How To Travel With A Golf Bag – The Safe And Practical Way

By Michael

December 19, 2018

Pack Up, set your baggage on the flight, and off we go! It’s just a simple 3 step process, no harm no foul right? Rewind the tape. 

There’s a reason this article is named “how to travel with a golf bag” and not how to setup your travel in 3 steps with 6 or less words. Golfing can feel like the eqiuvelent to paradise, and we shouldn’t treat it any less than it’s given repuation. Whether you’re going to the prestine islands of the archipelgelo, taking your game to the professional levels, or for a local round of golf, you’ll need to think about what gear you need to take, and how to take it with you.

Some golfers like to travel with their own golfs and gold bag abroad- espeially for those participating in a serious compeition, while others like to hire their clubs at their choosen destination.

However, it’s not as simple and easy as checking in your golf bag like it is for your suitcase or luuggage when you arrive at the airport for check in, or when you throw them into your vehicle and ZOOM off.. There are a numerous amount of factors you have to consider when traveling with a golf bag such as the cost, and how to pack-most importantly for a plane.

In this article we’re going to go over how you should travel with your golf bag if you were in a plane, a vehicle ride, and what you can do after you’ve arrived at your destination.

So Let’s get started!

How To Pack For Your Trip

It’s either early in your morning or late into the evening rush hour, and you just want to get home so you can start packing for your next golf trip coming up in the next few weeks, days, or day. There shouldn’t be any rush, so take a breath and relax. Running around and doing things in a hurry will not be productive, and it will only speed up the rate of which you can cause a back related injury.

Tip #1. Watch the size of your bag

I get it, most golf bags come in a long vertical shape made to fit all your golf clubs- 

  • The driver
  • the 3-wood
  • irons from 3-9
  • pitching
  • sand wedges
  • putters

And then there are the accessories such as:

  • water
  • golf towel
  • divot fixer
  • extra socks, spikes, shirts

…The list can go on and on. Many of us get to the point where we just stuff it like It’s built for business and pleasure. But is that a great quick fix? No. Jamming your golf bag with excess equipment can do a a couple of things: It can offer uneccsary weight, and force your bag to wear and tear fast.

So when you travel with your golf bag, make sure that you watch the size of your bag in relation to what it looks like when ite empty and full. 

TIP #2. Identify how to organize your bag

Your bag should be easy to get your hands in without spending more than minutes seaching for your item. Imagine having to reach through your clubs, through your spikes, through your clothing, just to reach your water bottle…That would be NUTS!

  1. The first thing that you need to do is identify the type of bag your have.Some bags have 2,3,4 or more paritions. If you understand your gold bag before purchase or when you have it in hand, it’ll be much easier come time to organize.
  2. You’ll want to keep your longest clubs on the back end of your bag, this is the area closest to the strap. Doing this will hep create space, and allow for the weight to be evenely distributed.
  3. At all times, arrange your golf clubs from left to right.
  4. As you’re placing one glof club next to each other, make sure they are going from long to short, eventually you’ll want your wedges to be seen in the front portion of your bag
  5. Most golf bags will come with both tee and ball pockets on the front side.Place them accordingly. This will prevent you from grabbing the wrong one come golfing time.
  6. Set any neccessary accesories, and clothing inside where you see deemed fit for ease of accesa and use.

It’s always good to have a luggage and or carry on with you to ensure you have all your clothing and hygene tools with you. Anytime you can, limit yourself to two bage total-your golf bag and your luggage/carry on. The reason so is that you will minimize less stress of carrying and fors cost fees which I will get to here soon.

How To Travel By Plane – Houston We Have Take Off

For the thousands of people who like and love to golf, they are no stranger to the amount of forces their bodies endure. So if you’d like to understand more about how to golf with a bad back, I’ll have an article on that soon.

Travel Fees

Prior to taking your next flight, you should know what your travel fees are going to be. Make sure that you check with your airline and see if they charge extra for golf clubs and overweight bags. For example, I had a friend named Oscar in his late 40’s now, who loved to go golfing out of town once every 2 months. Spirit would charge him around $120 for his golf clubs that were over 40lbs! or get this…if the bag was over 62 inches in length. My friend thought he was getting a deal from Portalnd, OR to Eugen Oregon for $29, but it ended up costing him an extra $100 and another $40 for his bag.

So in total = $169!

For that, I would rather take my travels to California and at least see more sunshine.

It’s the day of your next big gold trip, and you’re ready to fly on the green! But before you can fly on the fairway, you have to fly off the ground first. Let’s take this to the airport, come in, follow me. 

Is this LAX, portalnd Oregon, or any other irport in the world you’re journeying from? Whiichever the case, it doesn’t matter what the airport looks like, feels like, or if there were a billion people walking to and from every direction slamming bodies in oppostie ways. What begins to matter is check in time.

Tip #1. Get your bags checked

The very first thing you’ll want to do is head over to the check in for departure station. The reason you want to do so is becuase you don’t want to wait around carrying a large bag, and if for some reason you need to make changes, you can make adjustements before your scheduled on board.

At the check in station, if you have any questions about adding further items or taking items out of your bag, don;t be afraid to ask the counter lady/man. What this will do is help you understand if you can minimize your cost and or reduce spacing in your bag to add into your carry on. 

Tip #2 


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