The Remove Back Pain System – A Start To End Journey

“Being Active, Pain-FREE, And Getting Back To Your Normal Lifestyle Without Steroids, NSAIDS Or Muscle Relaxers Can Be Your Reality…Even If You Don’t Have A Single Clue Where To Begin!”

Introducing my most in-depth online coaching program for those suffering with acute, chronic, Sciatica, and post-surgery back pain.

Hello folks, and welcome!


For those who haven’t met me yet, my name is Michael Granados(The guy right above) and you can learn more about me here if you wish. In a matter of seconds, Who I am will be just as important as what I am.

I’m a pain management specialist solely focused on lower and upper back pain, along with being a large health and wellness advocate in my community, and within the online world. I’m the guy who designed this platform with his own hands believe it or not, and the person you’ll hopefully enjoy listening to for the next 10-minutes 🙂 So sit straight, stand up, and please let me get your attention.

The purpose of today’s intent is to introduce you to something far wide, robust, and highly capable of changing the future landscape of pain management as we know it in terms of back pain. And I’m happy that you’re here today for me to share this unique and enormous work I’ve been tiredly and hourly working on putting together for you.

What do I mean? Let me cut to the chase of the backstory. It’s November the 8th of 2018 today on a glorious evening here in Vancouver, WA, and I have no better place to be than to sit here in front of my computer and tell you about a great System that I built within here at Remove Back Pain. Are you ready?

 Finally, It’s Here!

For the past 8 and a half months, I’ve been carefully plugging in and developing my site, to transform it into a MEGA Step-by-step System that will allow people from acute to sciatica pain relive and find the right long-lasting help.

Without further ado…

Introducing my most in-depth online Start to Finish Remove Back Pain System based coaching program for those suffering with acute, chronic, sciatica, and post-surgery back pain.

The Remove Back Pain System in full detail:

My system is simply broken into 4 categories that back pain encompasses:

  1. Exercise
  • Learn how to get fit as well strong without being in a constant state of backache, or injury
  • Safely return back to an active and fit lifestyle
  • Confidently exercise without the fear of re-injury or constant flare-ups (know exactly what to do and what not to do inside and outside of the gym.)​
  • Learn to optimize your life and training habits to promote healing and to desensitize your chronic back pain (Simple strategies and roadmaps to get you back to enjoying life and the things you love to do.)​

2. Eating Healthy

  • Learn how to get the best advice on how to eat the right “healing foods”, and how to turn your cravings for the wrong types of foods into the right ones
  • Lose weight safely and effectively that is TRULY meant to focus on back pain patients
  • How to eat right without the fear of falling back down again

3. Cognitive Behavior

  • Learn how to get over the emotional fatigue that back pain, especially chronic pain comes with
  • You’ll be exposed to learning how to control your thoughts so they don’t trigger your physical pain
  • Learn about habits, behaviors, and TMS

4. Natural Remedies

  • Times are changing, and alternative medicine are in. You’ll learn everything from herbs to essential oils, and things like CBD, and understand which one will work for you best
  • Let go of the use of painful opioid drugs and get on the right plan and steps to a brighter health
  • One on one web classes and lectures

You’re going to get all of these 4 Special Categories combined into one agenda!

Take a look at a sample of How I developed all this in my mind and put it on paper:

Specifically Speaking, How Can I explain my work?

The Remove Back Pain System(or short for RBP), is a step-by-step easy for you to follow setup already guide that will recognize what step of the healing process you are in, and efficiently take you through your journey one article read at a time until you’ve reached your destination.

Say what!? I know, it’s either a bit confusing, or it’s just not clicking yet. Allow me to elaborate. The one thing we all want is a healthier lower back. and a fruitful way to live, but we always seem to stumble at the start, towards the middle, and many of us never get to smell and see the finish line.

Why? That’s because you and many others with similar issues are going about their treatment in the wrong way. I’ve been through it, and I continue to see it many times with my patients and many of my loved ones. The end result is always:

  • More painkillers
  • More conservative treatments
  • More visits to the doctor
  • More visits to a chiropractor
  • More visits to a physical therapist
  • More visits to a massage therapist
  • Spinal injections
  • Surgery

…And the additives are always a loss in confidence, loss in energy, loss in self-belief. I’m happy to tell you that I have your back this time.

With the confidence I have in the Remove Back Pain System, the words wouldn’t even begin to mean enough. I’ve trialed, tested, and gone back to the drawing board just so I could line up everything better together. The awesome thing too is that you can start from where you need and end at where you need…

You don’t have to progress further past your symptoms, and the extra work if you don’t want to. But here’s where things go up a notch.

Ideally, the Remove Back Pain System is designed to start you from Point A and navigate you all the way to Point Z, and this is because you’ll get a larger view and a better perspective on how to treat your lower back pain now, in the long run, and to prevent it from coming back. Out of it, you’ll get what I call the 4 Pillars to A healthy lifestyle, and they are:

  1. How to exercise
  2. How to eat better
  3. How to improve your cognitive behavior
  4. How to consume natural remedies

Based Upon you going from each article to article, you’ll be taken through each and every one of these categories, in a step-by-step manner, and you’ll at the end of it see what I’ve been meaning all along.

There is not a lack of information on the internet… It’s the lack of structured guidance that is keeping you going back to Google in search of a solution, and a quick one that is.

Have you noticed how everyone online, or even in face to face with your medical professionals, you always get steered to pay for something really expensive, or you just get told to take your medication and continue stretching. Does this ring a bell:

“Make sure you take your 5mg of Hydrocdine 3 times a day, see your physical therapist, get the right workout in, come in and you maybe do or don’t don what has been asked from you, but you don’t execute it?… At least properly.”

I’ve been in your shoes. Everyone will tell you to keep exercising, jeep showing up to physical therapy, see your doctor for the 5th time in a week, and the answers always are a pattern of repetitive back-breaking doubts, literally.

Let me ask you, how many times have you gone on google, or YouTube and looked up alternative ways to find back pain relief, and you tried what was suggested? It does work to a degree right? But thereafter, when you are done, and you’re back to doing your day to day activities, paying no mind, the pain becomes relevant again. KNOCK KNOCK!

During these times, you have to go about getting relief in a more structured manner, then just opening the pain medication lid and popping a couple pills, and then just maybe in an hour you’ll get up to stretch. But ask yourself if that’s right and if what you are doing in between is good? That’s where the Remove Back Pain System comes in…

It’ll handle that, and you will also learn how to help yourself without always or none at all, having the medical attention.

Who’s The Remove Back Pain System For?

This part of the system Is for anyone, of any age, and diagnosis. If a man I had in his 60’s here can do it, It’s open for anyone to give it a shot. It can come off as a challenge, but if you ultimately want to change your severe pain and even very mild-tempered pain, you’ll live the ultimate lifestyle you want and once had.


Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 9 ratings)

The Remove Back Pain System is a true genuine experience that has allowed me to get a feel for my back pain by understanding it first, and then going through the journey one article at a time, being able to let go of first the constant mental struggles, and second, overcoming my bad back pain. I started my journey from The starting point and I made it all the way through the targeted exercises, as that was all I needed to get to. And this system somehow understood everything I needed to go through before crossing over to the next feed. This has been a nice life changing funnel system, and I highly recommend it for anyone that struggles with short back pain, and especially for those with more chronic pain. Thank you.
-Ali, Chronic Back Pain

Hi My name is Daniel, and I’ve had chronic back pain for the past 6 years, and It’s been a constant struggle every day to fight it off. I’ve tried everything or at least I think I have to get rid of chronic lower back pain, but the climb has always been greater then the descent. After hearing about the Remove Back Pain System offered here for free by Michael, I was a little suspicious, as I had my doubts about it. But after a week of going through his funnel system, Oh boy, it’s not some hoax. The system has been able to help me get over my fears of exercising regularly, eating correctly, and has allowed me to focus on my mind and both much more in a relaxed state than ever before. You can try physical therapy, massages, acupuncture, seeing your doctor for the 50th time, but there are things that you’ll see that they talk about plus much much more in this in depth system. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, and family, and also the people who have to deal with back pain on a daily basis. 
-Daniel, Chronic Back Pain, and Sciatica

The Remove Back Pain System is a truly genuine experience that has allowed me to get a feel for my back pain by understanding it first, and then going through the journey one article at a time, being able to let go of first the constant mental struggles, and second, overcoming my bad back pain. I started my journey from The starting point and I made it all the way through the targeted exercises, as that was all I needed to get to. And this system somehow understood everything I needed to go through before crossing over to the next feed. This has been a nice life-changing funnel system, and I highly recommend it for anyone that struggles with short back pain, and especially for those with more chronic pain. Thank you.

-Ali: Chronic Back Pain Patient

Where Do I Push To Move Forward?

This wouldn’t work right, and I would be acting dishonestly If I tried to have you go page after page after page without giving you a chunk of content on just one single one. And so for that, I’ve made sure that what you read will cover everything on that single topic before you move onto the next article.

At the bottom of each article in bold words, you will see 2 different avenues(or roads as I like to call it). You’ll get two ways to progress based on the conditions of:

  1. Acute and Sub-acute pain
  2. Chronic lower back pain

Sometimes there will be a third Like for Sciatica, but that’s included with the chronic side of things. Anyways, it’ll ask you something like this:

You’ll see something similar to the above picture at the end of each and every article, and when there is no start here button, you’ll get links that look like these:

In the case of this one, you’ll see one link and that’s because an acute back pain and chronic back pain journey are merged in one.

OK, What Are The Costs Michael?

Now you’re probably thinking, Great, a system that will likely have a purchasing agreement or a program that can take years to get right”. Let me tell you, that is certainly not the case. I’ve made sure I put you in the greatest hands a man like me can offer you that from experience of treating my own lower back pain, I learned that you don’t need to make purchases or at the smallest scenario something inexpensive.

I’ve 1. giving you the tools from Step A to Step Z to ensure you can first follow through without seeing a future product, and 2. layed out the products on your journey just in case you might need them.

My imagination proceeded me, and then it doesn’t…

In reality, not everyone has the same back pain, it varies from you to the next person, and the treatment can be parallel and perpendicular. I understand better than most people, that we sometimes need the help of conservative treatments to get us through and push us through our:

  1. Mornings
  2. Afternoons
  3. Evenings
  4. Nights

For example:

There was a stage when I was getting over the chronic lower back pain in my disc and hip pain that I couldn’t go right into a stretch an exercise by myself. Yes, I had a physical therapist right next to me, but what I’m talking about are tangible treatments. And the one I needed to use were pain relief creams, A KT Tape bandage or something more.

The point is we sometimes need a buddy there to give us a hand(besides me), and we can’t get into our exercises, a walk, or a day of work and activities without these support tools. There’s no shame in needing them, but I’ll tell you what, you’ll see how you start to use them less and less, and learn how not to depend on them. Before you know it, you’ll be on your own two feet.

When Can You Start?

Before I jump ship into how you can get started(coming up next), I want to advise a couple of things. Always, and I repeat always, check with your doctor or medical professionals you see before attempting to do any of this on your own. If you have the green light, All I ask is that you give it your best effort! Like I said…

If you stick to the four pillars of a healthier lifestyle, it will take more work(especially for us with chronic pain), but the rewards will be overwhelmingly positive.

Where To Start?

Embarking or embark, what does that mean?

Every definition is an exact representation, but take a look at bullet point #2 in parenthesis. “A course of action, especially one that is important or demanding”. So let me ask you…

Is treating and removing your back pain one that is important or demanding? You can only answer that for yourself. But I think you and I both know what needs to get done.

You are the vehicle, your back is the engine, and your mindset is your motor. If you fuel your mind with the right information and keep supplying it with maintenance, you’ll eventually build better habits, and have a formula 1 engine.

I would like everyone, regardless of where they feel they need to start, for them to begin at point A, and go from there. Why? You’ll learn about your symptoms, diagnosis, and so much more about back pain before getting to your next pit stop.

If at any point, and I really mean any point, you would like to reach out to me and ask me a question, tell me about a concern you’re having, or if you want to offer me an opinion, please leave me a comment below or you can contact us on our contact page right here.