What Is Endoca CBD? Best Priced CBD On The Market?

By Michael

February 6, 2020

Can you guess who offers the best price per milligram of CBD?

Yep. That’s right, Endoca CBD. Cool, but that still leaves the questions “What Is Endoca CBD”  Left unanswered!

Endoca is a CBD company grown over 200 acres of hemp grown on organic land, and is built on pharmaceudical standards. Their products are ALL natural, whole plant based CBD Products of a distinct quality and crafted from the finest organic hemp extracts.

It all started with Henry Vincent, about 10 years ago while he was studying Biotechnology and Genetics at the University of Copenhagen, and long story short he traveled across Africa to work on projects, spent time in mobile clinics and saw the types of drugs that were being provided…

And he noticed how these drugs were causing all sorts of health complications like AIDS being one of them, and this caused a spark in Henry and that came about Endoca.

CBD Endoca Resources

Can you beleive that my favorite part about CBD Endoca is not even the products?

I know it sounds wild, but hear me out. Although their products are some of my favorite in the market, I LOVE how you get extra resources like:

  • Blogs
  • Abot CBD

Whether you want to read an article about Endoca CBD or anything CBD 101 related, the resources are their for you to grab. Let me show you in steps:

STEP 1: Locate The “Blog” menu in the navigation menu 

cbd endoca blog

Click “Blog” and then you’ll see the following page:

cbd endoca blog 1

STEP 2: Click on “Read more” 

On this page you can click on “Read more” or if you scroll down you’ll see blog posts:

cbd endoca blog 2

CBD Endoca “About CBD”

Other than catching up with Endoca CBD’s latest posts, you can go to the “About CBD” tab:

about cbd

STEP 1: Hover over “About CBD”

Before you click through “About CBD”, you can hover over it and you’ll get a drop down of different topics like “What CBD Is” What hemp does” and others.

STEP 2: If I clicked “About CBD” I’ll get the following:

about cbd 1

On this page you can learn about CBD,  CBD hemp oil, among more things. Also, if you wanted to learn more about CBD from here at Remove Back Pain, we have article in:

Ready for the best part?

Endoca CBD Products

I’m going to make a “crazy” guess and say you mainly came here to see how the Endoca CBD products stack up and how they can make a difference in your health as opposed to other ones out on the market...right?

If you scroll down the home page, you’ll see the “top sellers”...

endoca cbd best products

What I like here is that it shows you which products are ideal for beginners, in this case:

And then there are more of the strong ones for people who have experience with CBD like:

Finding Products By Category

If you scroll down to the bottom of the home page, you can select products by category:

cbd pr

And if you scroll just a tad bit down you can go to see all the products:

cbd pr 1

In another fashion, you can simply go up to the navigation menu and select “CBD Products”

cbd pr 3

Here’s what you’ll see on the other side:

CBD pr 4

You can go up and down this page and select your proper category like:

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost on Endoca’s CBD will vary from product to product, but listen to this…

Endoca CBD claims they have the best priced CBD on the market:

endoca price
  • Generic brands will have higher CBD prices per mg
  • Higher percentage of CBD will give better results
endoca price 2
endoca price 3

Endoca Reviews

According to trustpilot, Endoca CBD has gained a score of 4.4 out of a possible 5. That’s really high. Here are what people had to say about it:

endoca reviews

As Seen On…

Endoca CBD has recommendations and been featured on big brands like:

  • New York Post
  • Leafly
  • Daily motion
as seen on

Superior Support

If you ever need help and have questions you’d like answered, Endoca CBD has a superior and fast access chat system.


You can see the chat option on the bottom right of the screen in the image above. Plus you can go over the “support” tab in the navigation menu and select from options like:

  • Contact us
  • FAQ
  • CBD Calculator
  • Endoca Quality Report

Also you can select a different language, go wholesale, and create your own account as seen in the image above.

Final Thoughts

It’s not a matter of what Endoca CBD is, rather it’s about how can I get the most out of them? Whether you’re looking for CBD oil products for yourself or for your dog, you can bet that Endoca CBD will have your back 110%.

It shcoked me at first when I found out they had the best prices on the market but after I used them I found out why they are priced so well...their quality is off the roof and they make the most of every drop. If you want to shop Endoca CBD’s products, click the button below.


About the author

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