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Look, you’ve made it to the best back massagers chairs reviews page and your only needed one stop destination to learn about the best massaging chairs for all your upper, middle, and lower back needs.

RankDevice Name TypePrice
1HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion Shiatsu
2Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager CushionShiatsu
Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner ChairRecliner Chair
4Real Relax Zero GravityZero Gravity
5Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Zero Gravity

It only feels like yesterday when I broke my back, and it left me sidelined for a couple years, and ever since 2014, I’ve found relief in many conservative treatments, but one of those that always had my back was a quality massage chair to lessen the stiffness, and pain. 

Why is it that we can be careless about taking care of our backs, when our spine rewards us for everything we’re capable of doing? The reality of it is that we all lead and live busy lives, going to and from work, the next minute we’re exercising, than that turns into sitting at home for sometimes hours at a time. I have some news for you…

An accumulation of all these activities add up and can soften your lower back muscles, along with causing stiffness, and constant pain that never seems to go too far from our eyes. But that all is going to change.

Have you ever walked inside a mall and somewhere in the center there always happens to be 1-2 black massage chairs just sitting there, posted looking hungry with an appetite to find it’s next patient?

I always thought less about massage chairs and now that I use them on an on going basis, I reflect back to these middle isle chairs sitting in a mall.

If you haven’t seen my video about Massage chairs and Back Pain, make sure to watch the video just below:

Anyways, the benefits of having a massage chair will be covered from this point forward, and many massage chairs range from:

  • Circulation
  • Better sleep
  • Pain relief

When we’re constructing our back again, we usually go for the straight forward options, a traditional massage, or a massage pillow and have never regretted it.

They always gave us the pleasure and benefits of a bulky chair without the additional cost. We could literally just pick it up, and move it over to the sofa, a recliner, our beds, when we’re traveling and so forth. Pretty easy right?

So Why A Massage Chair?:

Simply stated, massage chairs offer more power, with the addition of adding pressure relief in areas from your neck down to your feet, and the best of all is the luxurious feel. All said, I honestly and full heartily recommend that you get one of these cushions, so I made a list of the best massage chairs for you. 

Modes In A Massage Chair

Every chair comes with its very own unique features, some have:

  • Shiatsu mode
  • Heat
  • Smaller
  • Larger
  • Can be used in the car

So Let’s get this snowball rolling and learn about the best massagers for chairs now!

Best Massage chairs 2018-2019 – High Quality, Powerful Pain Relief, And Fast Acting

#1 HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat, Zone Control (Targeted Spot, Full, Lower & Upper Back), 3 Massage Styles (Percussion, Kneading & Rolling), Remote… 

If you’re in the market for a very affordable back massage chair that can deliver specialized zone control while having an easy to use experience, The HoMedics massage chair is the one you must consider. The reason I say this it that the chair will let you easily focus on each region separately to every other part of your body, including your upper, middle, lower, and full back. Plus it’s powered by an AC adapter which means that you are only you plug into the outlet of your wall and you’re ready to go!

One of my favorite features of the HoMedics Back massage chair is three massage styles. You won’t have to worry about getting a deep or light tissue massage, as you can can select how far in or light with a slow or fast speed you have to go. For a fast, invigorating massage you can simply select what’s called the “percussion” setting, for a deep massage you’ll want to choose the “kneading” setting, and if you just want to take it easy on your back, chose the “rolling” setting. With these three settings you can target a faster relief of stress, tension, and sore muscles.

If that’s not enough, I know that you’ll also like that it comes with:

  • Very Laser focused heat driven to the specific region of your back prevents your muscles from stiffening up, and facet joints from locking into place. You will not have to worry about getting enough heat, you can turn up the heat to penetrate your tired muscles, and tissue through the entirety of your back. And if you need to tone it down, you can do so immediately. The heat options is great because it will help you enhance the amount of blood circulation you get 2X better from the massaging and heat, and it will promote faster healing.
  • Once you sit in, you’ll feel the added comfort support on your buttocks and butt that comes from the breathable mesh covered fabric. This ensures that you don’t get uncomfortable after about 30 minutes, and that you can stay in that massage chair even after you’re done with using it. 
  • The hand control remote is very reliable and easy to use. HoMedics massage chair is integrated with a strapping system that will fit most chairs at home, in your car, or in your office at work. 
  • This product also comes with adjustable neck massage positions, that can be moved up and down, clockwise or counter-wise it. This is another reason that makes the HoMedics back massage chair so convenient and a must have!

As you can see, there is a lot to Love about this massage chair. In fact, there are many people over at Amazon who are giving it overwhelmingly positive reviews. If you’d like to see what other customers are saying, click below:

#2 Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion with Soothing Heat Function And 3 Massage Styles Rolling, Spot, and Kneading (Black) One Year Warranty – ZMA-14

The Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is a more expensive choice that combines both the luxurious feel of a spa, and premium massage therapy. You will have the feeling like you were taking a day off to go to the spa all while getting the quality you would have asked for from a professional massage. Plus, It’s not as spendy as most back massage cushions are!

One of my favorite features of this back massage chair is its 4 deep kneading shiatsu neck massager nodes along with its 4 deep-kneading Shiatsu Back Massaager Nodes. You won’t have to worry about getting equal amounts of relief for both your neck and entire back at the same time or separately because of this.

If that’s not enough, I think you will also like that it comes with:

  • Ultimate comfort prevents you from having to get up every once in awhile, or not being able to fully enjoy your massage. You will not have to worry about using the ZMA14 for your recliner, sofa seats, office chairs, and even dining chairs. The elastic strap will help secure your massager to your chair.
  • Once you sit in, you’ll notice the sleek feel of the padding, and it will immediately conform to your back. This ensures that you are able to find relief both while sitting and getting your massage at the same time.
  • The convenient remote control comes with many modes,and is very easy to use. It’s another feature that makes sure you can customize your massage experience with the touch of a button. the ZMA14 also comes with a convenient built in pocket to store your remote in when you’re not using it. Other than that,