Is Cinderella Solution A Scam? Simple 2-Step Ritual

By Michael

April 16, 2020

Do you want a 2-step ritual that GUARANTEES Shocking Daily Weight Loss?

My goodness that sounds too good to be true...Or is it?

You’re here because you’ve heard about the Cinderella Solution from your friends, family, and or in the media and you can help yourself but think:

“Is Cinderella Solution A Scam?

I’m going to cut right to the chase and give you the no BS answer. 

NO. Cinderella Solution is NOT a Scam. So scratch your eyes one more time to dust out the “scam” monsters and open them nice and wide as I’m about to show you how this weight loss solution is the best I’ve EVER seen for women.

Cinderella Solution is a diet-FREE solution that is made to re-wire and re-waken your scientifically-proven weigh loss magnification systems.

You’ll be taken through a series of eBooks given to you in PDF format that you can access from your desktop or mobile phone anywhere so you don’t have to worry about staying in one location. 

There will be two parts you’ll learn which are called Launch and Ignite. Both training materials will take you through a 14-day routine of what you need to do to shave off your belly fat.

Founder of Cinderella Solution Carly Donovan in her 20’s and 30’s was paralyzed with 84 pounds of fat and she had daily episodes of anxiety, shame, and hopelessness…

She took every diet under the sun, exercised every day for long hours, and NOTHING. Sitting in a hospital bed after a blackout left her laying on the ground - hooked up to tubes, ONE Thing saved her life…

It triggered a weight loss doubling molecule that layed dormant inside of the most stubborn female metabolism…

Going Inside Cinderella Solution

Continuing into Carly’s story while she was laying on the hospital bed, this doubling in fat body molecules compelled her body to initiate a 22-hour-a-day fat burning sequence.

Carly goes into how she had an instant full body transofrmation and her “Flavor Pairing Ritual” she used to melt over 80 pounds faster than she ever thought possible without:

  • Pills
  • Or depriving herself on the latest fad like:
    • Keto, Calorie counting, satisfaction dripped diet

There’s this 160 year old “flavor pairing” ritual designed by the slimmest, longest living, and most disease-resistant country - Japan, has been the cornerstone of weight loss and longevity for this country for almost two decades. 


Why haven’t you heard of this ritual?

Sadly, it’s bee safeguarded by Japan’s top gatekeepers. But thanks to highly respected doctors and government officials, they were finally able to break the code. 

How Cinderella Solution Is Different…

Other than the “Flavor pairing”, let me ask you this…

Have you tried other weight loss solutions and failed? Or researched and seen other people not get the results they needed?

The reason so many people have failed up to this point is because they’ve been taught to target “Fat-first”, instead of fixing the root of the cause and why your body is storing your fat in the first place…

And even when you take diets like: 

  • Keto
  • Atkins
  • Weight Watchers
  • P90x
  • Jenny Craig
  • South beach
  • Nutrisystem

...They all found ways to “glammer-up” the sacred-art of counting calories and portion control, and the sad truth is you lose weight at the start using these “fat-first” cardio saturated rabbit-food diet methods, but you’re actually causing permanent damage to your metabolism, your immune system…

And especially your vital orgins, leaving your body fully-damaged! That all changes with The Cinderella Solution, have a look:

is cinderella solution a scam

You will: 

  • Lose weight 6 times faster than today's most popular commercial diets
  • Look and feel 10-20 years younger
  • Burn fat faster in the female trouble spots
  • Live 22% longer
  • Achieve freedom from hunger and your food-obsession
  • Find the “golden-window” of when it’s time to drink wine
  • And more

Carly goes on top explain how you’re just throwing your money at things that only hurt you badly…

think about it

 The very respectable thing about Carly is that she could of just walked into a plastic surgeons office and had gotten the fat sucked out of her but she didn't…

She instead walked into the Bio-nutrition research laboratory at her local university with a $10,500 check in her hand and she used this money to fund a team devoted to cracking the code on weight loss which was later called “Japan Code”.

In the end Carly and her team found the code:

ritual 2

A set of guidelines, broke down the simple food and flavor-pairing rituals, and the primary goal of each pairing was to create hormonal and metabolic balance to promote:

  • Health
  • Well-being
  • Strength
  • And happiness from within

How Much Does Cinderella Solution Cost?

The Cinderella Solution is regularly $187, but you will get a $100+ credit to get started, bringing the cost down to $87 which is the lowest price ever, but wait!

You will get another $50 off and set your final payment at ONE Single payment of $37!

That’s an amazing $150 off, 80% off discount! Plus as an added bonus you’re going to get the brand new Cinderella Accelerator package for free!

cinderella accelerator package

This product alone is for woman who want to lose weight faster and sells on Amazon for $150 by itself, but you won’t pay a single cent as long as you get the Cinderella Solution on this page.

Pros Vs Cons


  • Get an expert in Carly who has suffered with terrible weight gain and tried every other diet there is which prevents you from having to start from scratch and figure it out yourself. It’s PROVEN.
  • You will get step-by-step training so you can act faster and get rid of your belly weight in a shorter amount of time which means you’ll be able to stand in front of your friends, family, and co-workers with no shame in no time.
  • You get a “flavor-pairing” from Japan that’s PROVEN to melt away body fat and get your body working like a well oiled engine which means you can have a healthier and cleaner looking body that will never fail on you.


  • Mostly geared for women. Sorry guys, I know you can use it to but it’s meant more for women.

Who Is Cinderella Solution For?

Cinderella Solution is focused more on women who want to lose weight faster than ever before and you are someone with 10, 15, or even 20 pounds to lose. It’s also for:

  • People who want to discover the 2 flavor pairings that shave off fat faster than anything else out there.
  • If you’er a woman over the age of 25 who wants to reclaim her life and body that she deserves,.
  • You want a diet-free solution that re-wires and re-awakens your Scientifically-proven 22-hour-a-day weight loss magnification system
  • You want a 100%-Proven Safe solution
  • You finally want to fix the real solution that is storing all your fat in the first place
  • You’re tired of all the other diets like Atkins, Paleo, Jenny Craig, weight watchers etc, and you want a proven weight loss plan that will ACTUALLY work long-term and doesn’t come back to hurt you.
  • You have an event coming up and you want to get in shape before it. I.e. A wedding, a family reunion, a high school reunion, etc.

What I Liked Most About Cinderella Solution

If I had to pick just one thing I like most about  The Cinderella Solution it would have to be the fact that it didn’t directly affect me but my mother.

My mother had been battling all her life with work and taking care of myself and my little brother, fixing up meals, handling our doctors appointments, cleaning the house, getting groceries…

She’s Supermom of the year. So, when does she have the time to lose weight when she’s doing everything and then some? NEVER. I’ve encouraged her to get on the treadmill and she has but then there was another problem…

Her leg began to hurt...ONLY after walking the treadmill. She recovered and got back on her feet but by that time there was so much muscle soreness and joint problems(not will because she has that) that it was a war every time she stepped foot to exercise. 

After multiple researches for weight loss solutions and having tried EVERYTHING else(literally), she found the Cinderella Solution and thought to her self: “This is it!”

She hasn’t looked back since then. As for my part, I was able to help her, and I know that it’s a great solution because I've witnessed it for myself first hand. I do love the weight loss product and it’s such a clever solution if you’re a woman who wants to lose fat faster and it be a 100%-proven safe way to go.

Final Verdict: Is Cinderella Solution A Scam?

NOPE. It’s Actually the best weight loss solution for woman I’ve ever seen in my life. With all the different diets out there I don’t blame you for having your guard up, but let say this…

It’s not your fault. You’ve been lead to believe in the wrong solutions, into quick fad diets that only come an go and hurt your body instead of clean and improve it. So are you ready to give the Cinderella Solution a risk-free try?

First, here are the bonuses you’re getting from Cindy:

Bonus #1: Cinderella Accelerator Package. Accelerator is the perfect solution for woman who want to lose weight even faster and it sells on Amazon for $150.(Value: $150)

And then from myself as a back pain expert so that you can protect your back and weight at all times now and in the future:

?Bonus #1: Access to My FREE Ebooks. My best selling Ebook on the 3 secrets and 5 Steps to Managing Your Back Pain Day-to-Day, Arthritis Reversed Free Book, the 7 day back pain cure, along with Dr John Sarnos Healing Back Pain, World Famous "Back In Control" Best selling "Yoga For Back Pain", Arthritis Reversed By Dr. Mark Wiley showing you how to overcome your arthritis naturally and The "Live Pain Free Cookbook" so you don't have to worry about what foods to consume. And I'm also giving you access to my blog post on eating healthy again. ($197 Value) 

?Bonus #2: Private access to my Exclusive and FREE Facebook Group with all my tips and tricks, as well extra freebies ($97 + value)

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Bonus #4: Forum Membership Access. I have a private and all exclusive forum where you can post your thoughts, questions to what you're feeling! ($37 Value) 

?Bonus #5: One on one Free coaching and mentoring for Life! You can get help from me at any time, even so, I can jump on Zoom calls with you if you'd like.($27 + Value) 

To get this Cinderella offer, use the link just below and and then email me with your receipt by pressing the second link and I will send you the bonuses within 24 hours. NOTE: You will ONLY get these bonuses when you email me with your receipt 


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