Is Flat Belly Fix A Scam? Melt 48 Pounds Of Fat Fast?

By Michael

April 2, 2020

Would you believe me if I told you there was a Super Simple morning habit that can “Accidentally” Melt 48 Lbs of fat?

UHH...Your crazy! You haven’t even heard the best part…

You can do it WITHOUT starving yourself and WITHOUT doing an exercise more strenuous than walking to your fridge!

WAIT! This isn’t another one of those “tricks” or “gimmick” products that you’ve heard of or maybe tried in the past ad failed with, so to answer your question to “Is Flat Belly Fix A Scam”, it is NOT!

I know you still don’t believe me, so what if you gave me a couple minutes to change that and show you why the Flat Belly Fix Diet is quite possibly the best “Lose weight faster than life” product you’re EVER going to come across?

The Flat Belly Diet is a weight loss plan is a quick weight loss that shaves off weight in all areas of your body especially in the middle area and it can ALL be done without exercising.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the flat belly fix has two phases:

  1. The first is a four-day, 1600 calorie diet wit food intended to limit your gas or bloating, and your beverages are limited to water infused natural ingredients. 
  2. The second phase is a four-week meal plan with 1600 daily calories for women and 2,000 for men.

Going Inside Flat Belly Fix

Taking a deeper look at The Flat Belly Fix, I found some pretty eye-opening facts about it, and I’d like to take this section to share them with you.

Owner and creator Todd, details a story about how he and his wife stumbled upon a health and weight loss trick that literally saved his Wife’s life and gave her back her lean, sexy, and pain-free body with a simple morning ritual that anybody else can now do.

The reason you would have never found a weight loss like this is because of the folks with big budgets who sell weight loss drugs and engineered foods, and the crowded space of supplements and weight loss tips that do not work…

Until Todd and his wife hit rock bottom, they came across this weight loss plan. Todd’s wife woke up screaming remembering the time when she was in her cop car and a telephone pole rushed towards her like a speeding train…

And it was at this moment that her body became her worst enemy. 

is flat belly fix a scam

Those were the words she woke up to and yelled out to Todd in disgust.

Tara was an athlete, physical, fearless, and fit with a body that made her look more like a model than a cop…

But since her accident, crippling bones, and terrible back pain that took all her activities away, she couldn’t do anything about her weight gain, so much so the doctors just told her:

“You have to lose weight Tara”

(as if she didn’t already know that). So fast forward, Todd could either sit there and let her wife waste her life trying to figure out how to lose weight and get in better shape again or they could both live in fear of this being their reality.

Two weeks later, Todd who was working with SWAT at the time, ran up a staircase with fumes and smoke all over the place and he felt like his body was on Fire. feeling like he had just done an intense cross-fit workout or ran a half marathon...and this was all happening after he was done, now sitting on his couch.

That’s when it hit him. The Oleoresin Capiscum(OC) used in pepper spray grenades could rapidly raise your bodies temperature, but was it possible that it could burn his wife’s body fat without exercising?


The Capsaicin could be used to transform “white fat” into high-octane brown fat that actually burns your ugly white fat for energy, meaning?

You actually use your unwanted white fat as fuel instead of burning sugar like most of the folks will do which make it almost impossible to get and stay thin.

So basically, Brown fat uncouple the calorie burning of fat and sugar through the class of regulating proteins called uncoupling proteins…

When brown fat mitochondria are uncouple, it’s kind of like reviving your engine all the way without the red light, letting your car get into gear and all of a sudden you’re brig a TO of fat without moving a muscle…

And sitting on your butt watching TV.

So without doing the impossible which was throwing a pepper spray grenade to his wife, he figured to put the pepper into a tea.

After he shared it with his wife:

  • Her eyes got brighter
  • Her energy came back
  • Even her hair was thicker, fuller, and shinier than it ever had been.

But of all it was when she stepped on the scale and lost a whopping 11 pounds!

Inside of the Flat Belly Fix comes a one simple easy to follow manual called “The 21 Day Belly Fix”...

The goals are going to help you accomplish three things shown below:


There will also be supplemental bonus training resources that I’ll get into towards the bottom of this review.

How Much Does Flat Belly Fix Cost? 

To flatten your belly and gain absolute control over your weight in just a short few weeks and with less effort than it takes you to drive to the grocery store…

Your only going to dish out $37! Yep. Usually it would go for $197, and you’re not even going to be asked to spend $97, but it will be a total of $77, but if you act now, you’re going to get 60% off!

Which comes out to be a grand total of $37! That’s the good news, bad news is you have to lock in on this discount before it goes away, and you can do that by clicking here.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. You’ll get an incredible 100% money back guarantee when you cancel your order within the 60 day window.

money back

Who's Flat Belly Fix For?

The Flat Belly Fix is for anyone who wants a PROVEN weight loss method that can help you lose weight faster, more nutritiously and without having to exercise.

It’s also for you if:

  • You’ve tried other weight loss diets and they didn’t work. I’ve been there before having tried countless weight loss programs only to find myself back to square one.
  • You have an injury that restrains you from being proactive and doing any activities that will aggravate and cause further pain and implications.
  • You’d like to try out a tea that you’ve never tried before.
  • And so much more!

I could have gone for hours here but it truly is for you if you finally want a product that just doesn’t work short term but long-term.

Pros Vs Cons

Starting with the positives of The Flat Belly Fix here’s what I found...



  • Flat Belly Fix Prevents you from having to exercise which means you can be sipping on the tea even while you’re sitting on your coach or even laying in bed. It makes it so effortless that you’re going to have such a huge smile on your face thinking back to how easy the process was.
  • Get mentors in Todd and Tara who have tried every diet imaginable from Keto, to atkins, paleo and so much more and none of that really worked for them. It wasn’t until they discovered the tea they share with you in this manual. Works
  •  well for people with an injury so you can have a relaxed and enjoyable experience which means you won’t have to worry about doing any streneous activities that can make your pain worse.Tons
  • of Bonuses come with the manual. I’ll be sharing more of this later down below but you’re also going to get more training resources like videos and healthy recipes.

Along with the pros come the cons and here they are:


  • It’s for action takers. If you’re someone who complains and only “keeps looking” for a solution without ever taking action, this will not be for you. In my own time helping people heal from things like back pain, I’ve noticed there are WAY to many information seekers and not enough people who actually want to take action. The Flat Belly Fix comes with a manual but it’s up to you to take the necessary steps.


The Flat Belly Fix's pros heavily outweigh the cons and there's just so much upside with Flat Belly Fix that it's hard to look past. To see the Flat Belly Fix click here.

Other than that, there are really no cons, and I would have to say that the con I listed is not really one at all. 

What I Like About Flat Belly Fix

If I had to pick just ONE thing I liked most about my experience with the Flat Belly Fix Diet is the amount of help you get inside from the owner Todd...

He goes into great length explaining the story about his wife and how she tried the tea he made for her and not only the HUGE weight loss difference it made in hers and everyone else’s lives now but what comes after…

  • Confidence
  • Happiness
  • Courage
  • Relief

Losing weight is one thing but all the additions it brings that I just listed above is priceless. Just Imagine feeling happy again, strong, feeling and looking better, becoming more productive, it’s a big elevation in status.

Final Verdict: Is Flat Belly Fix A Scam?

A definite no. Of all the diet plans I’ve used and come across, the Flat Belly fix has easily become my favorite, and for many reasons..

Like the fact that it’s made for people who are in chronic pain or have an injury, as well every day people who are sick and tired of the way they look and feel - you get the best of both worlds. Plus, you don’t have to worry about exercising regularly…

Just drink your tea from your living room couch if you want. If you’re “still thinking” on pulling the trigger on the Flat Belly Fix, let me show you the bonuses you’ll get if you decide to grab it through my link:

Here are all the bonuses you’ll get from Todd First:

BONUS #1: 7 Minutes To A Slim Body System. In just 7 minutes you’ll get taught the “secret” methods learned in 17 years of the police force that help elite law enforcement officers stay slim, strong and ready for action in just 7 minutes for 4 or 5 times a week…

Where there will be no sit-ups involved! You’ll get gentle movements and be shocked at how your belly gets strong and flat.

BONUS #2: Flat Belly Fix “Done For You” Fat Burning Smoothie Recipes. This one of a kind recipe book will show and give you quick, easy, delicious and almost-done-for-you meal replacement smoothies…

All you have to do is print out the special shopping list created inside and head over to your local market.

BONUS #3: Flat Belly Fix Elite Personal Coaching. There will always be questions that at times just can’t be answered in the material, so for that you’re going to get ONE FULL MONTH of PERSONAL coaching with Todd and his staff.

(Around $287 in total with the bonuses and manual is what you’re looking at but you only get it all for an amazing $37!)

Now, here’s what you’re going to get from me(Michael Granados):

?BONUS #1: The Ultimate 7-Day Anti Inflammatory Meal Plan. Most people have some sort of an idea that different foods can cause inflammation and make pain worse, but they still don’t know what EXACTLY they should be eating to eliminate their pain.

In this book, you’ll get a step-by-step action plan of my favorite anti-inflammatory diet recipes in a 7-day meal plan($37 Value)

?Bonus #2: Private access to my Exclusive and FREE Facebook Group with all my tips and tricks, as well extra freebies ($97 + value) 

? Bonus #3: Private access to my Video vault. Inside this video vault, it will give you every video lesson and tutorial from chiropractic care, massages, cognitive thinking, exercising routines, natural remedies, and so much more!($67 Value) 

? Bonus #4: Forum Membership Access. I have a private and all exclusive forum where you can post your thoughts, questions to what you're feeling! ($37 Value) 

?Bonus #5: One on one Free coaching and mentoring for Life!  You can ask me anything you'd like to know, and I can even jump on a zoom call with you if you'd like my help.($27 + Value)


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Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

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