Is Organifi Green Juice A Scam? All Your Healthy Superfoods In A Bottle?

By Michael

April 3, 2020

Want all your healthy Super foods in one drink...With no shopping, no blending, no juicing, and NO CLEANUP?!

WAIT a minute, that sounds TOO good to be true...right?

I’m going to cut right to the chase and answer your question “Is Organifi Green Juice A Scam? With ONE word…

No. Oh yeah, it’s definitely real, so scratch your eyes just one more time so you can clear the fog and give me your undivided attention for the new 10 minutes or so because I’m going to reveal to you in this article what makes Organifi green juice the MOST healthiest choice and larger than life in this post…

And by the end you’ll probably want to pick up your own juice.

is organifi green juice a scam

Simple stated, Organifi is a green juice that comes in the powdered form which allows you to mix with a soluble liquid like water without the use of a blender or preparing it with any type of juicer.

The powder contains gently dried organic greens that you can add to water, stir it, and then consume it...all in as little as 2 minutes!

You and I both know we need these super foods in our diet to power us through our day by day daily tasks, and if you don’t have the time, the money, the patience to shop, and juice every day, Organifi Green juice is the perfect solution for you.

Going inside Organifi

Having tried Organifi Green Juice for myself, and after taking a deeper dive inside, I found some pretty surprising things that would be a crime...If I didn’t share them with you.

Starting with how it is and the taste...

How Is Organifi Green Juice?

Organifi green juice is like drinking a BOOST of your favorite fruit drink with the added protein and healthy spike...flavorful yet healthy.

Once you go over to the Organifi Website, you’ll be presented with a home page that looks like this:

Organifi green juice home page

And here’s the bottom half of that picture:

organifi green juice


Inside of Organifi Green Juice you get:

  • Coconut and Ashwgandha Infused
  • USDA Organic 
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Vegan

Having these ingredients and cleanliness will ensure your mind and body stay at tip top performance and shape when you need to put your focus on your responsibilities like work, exercising, etc.

Organifi Green Juice Benefits:

I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say you’d like to save yourself A LOT of time right?

Listen to this, In just 30 seconds a day, you can supercharge your entire life, restore glowing good health and you’ll literally feel decades younger!

organifi benefits
  • You’ll have mental clarity so you can have incredible amounts of energy for stronger focus, and a boost in brain power which means you’ll get more done in a day than you could in an entire week.
  • Your health will improve tremendously after one try so you can have an endless supply of nutrients flowing throughout your body such as the electrolytes in the coconut water which means you will feel like being more proactive ad productive in everything that you will do in the aspects of your life.
  • Your stress will reduce greatly so you can have balanced hormones and reduce yourself from frustrations and stress which means you’ll be more calm, relaxed and become more stable at things you didn’t even like doing already.
  • Your body will detoxify to flush out harmful toxins which means you won’t have inflammation and pain and you can get back to strenuous activities without worrying about hurting your body.
  • You’ll rejuvenate your skin so you can have glowing, healthier, younger looking skin, hair and nails which means people are going to look at you like your this brand new person or the person they saw years ago when you were young.
  • You’ll BOOST your immunity with loads of vitamins and minerals which means you’ll get your daily intake of super foods in just one take rather than having to use supplement pills that you normally take throughout your day.

Organifi Ingredients

My favorite part about Organifi has to be the 11 ALL Natural ingredients:

  • Chlorella
  • Moringa
  • Spirulina
  • Mint
  • Beets
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Wheatgrass
  • Ashwagandha
  • Turmeric
  • Lemon
  • Coconut Water
organifi ingredients
Organifi ingredients
ingredients 2
ingredients 3

How Much Does Organifi Cost?

For a 30 day supply of Organifi Green Tea, one bottle would usually cost you $79.95 but it’s at a discounted price right now of $57.95 + shipping.

And that’s one bottle for $57.95 per month too - cancel at any time. That’s the base pay, now here are the other two:

  • 3 Bottles for a total of $149.95($49.98 each) + shipping for a one time purchase
  • 6 bottles for a total of $249.95($41.65 each) + shipping for a one time purchase.
organifi cost

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You will get a 100% no-risk promise. Organifi is only $1.92 per day right now while supplies last, and if you don’t like it, you get 30 days to get your full money back.

Where Can You Buy Organifi Green Juice?

Organifi Green juice can be bought in a variety of places like Amazon and Walmart, but in my experience and my opinion, it's best to get it through the actual site because you get the best price and variety.

You can see them here.

Who's Organifi For?

Organifi is for anyone who wants the full effects of being focused, having more energy, improving health, reducing stress, detoxifying your body, rejuvenating skin, and boosting immunity all while:

  • Saving more time
  • Saving money
  • Saving yourself the effort
  • Saving yourself mental and physical pain.

It’s also for you if:

  • You have a health conscious mindset.
  • You want to start eating and drinking healthier
  • You don’t have the time to make your own drinks in a blender.

I’ve been using Organifi more so since I’ve had back pain and began to lose my concentration on my health and focusing on what really matters most...my freedom from pain and inflammation.

You can read more about me here if you wish.

Pros Vs Cons 

Oganifi Pro's

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  • A quickly made beverage prevents you from having to worry about using a blender or taking all of your time to make a drink. With the powder format, all you have to do is put it into your shaker bottle, pour water, shake, and you’re good to go.
  • Very nutrious drink so you can have all the energy and mental focus in the world which means you’ll get more work done and probally get a raise.
  • You’ll be able to save more money since these protein type shakes cost about 50% less expensive than the market leaders, and had superior ingredients.
  • You will have your breakfast, lunch or dinner made in 30 seconds and it’s delicious.You’ll finally avoid feeling bloated all the time when you eat too much. This shake solves that problem for you.


  • The taste is not the most “fruitful”. This isn’t really a con, but if your expectations are something like of a jamba juice or something super sweet, think again. It still taste great but it’s made to be healthy not sweet.


There are many more pro's then there are con's here and for good reason...Organifi delivers what you'd expect - high performance, high quality.

What I Like About Organifi

If I had to pick one thing I like most about Orgainfi(and I know I said this earlier), it’s the super powerful ingredients. Whenever I choose a new health drink, I’m always looking for the nutrients and the more the merrier…

And with Organifi, they over deliver! I already love using turmeric, and match tea, all the other ingredients are a huge bonus for me.

Final Verdict: Is Organifi A Scam?

Nope. Far from it actually. There’s no other health drink that can deliver such a HUGE impact when it comes to feeling and looking better…

You get more mental clarity than you ever had before, you reduce your stress allowing you to even look younger and in greater shape, all while boosting your immune system?

That’s a home run if you had to ask me. Organifi is crushing it’s compeotion and for good reason, it has way to many benefits you just can’t ignore. If you’d like to grab you own bottle or bottles of Organifi, make sure to click below…


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  • Thank you Michael for a website packed with useful information. The Organifi Green Juice quickly grabbed my attention. The ingredients are things I use frequently, but to have them all in one that would be awesome. Now, I will have to revisit your site for the other useful information you have here. Thanks again.

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