What Is In Essential Oils? – A Mix Of Life Changing Relief

By Michael

December 13, 2018

I’m sitting right next to 3 containers of essential oils and I’m asking myself – What Is In Essential oils? I have an honest and suspicious look upon my face like I’m trying to figure out a crime.

Although I can reason with their being a suspect in this investigation, it’s 100% without a shadow or doubt in my mind that it’s a crime. The reason I say this is that essential oils are FREAKING AWESOME!!

I use them on a daily basis with all the other formulas and recipes I use for comforting my back pain, and even a year later, I’m still in shock.

Whether you’ve used these luxurious essential oils in the past or you’re a beginner, you’re going to understand what goes into fine tuning an essential oil from start to finish.

I don’t want to scare you and make you think I’m getting to the molecular state where I start talking about chemistry, biology, and bonds at a lower level. But In case you wanted to, I did a full study on the molecular level here.

What Are Essential Oils?

In the most simplest of ways, essential oils are an analgesic property that helps produce anti-inflammatory agents to help aid in the recovery of everything from your physical, mental, and spiritual pain. 

They are a naturally oil that is typically obtained by distillation and or extraction from its native plant. In other words, they are compounds that are extracted from a plant. The oils capture the plants essences and scent, hence giving it the name essential.

For ages, aromatic plants have been commonly used in ceremony, religious, beauty care, respiration, food services, you name it!

And aromatic plants are at the basic foundation for herbal and botanical medicines and remedies for thousands of years.In fact, they are at the epicenter and root of todays’ pharmaceuticals. YES, that’s right!

But what about the push for painkiller drugs like Opioids and NSAIDS? Hey, If you want to use them go right ahead, but don’t get me going with the “I told you so” mainstream answer.

It’s been too long that BIG PHARMA and retailers have been endorsing harmful chemical drugs, and now’s the best time to make a shift to more natural alternatives like essential oils for one.

The Process, From Start To Finish

Essential oils are extracted by what’s called distillation, often used by steaming, and other processes are by:

  • solvent extraction
  • expression
  • absolute oil extraction,
  • resin tapping
  • wax embedding
  • cold pressing

So if we take the most common way you would see essential oils, it’s all about distillation. What is that exactly?

Distillation is kind of like when you are reading a book and you only want to get to the most important key details and so you only “extract” the most important bits and parts. But with this process to plants, the plants don’t see or listen, they get hit with heat and the water chemicals come out from it.

The advantage of distillation is that the volatile components can be distilled at way lower temperatures than it’s boiling point(100 degree Celsius), and this makes it easier to separate the compounds and contents.

What’s In Essential Oils?

It would be absurd for me to just leave you with one word “everything”, and not get into what that actually looks like. Essential oils literally have all that you need to help treat, and get rid of your pain, and then some!

My favorite part and the thing I know you’ll come to love is that they are very versatile, and can treat almost anything at one time, and that’s a big part to due with their ingredients.

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Clary
  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Spearmint
  • Marjoram
  • Frankincense
  • Neroli
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Birch
  • Basil

These are either words you’ve heard of before, or have no clue what the Heck I’m jabbering on about. But that’s OK, because I have the big picture in mind, and ready for you to see.

Each of these ingredients serves a different purpose, whether you have pain, or if you need them to help relax your muscles, joints, respiration and stress. And before I go further, If you’d like to learn about how they work as chemicals together, check out this amazing article I made for you.

So, let’s start off with picking one, how about Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus will help promote your health from a respiratory standpoint. It has powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral essential oils, that are commonly used for bronchitis, coughing and influenza.

What Can Essential Oils Do For You?

More like, what can they not do for you? Essential oils will back up everything I’m about to say. You’ll go from 100 to 0 in pain with a snap of my fingers! I’m not kidding you.

About a year and a half ago I discovered their life changing benefits, and if we fast forward to today, It’s been a godsend. Essential oils are readily available to use for anything and everything-from medical conditions, to inflammation.

Inflammation is at the core of everything that has to do with pain. Inflammation leads into pain, and pain leads to constant struggles.

To defeat the “fire” from locking in and raging even higher, you should know for what you want to use them for.

  • Back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • sciatic pain
  • arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • fibromyalgia
  • spinal stenosis
  • muscle pain
  • joint pain
  • tissue soreness
  • respiratory
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • anger

…I’m sweating just thinking of all the possibilities that they can help you with, and these are not even all! Let’s take a couple of examples

Person #1: Muscle Soreness.

Are you having muscle pain in one or more areas of your body? Whether you just finished a workout, or woke up with muscle pain, or need it to help you walk, essential oils will deliver.

The best part about essential oils for muscle pain is that they go well after a workout. I used to, and still once in awhile do(in its cream form), apply them to my skin, and because they are so potent, they are able to relax my muscles and let them recover.

Person #2: Joint Pain

Oh pick me!

I’ll use myself as the example, since I endure so much joint pain at the moment. Let’s say you wanted to head into your workout but your joints were not allowing you to do so-maybe from your joint cartilage, or whichever reason…then just simply applying an essential oil rub will help push away your inflammation and let you continue with activity.

Not only do I use it for pre-workouts, but I use them way more after I’m done. After my workout, I usually like to apply a warm shower, a good supplement pill, and I wear off the inflammation with a massage of my favorite essential oils mix.

Person #3 Anxiety, Depression

Life can hit us hard, and it can brings us down to the point that we don’t know how to control our feelings. We might dislike being labeled as the person who has to take medication, but don’t be. I can tell you that if you feel down on yourself or in an anxious situation, essential oils don’t even have that reputation being labeled as medication.

In a scenario where you are out on the go, a cream could be a great way to relive your symptoms. The reason I say this is that it’s already prepackaged in a ready to go dosage so you don’t have to worry about using the right potency out of a bottle.

And if you happen tp spend your time at home, you can use it as an aromatherapy, pain relief cream, or apply it straight from the bottle contents.

Here’s a video on whether they will really work for you or not:

Getting Started With Essential oils

Now that we’ve walked through the components of what essential oils are and how to identify what is in them, it’s time to take a look at how you can get started taking action today and start using them.

Whether you’re using it for your lower back pain or if it’s for any other condition, then you’ll want to hear these next couple of really helpful pointers.

If you want to use them for lower back pain, it’s best that you understand which ones will help you relive certain parts of your body much faster, and more efficiently then others that can take more time, and are not meant for the purpose of healing the way you wish.

I have an article that talks all about essential oils and how to relive your back pain naturally right here. Make sure you check it out!

What if you didn’t have a lower back pain, but you do have other medical or pain related problems? You’ll still want to take a look at the article I placed above as a reference guide that will help you understand how to use essential oils in every form possible. In there, I have detailed how to use them for many conditions and how its used with “carrier oils”

Here’s a video I put together for you on how to get started:

Feel Good And Be Powerful, The Outlook

We’ve taking a whopping slow and steady tour around this article, and I hope that you were able to follow along and gauge on everything from what essential oils are, what in them, to how you can get started using them.

The way we think about medicine is slowly changing and although there might never come to a day where mainstream medicine will be replaced for good, we can do something about getting it out there to everyone who needs proper natural and healthy remedies like Essential Oils. Are you with me?

Don’t forget to check out how to get relief from your back pain with these essential oils.

What did you think about the article? I would greatly appreciate your feedback on what I can do to help you better. Thank you.


About the author

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

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