Is Corona Virus A Hoax? Are We In A Pandemic?

By Michael

March 17, 2020

You've seen it in the news, heard it from your friends and family and now you're here questioning yourself "Is Corona Virus A Hoax?"

I'm going to cut right to the chase and tell you what you want to hear.NO, this is not a hoax. In fact, it's much more deadlier than the flu(which according to cdc has had between 12,000 - 61,000 deaths since 2010.)...

And supposedly takes out over 56,000 people per year. The Corona virus can take out 100,000's per year! 

Bottom line, YOU need to take this very serious. Has the media blown things out of proportion? In ways yes, but the facts are surprising with more and more cases popping up in every part of the world, not to mention here in the US.

is corona virus a hoax

Corona virus also known as COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can affect you both physically as well mentally and can EASILY spread from person to person. How?

It was first discovered through an outbreak in Wuhan, China.

How does One Spread The Virus?

The fastest way to get infected is by being in close contact(about 6 or so feet) from someone who already has it and coughs or sneezes droplets onto you.

 A less common way people don't realize is by touching a surface or an object that has the virus on it and then touching their own face, mouth, body, etc.

Can You Get The Corona Virus?

Anyone of any age is at risk but more so let's look at who's more likely to get it:

  • Healthcare worke
  • Or a household member

Can Your Immune System Help Fight It?

Yes it can. Those with a stronger immune system(usually of a younger age) can fight off and recover from Corona virus than those with a weaker(usually older) immune system. 

I was hearing that cases over the age of 60 or so have had a tough time with the virus.

Symptoms Of The Corona Virus

If you have the Corona virus, you'll get symptoms like

  • Cough
  • consistent sneezing
  • fever
  • shortness of breathe

Is there a treatment?

Currently there is no known treatment or vaccine that can help prevent or treat the underlying symptoms. The best way to prevent it from spreading and getting sick is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap, cover your cough, take showers, eat well throughout the day.

What To Do In These Times

I know you've probably been put on quarantine from working, you can't land that next job interview fast enough because everything is over the phone, and you need more household supplies like toilet paper and hand sanitizer...lots of them - but don't panic.

The best thing you can do is remain calm, in control and be positive that this will in time all just be a dream, like seriously - the stores look like the apocalypse stormed by.

Just like I educate here on Remove Back Pain is to educate yourself first and know the situations you find yourself in, do the same with Corona.

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This worldwide virus makes you look at what you should be doing differently right? Look, do you want to keep struggling to "lose your job" and or have no financial plan at a time like this?

I don't mean to tell you to go read Wall street business papers or to start one this very second but I mean go and find educational videos that also entertain you...yes they are out there.

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What other thoughts do you have about the Corona Virus? Leave them down below, I'd like to hear from you.


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