does one find the courage to put down a plate full of mouth watering bites? The rise of:​

  • GMO’s
  • Bacteria
  • Taste

… Have emptied out our reasoning and replaced it with endless cravings. There’s nothing more driving this problem than the slogan we should place, saying: “One bite doesn’t hurt”.

In fact, one bit is the reason we are where we are. If we add lower back pain to the mixture, than now we’re setting up a recipe of epidemic proportions. All of us have or once had a common similarity…

A gain in weight.

But it comes to no shock, You’re here today to zap yourself back to life, and you’re going to get that here today. This is not another millionth article on how you should lose belly fat, no it’s more of an original MAMMOTH!

I’m non only going to be sharing you the best tips and tricks for you to go about losing your belly fat naturally(and might I add the best out there), but I will also share with you a second way that has worked so well for me, and I think It will do the same with you.

In this very detailed step-by-step article, I will take you on a journey to understand how not only you can lose your INSANELY stubborn belly fat, but also on the level of people who have pains, like lower back pain for example. You’ll also see:

  1. What belly fat is
  2. The 8 best ways to naturally lose belly fat
  3. The fastest way to burn fat without exercise + Bonus!
  4. Pain and Weight loss + Bonus!
  5. Abs and belly fat
  6. What you should do right now

This is not you everyday simply written how you can lose weight article, this is completely new to anything you’ve likely seen.

The reason I’m loudly speaking that out is that you get the best of both worlds, for those of us who have everyday weight loss shortages and for many of us who are suffering with lower back pain issues.

It’s not to get confused that one can’t work without the other, but that some routes are more safe, yet very effective for a particular person. I’ll speak openly about that as we continue through.

What are we waiting for? Let’s roll the ball…

What You Mean I Have Belly Fat Willis? Break Down

The world IS Over! I can’t tell you how many countless times I’ve heard this saying from someone in the exact position that you are in. UHH, not it is not my friend, and I can tell you exactly why…you’re not thinking smart enough.

When we eat, excess fat gets stored in our abdomen, in and around or organs. There are three types of fat:

  • Triglycerides. Fat that circulates in your blood
  • Subcutaneous fat. Layer below your skins surface
  • Visceral fat. Your dangerous belly fat

What it means to have belly fat:

“What is” vs “what it means” to have belly fat are two Main Menu’s of their own. Excess belly fat can hit you hard like the KO punch in a heave-wight boxing bout. You’re exchanging blow after blow with each bite of your unhealthy meal.  One repeated action after the next can lead you into back pain.

Simply, we’re held back by lower back constraints such as:

  • strain or sprain
  • spasms
  • disc
  • hereditary
  • hips
  • hamstrings
  • spine

… You name it, it has happened!

Our greatest failure is to realize how quickly belly fat gets to our front door. After a week full of anti-inflammatory shoved into our body, and a bed used more than it would have in a year.

It’s true that we need bed rest, but only a little. Spend too much on your mattress or couch, and you could be working your way into a debt.See, our lower backs are like the roots of a plant. Once we’ve planted a seed into the soil, you water it next. It needs nutrients to grow and gain strength.

When there’s’s a crack in the branch, or a dead leaf, “what does it do?”

 It keeps growing, and growing, and, Well you see where this is grow… I mean going.

Our bodies work the same way, except that the plant knows, the only way it’s going to stay in shape is to keep on the same path.

Our downfall is not that we are inadequate, but that we settle for what we know.

There’s one confusion that working on your abdominal will cut belly fat, and it might not be so. And although we’ll have to work on our stomach to relieve the pressure from our hips and spine, there’s more that you probably didn’t know.

The 8 Natural Ways To A Lasting Freedom, Your Plan

#1. Eat More Fiber

One thing you can do right now before getting an exercise in is beginning with fiber consumption. Soluble fiber per se, because it absorbs water to forma gel which helps slow down your digestion system as your food goes down. But that’s not the best thing.

Eating soluble fiber will promote you to lose weight because you have the effect of feeling full, therefore you naturally eat less. Its evident that it will help you cut back on calories too!

Make an effort to consume more soluble fiber each day. A food that’s fiber soluble is:

  • Flax-seed
  • avocados
  • black berries

If you’d like to learn more about healthy rich fibrous foods, go here.

#2. Avoid Trans fats

I bet those burger and fries look good, HEY leave those thoughts for another time and place. If you didn’t know, trans fats start with hydrogen pumping into unsaturated fats. You can find them in:

  • Margarine
  • Spread foods
  • Packaged foods

These type of foods are linked to high inflammation, and an increase in belly fat.

#3. Drink Less Alcohol

Did you know that alcohol has some health benefits, but if you drink too much it can cause you a lot of harm?

But of that all, it increases belly fat. You don’t need to cut back all together, but limit yourself to small amounts day to day, and reduce from there.

#4. Eat less sugary foods

About 80% of the products you choose to eat will contain an amount of fructose, which is representative of chronic diseases when consumed in excess.

And now we get into the exercises portion

#5. Stop Drinking Fruit Drinks

Although fruit drinks contain vitamins and minerals, they are just as high as soda and other sweetened beverages.

If you drink it in large amounts, than it will result in belly fat.

To reduce drinking fruit drinks, serve you self:

  • water
  • unsweetened tea or
  • water with a lemon

#6 Eat Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is incredibly healthy for you because it contains rich quality protein and Omega-3 fats.

Aim to get 2-3 servings per week, and you can choose from:

  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Herring
  • Anchovies
  • Mackerel

#7. Eat Probiotic Foods Or Take A Supplement

Probiotics are a type of bacteria you can find in foods and supplements. There benefits include:

  • improved gut health
  • enhanced immune function

Different types of bacteria will play a role in fighting off weight gain, and improving on losing belly fat. Try to take supplements with various bacteria in them for optimal success. Here’s a most recent belly fat burning discovery I made – supplements are not all PHONY!

What’s funny and awesome at the same time is I saw a fat burning “Turmeric” capsule about the beginning of April . But Before I make that spelling announcement, let me share with you my turmeric experience though, so you can see what is paired with my reaction.

With my constant aches and pains that are a result of my chronic lower back pain, I would start off by using turmeric capsules to fight off inflammation and because of its high percentage of antioxidants;

this helped me cut back with eating terribly, and help cut back the un-necessary trans fats, sugars, and all the nasty flavor enhancers. So when I heard about this new diet secret with the main ingredient Turmeric, called Turmeric with Forskolin, It came as a surprise actually.

Now at this time I had been slacking on my meal plans, and I had an injury to my groin that put me out for almost 2 months! It was a godsend for someone with pain, and it wouldn’t require the strenuous exercise that pain doesn’t let you do from day to day.

So I gave it a go. The week after it came in, it couldn’t have gone any better. Everything it say it does, it certainly did.

  • burn fat cells
  • release fat stores
  • boost metabolism
  • And most importantly, lose weight!

If you have constant back aches, and would like to learn more about Turmeric With Forskolin click here.

#8. Do Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises is a very effective way to improve your health and burn calories in the process.

There’s a dilemma between exercising intensely or moderately to reduce belly fat, but in fact it’s the duration of the exercise you should be more concerned with.

Implementing only one of these options will not be enough. You should always try as many as you can to get results. And to reach these results you might have to change your lifestyle.

If you’re dealing with constant back pain, try to start with low impact aerobics, such as:

The Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat With No Exercise!

Time, and Energy are a valuable thing, and it’s something that we all wish we had more. Who wouldn’t want to extend a 24 hour day into at least another hour?

Exercising can be tough, how can you expect to lose those 10LBs you’ve set for yourself in the next 2 weeks? HOLY SMOKES! Or what if you just can’t push your body to the limit of shedding a few couple trim line inches. are you supposed to just give up? If you give up on me now, there will be talking between me and you.

You can’t go at it alone, and you’ll need something that will help kick-start and run your body from storing fat to burning it. What I’m talking about it is Ketosis.

Normally to get your body into a Ketosis state, it involves a strict diet and exercise program. But there’s a much more effecitve, yet safe way of going about it. That’s where Purefit KETO comes in – the keto salts kick your body into ketosis naturally, allowing you to burn fat from day one! It’s such a great “Go To” fat burning mechanism, that even the Mayo Clinic has endorsed it.

What I love about it is:

  • It contains Magnesium BHB, Calcium BHB, and Sodium BHB, and all of these that get stored in your liver work very well together to put your body in a ketosis state and burn your fat at a much faster rate. You won’t have to worry about metabolizing fat and producing energy for your mind and body because of this
  • Getting into Ketosis is very easy. This ensures you have a greater possibility to burn fat

Like any diet, it’s best paired with a proper low-carb diet, or it won’t be as good. To ensure that you get the most out of your ketogenic diet, I have added my bonus resources! I’m giving away the following:

The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle – for FREE!

In this super exclusive best selling book, you’ll get:

  • To turn your body into a faster burning machine 24/7
  • You’ll absolutely feel happier, healthier, and much more fitter
  • A greater mental focus and productivity while working
  • To be at your very best both mentally and physically
  • To Live longer, and learn how to be a cancer-proof superhuman being
  • Melt that stubborn belly fat that keeps sticking around
  • 75 Easy to Follow Recipes using five main ingredients or less for every meal
  • 14-Day Meal Plan jump-starting your ketogenic diet with shopping lists and balanced meals
  • A Complete Overview explaining the fundamentals of the ketogenic diet and advice for living the keto-lifestyle
  • Handy Charts illustrating calories and nutritional information
  • And most importantly, you’ll reach your fitness goals much quicker and sooner than you think!

Some of the topics covered:

You’ll get a huge bite of everything, from how to get started, to how to get the most out it with certain conditions, and to amazing appetizing recipes.

I want to ensure you get everything out of this diet, so:

I wouldn’t be giving you my material, unless I knew it was tested, and honestly made to work, and so I have decided that for you not to fall off once you’ve started, the more the merrier!

Even though the beginners guide is very helpful, and they’ll give you everything you need(and more), I’m a big believer in staying the course. It takes more than just taking a pill, and reading a book, you’re going to need some discipline along your way.

So I want to also include my two favorite 21 day keto weight loss meal plan, with a complete food diet food list and a printable keto grocery list.

How will you get it?:

After you get your free bottle, you can send me a short message at my email: michael@removebackpain.com, with something like: “completed purchase”, and immediately it will be sent to you.

My thoughts:

I experienced the keto diet about 3 months ago(although I prefer more of an alternative to someone with pain), and I can say that it actually does work. I tried the supplements, and they worked very well. I will have an article on keto and back pain coming soon, that talks about my experiences, and just the overall way it works.

But as a general overview, I lost about 5 pounds in less than a month and a half, and I had a large amount of energy to go along with it. It’s funny because my metabolism has slowed, and so it’s difficult for me to shed weight.

I like that you can choose to go straight for the pills – which is easier, and at the same time have a hard copy media(the book and videos) to help you if you no longer decide you want to take the dieting pills.

The best part of it all is that it helps you adjust to your lifestyle so you don’t have to depend on pills after pills in the long run.

Who’s it for?:

It’s great if you’ve tried to exercise but you just don’t see the results, or if you want to get your body in shape before your next important wedding, holiday trip, or just want to stay in shape all year round.

What about for people in pain?:

In the later part of the presentation, you’ll see another fat burning tip that involves the use of turmeric, which me being a back pain advocate, is much better for those with pain, and is a great addition for people who love Turmeric and its delicious taste. But hey guess what?

We’ll see what the best course is for those of us in Pain right now.

The Effects Of Your Belly Fat, AH SHUCKS!

We like, excuse me I mean “love” to eat, and we wouldn’t mind a nice belly at the end of it right? Here come’s the winter, It’s time to stock up on food. Until you see the words “back pain” shouting out to you “make some space, let me move on in.

From the perspective of our lower back pain there are two ways to define our belly fat:

  1. Weight put on before lower back pain
  2. Weight after lower back pain

So what does this mean? Let’s break it down one by one.

We’re good at spotting the growth of our belly fat but we can’t seem to prevent it from trickling dead fast into a lower back pain. Now, what I’m not saying is that your belly is the main reason that you have a bad back, but it is indeed one of the top.

And than there’s the vantage point of looking at it from a gain in belly fat after you’ve encountered a bad back. But the question is not how, but why? Simply stated, we decide to take matters int our own hands. And the results are rather concerning.

See, the moment after an acute pain begins we immediately take medicine and or cold therapy to calm the swelling.

And in this exact same day we take it upon ourselves to rest for days, sometimes weeks, and the very few of us out there- months! Resting is a variable but not the one to plug into your very own equation.

One day after another can hit us like a storm out in the ocean- unbarring, and the reality of the pain can really settle in much more quickly then you can realize it. Losing some mobility causes us to splurge into one thing…

#1 Eating

Hey, I get it we need to eat a little to live. BUT while this meal below look enticing, don’t stray off with the objective of the article.

Now, in the scenario that an acute pain doesn’t get any worse than what it already is, the odds of your eating habits increasing are far less, but it’s not the way we eat after that needs to concern you, it’s what you were already eating before.

The main contributing factor to back pain is the way we choose to eat before an after the pain occurred. instead of filling our bodies with the right anti-inflammatory meals and balanced out sugars and calories, we feast like it’s about to be the last supper. But what if we were talking about chronic pain instead?

How would that not only look but reflect on your actions?

When we enter the phase of chronic pain, instead of one large storm, We’re dealing with a much more massive storm, the largest amplitude waves are right ahead. We panic, and immediately we fill our minds with dangerous toxins, and BOOM! crash.

These toxins fill your brains receptors with the “I need more” and more. And so the effect of that comes back to a a couple of factors:

  • poor habits
  • overeating
  • weight gain

Now guess where you stand. You’re back to  Days of narcotic drugs, and in the moments of yummy in my tummy may. At the time it was a slam dunk, but a temporary fix never solves a permanent one. Please remember that. The fact is we do more and more of:

  • gaining weight
  • resting more

… And these two things add extra pressure on our spines, and cause our muscles and joints to sort of deform, and our stomach to get weaker from the inside out.

So it’s the right time to start a new religion

One where we can stay faithful to the power of losing belly fat, so we can strengthen our abdomens just a tad bit, The following equation states this clearly:

A shed in belly fat = work on your abdomen = A stronger lower back = Removing pain.

Many of us think that by simply doing an ab exercise can shed fat, but that’s not so. And think of it this way, even if you started working your abs but your food habits didn’t change, you’d be right back to where you started.

But before I can talk about the ab exercises to reduce the pressure on your spine and help in the process of losing weight, Let me share with you a goldmine.

Reducing Beyond Your Means Safely:

If you read my step #7 in the ways to lose belly fat naturally section above, you heard me talk about the healing powers of turmeric with weight loss. This will not be a repeat of it, but what it will be is a reflection of myself and what it has to do with a low carb diet.

About 2 years ago, I was working through the worst times of my life, I had crushing lower back pain from a soccer match I had full participation in. I came down crashing after a 50/50 ball in the air, and hurt my lower lumbar region. Luckily, I was able to walk off the field before I put another foot on the soccer ball.

Within about 2 days, I felt  this back and leg pain, and started to worry if there was something more serious going on. I’d had a serious backache or 2 before(acute), and in this case, it took more than the 2 week time frame to heal.

Immediately i took it upon myself to ho into the ER. X-rays and MRI’s showed i had a l4-l5 disc herniation. Great just what I needed right?

Ofcourse, you would think it wouldn’t beat me, but it did. I went into a slump and thought my problems were not going to be any better. I had already been struggling with putting on some weight, and now to make these matters worse, I was filling my body with more.  I had to teach myself better habits.

With a little bit of effort from my family and friends, I was back to choosing healing foods over ones that would add inflammation to my tissues.

I had to learn how to eat better, diet better, all while healing my herniated disc, GEEZ! Brings back flashbacks. Many people who suffer with back injuries really never recover, that’s the harsh reality.

And when they do “recover” from a weight gain, or a bad back injury, they relapse. The chances of it are very high.  Here are the two reasons:

  1. You as an injured person does not learn and make the proper modifications and behavior alterations to avoid re-injuring yourself.
  2. You do not take the necessary steps to not only strengthen, but gain better traction and mobility.

What does this have to do with a low carb diet?:

In more ways than one, transitioning to a low carb diet is very similar to adjusting for your lower back pain lifestyle. It’s not that your not conscious about the eating choices you are making, but that when you are in a conscious state, that’s where the most danger lies. Why?

This is where the majority of people will get stuck, guaranteed. It’s hard to eat right day in and day out. You’ll get frustrated, heck I was after day 1. And the ridicule from your friends and family do not help at all!

This will turn you back into consciously incorrect eating with the brief stints of going back to eating good foods here and there.

It takes a lot of time and a huge effort. It took me about a year and a half to finally change the way I ate completely. Not just for a week, for a month, but for the rest of my life. It’s different for everyone, and in your case, there might be something you need more of and less than the other ingredients speaking.

We’re not like 60 years back where the only foods available were those that were healthier for you. Everywhere you’d turn to, there was a plethora of agricultural foods and meals that were a delicacy and often the only served. Now we’re blown through generation y, and z.

Before you think about picking up on the famous “ketogenic diet”, I want you to check out this read on reddit that I follow closely with my patients:

Read Here >> conversation

See why I’ve emphasized greatly that the keto diet and back pain don’t mesh up above?  Instead, If I were you, I’d focus my attention on a more holistic treatment like Turmeric with Forskolin.

I didn’t add turmeric “and” forskolin, rather “with”. The reason why I did so it to highlight that the driving factor to all this the turmeric. As a brief overview(you can read the full article here if you’d like), turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that is extracted from its native turmeric plant.

You probably know it as the main spice in curry. Here are the benefits its used for:

  • arthritis
  • joint pain
  • stomach pain
  • loss of appetite
  • kidney problems

…And so many more I can speak of, but these are the important ones. The reason it works so well is because it contains curcumin to boost the rate of decreasing your swelling(inflammation). my article on turmeric and curcumin here explains this better if you’d like to see it.

The benefits of forskolin are the weight loss factor:

  • produce safe weight loss treatment
  • loss of extra belly fat in your belly and hips
  • you will feel more energetic
  • Clinically approved

There are many more benefits and studies done, and you can learn more about it in my well written on forskolin and turmeric article here.

The Abdominal Show, Take ALL The Pressure Off Your Spine

Now that we’ve talked about the effects of belly fat, and the top 8 ways to trim your last line, let’s focus on the ab workouts to help your lower back pain.

There are more than one way to do an ab workout, but not all need to be a part of your regimen. I say this because some use have more chronic conditions that will aggravate our spine with the wrong technique.

And for these reasons, I’m going to show you what you can do with acute and chronic lower back pain

For Acute Pain:

Exercise #1. Partial Crunches

There’ll be some exercises that aggravate lower back pain, but partial crunches will work well. They help strengthen both muscles in your:

  • back
  • stomach

How to do:

  1. Lie down with your back against the floor
  2. Bend your knees and keep your feet on the ground
  3. Now, cross your arms over your chest
  4. Tighten your stomach muscles and raise your shoulders off the floor
  5. As you raise your shoulders exhale
  6. Hold it for 1 second and slowly come back down
  7. Repeat 8-12 times

For chronic lower back pain:

Exercise #2. The Bird Dog

The bird dog is a classic ab exercise, and it helps improve on your strength and balance. This is a great chronic lower back pain exercise, and especially useful if you’re recovering from surgery

How to do:

  1. Begin on all four with your hands directly under your shoulders and with your knees directly under your hips
  2. You’ll need to pull your abs into your spine, while keeping your back and pelvis still and stable.
  3. Now, reach your right arm forward and left leg back. Focus on not letting your rib cage sag toward the ground
  4. Return to the starting position, placing your hand and knee on the floor.
  5. Do 5 to 10 reps
  6. Switch sides and repeat

Exercise #2. Planks

Planking is a simple but very effective body weight exercise. Holding yourself in a stationery position as stiff as a board, develops strengthen primarily your core. This static exercise means the body stays in one position for the entire duration.

How to do:

  1. Plant your hands directly under your shoulder, like you’re going to do a push up.
  2. Ground your toes into the floor while squeezing your glutes to stabilize your body. Be careful not to hyper-extend your knees
  3. Neutralize your neck and spine keeping your head down and staring at a spot on the ground. Your neck should be in line with your back.
  4. Hold in position for about 15 seconds. As you get more comfortable you can increase it by 5 more seconds, and keep continuously doing so.

These two ab exercises for chronic pain are the most effective you can do To strengthen your abdominal and help cut back the pressure on your spine.

It’s Conclusive, Losing Belly Fat And Doing Ab Workouts Go Hand In Hand

There once was a time when we had limited food resources, believe it or not. Tracing back to the Neapolitan era, many people had to fish, and hunt for their meals. There was no Safeway, Walmart, or a Sam’s Club for any one of this generation to go to. That meant not only having to work hard for their food, but take in more natural sources. But that’s all changed.

Agriculture boomed and so did the way food was enhanced with GMO’s, bacteria, sugars, and taste. All this is contributing to one thing… A gain in weight.

We’ve handed the keys over to our taste buds and have said:”Hey, you can have entrance into our mind and fill us with all that is tasteful”. You’ve learned the effects of belly fat, and in the sense of lower back pain.

Before the lower back pain has started, we’ve already been preparing for it by choosing to eat the wrong ways, and after the pain has occurred, an increase in gain weight can occur.

But we’ve tackled that problem down, and found out the methods to reduce belly fat by working around the pain, and than getting into core strengthening. If you’d like to learn more about weight loss with turmeric and forskolin, you should click here for both remedies. And if you want to give it a go with PurefitKETO, check this keto plan out.

As an addition, I am adding my healthy eating foods page for those of us with constant inflammation. You can learn more about the healing foods right here.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to offer me your opinion, please leave me a comment down below. I will be happy to help you!

The Remove Back Pain System

It’s time to head back home, and see how you can get some shut eye at night, and melt all your sleeping problems away.  Find out more about how to get a restful night here.


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    • Hi Peter. I can relate to that same reaction when I was going through my own process, like really right? There’s no better time than now, and there’s no time like later. Even a little work will go a long ways. It shapes your mind and tells you that anything can be done. Whether you get it done slow or fast, weeks or months. You’re welcome!

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    Belly fat is such a problem for a great many people, we don’t realize what is happening to us when we eat the wrong foods and don’t exercise regularly. You have written a great article that shows a pathway and will be of great assistance to anyone who wants to get rid of belly fat. Well done!

    • Hi Fintan,

      It definitely is! Before we know it, we’re looking at ourselves and saying where did it go wrong? It’s the little things like not taking walks, stretching, consuming more calories than necessary, that will lead us in the wrong direction fast. It’s important that we limit the amount of sugars, and fats because with more sugar, it will lessen your energy levels, and make it harder to want to get up and exercise. Fats obviously carry more calories, and making lean meat choices are the way to go. Thank you!

    • Hi Roslan,

      You are very welcome! I wanted to make sure I could cover a great range of tutorials and help from top to bottom. Like anything else, supplements can have some sort of a side effect, but many are not to be alarmed about. Lets say you have diabetes and you’re taking supplements for it, a weight loss supplement could thin your blood vessels, and cause headaches. It’s always best to check in with your doctor about the conditions you may have, so you know what ingredients to take and what to stay away from.

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