Back Pain Relief Medications – A Transitional State?

By | January 13, 2019

You’ve got pain, I have answers! They may not be the ones you want to hear but at the end you’re going to walk out of here with one thing in Mind…

“For A Fact, I’m going to have to put the Drugs down”. This might sound like a stretch at this exact moment in time, but trust me, I’m going to help you 110% of the way. 

It doesn’t matter if you are taking opioids, if you or on NSAIDs or even actiminophen, I’m going to break down each and every one as if it were a walk in the park. But I want you to know that Ultimieltly Its YOU who wants that change in lifestlye, a change in feeling numb, and a substansial change in feeling let down.

I have already made you a step by step guide on how to transition exactly from opioids to drug less life, and you can find that here in my article.

Plus, I’m going to have an awesome guide for you at the end, so make sure you’re following along, you will not want to miss that play by play, day by day access.

Why Are We On Drugs?

Geee, that’s a dumb question Michael…right? Not exactly, its not as easy of a straight forward answer. The most typical one being that you’re in pain, that your, that your lower back wouldn’t be the same without it. And then there is what I call the WHY X3, the following “sub questions” but are actually the real hidden and overlooked answers:

“I don’t know what else to do”

“It’s all I know”

“I’ve tried time and time again but nothing else works”

Hey, I get where you’re coming from, its not as easy to admit to those questions but whether we like it or not there’s no better time then right now to raise these concrete concerns. I’ve been where you are right now, I was a mirror image of all those things. 

After a couple years of turmoil with Opioids, and about 1 year and half on NSAIDs following, I’d about had it. I was tired of feeling depressed, anxious, and let down….and not ust the type of let down that consiusly you get from taking these drugs, but from them chemicaly not responding. It was an utter shame!

I thought the objective was to heal, not to make matters worse. And I might have been taking double the amount at the time becuase I was still palying soccer, and working through my back pain at the same time. But all that starts bad, doesn’t have to end at that.

After I got away from Opioids, I then transitioned into NSAIDs for daily use, maybe just like you are right now. And overtime, I learned how to adapt without them. That’s where my mindset tranistioned to not “why” but “how”

NSAIDS To Freedom

Look in just about any medicine cabinet and what are you likely to find? That’s right, a bucket full of NSAID(not one, but too many!). For long tail, that’s Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). These types of drugs are of a lower pedigree compared that to Opioids(stronger painkillers). But Like Opioids, NSAIDs, are used to treat your pain and especially inflammation. 

We hit the jackpot, inflammation. The thought of the word ust sickens me, but at least its a better feeling that I have it under control. Inflammation is singly handily the #1 reason why you have and coniute to get lower back pain. It doesn’t matter if its onset by a small acute pain, or whether its chronic, either way its unavoidable.

Not all inflammation is bad, since your immune system needs enough of it so that your white blood cells can counteract your wound or flare up symptoms. But in the case of chronic pain, inflammation can reack havoc, its a true back pain patients nightmare. Make sure that if you haven’t seen my opioids to no more drugs article to find out more if you’re on opioids, by oing here.

There are a few percentage of people worldwide, less than 20% of peple who have been able to escape the rat race of NSAID drug use, and its increasingly becoming the number one line of defense for both acute and chronic lower back pain patients.

There super accessability is the reason for so.In fact, there is ust an aisle at the drugstore dedicated for them. Their multiple use is more so the reason:

  • Headaches
  • muscle pain
  • menstural cramps
  • back pain
  • and much more!

NSAID’s worky by blocking two very particular and specific enzymezs in your body:

  1. cyclooxygenase-1(COX-1)
  2. cyclooxygenase-2(COX-2)

I hate confusing words to, but essentialy #1 works the role of your diestive system, and #2 will paly tole in your inflammation process. There’s a time and a place for there use, and that’s where I will get to now.

Short Term Vs Long Term NSAID Use

Have you ever talked to someone else about the use of short term vs long term effects and what they would reccomend? Everyones body responds differently, so telling someone to simply deive from the use of NSAIDs is strictyl more of like a dream. Not impossible, but a dream that can come true. And I wouldn’t classify it as a miracle either, becuase miracles rarely happen, asopposed to dreams, where YOU can make it happen.

In the short run, NSAIDs are most effectively used. You’d commonly see people with Acute lowe back pain that are taking them for temporary purposes “to take the edge off”, but don’t be mistaken if you’re one of the people right now. What can start off as 1-2 pills a day for 15mg of Ibuprofen, can soon turn into 3-4 pills with 25mg of Ibuprofen and Naproxen. 

Why’s that? Simply, if you’re not treating the underlyign cause(the root), then your back will just continue getting worse, and so will your drug consumption. Eventually this can trasntion to sub-acute pain, and then chronic. And you know what chronic means…STRONGER painkillers.

And then there are chronic back pain patients who take repeat after repaeat use of NSAIDs. Wait what! I thought they were opioids? They were during the hardest times, but what we’re focusing on in something much happier…

If you as a chronic back pain patient can get to the point where you’re just using NSAIDs, my congratulations and most sincere Thank you to you. See, there’s a way to tweak that transition from opioids to nsaids at this stage.

Long Term Drug Use:

There’s no other way to say it, but the longer you are in use of NSAIDs, the more likelier that will transition to Opioids or it can lead to side effects like:

  • Ulcers
  • Blood Cloots
  • Strokes
  • Heart Attack
  • and many more!

I remember a point in my life, where my back was bad, and I though after getting off of opioids and coninuing to use NSAIDs, I would be just fine. Contrary to that, I felt different areas of my body get worse. My shoulder started to get numb, and I felt an enormous amount of weight on it, really pu the “snack crackle pop” into perspective.

What About My Age, Gender, Body Style?

Honestly, there is no such thing as it  being hard for you to stay away from NSAIDS, it’s not about your age, gender, body type, condition, it’s actually all about your preferences and comftatbility.

There are two dividing worlds in theis millenium, we have those who are so used to NSAIDs that its remotely HARD to get them away from them, and then we have those who are taking them, but know there is something else out there, and are willing to do what it takes to to do it.

Age doesn’t matter, old or young, its never to early and never too late to start an active and healthier lifestyle. I want to give you a run down of a couple scenarios:

The Athlete:

If you’re doing a competition or you have a heavey training day, it likely means you’ll likely be digging for your bottle of Ibuporfen, and if that’s the case, its time to rethink your approach and revoery regimen. Look, pain is a necessary part of training in any sport, whether its chronic, acute, or for that matter, any soreness. There are much better ways to deal with it. 

As a former collegiate athelte, you don’t really understand the danger you’re in till after using Ibuprofen. On a ground level they were helping me recover after every game or to get through a day of training, but they were never helpong with keep the inflammation I had away. After a one time use, in less than 3 hours, guess what? I was right back on it. After an evening in the weight room, my head bean to feel loopy, and I get this headache that wouldn’t leave me alone.

I had to step away from my activities, and really did some re-thinking. 

Explore Drug Free ALternatives

The point of healing a bad back is not to cause more damage to it with tricking your brain, its to treat the root of the cause and to keep acute and chronic inflammation from resurfacing. Isn’t it time that your bodys syystem actually worked with you and not without you?

What I want to share with you are all budget-friendly and currently being hand tested out by a handful of health experts and if you’re an athlete-orifessional sports teams. 

So Here are the steps to take in your case:

For acute back pain:

STEP 1: Come to terms with a transition. Accepting that you have to make a change will always come first. 

STEP 2: Research your options. Its smart to research your options, and its awsome for you that I’ve already done the hard work for you. You have options more natural like Essential Oils, Herbs, CBD Oil

STEP 3: Figure out which one is right for you. Essential Oils are a safer alternative to NSAIDs, as so are Herbs, and CBD oils are more of a neuropathic(brain pain signals) blocker-helps with inflammation especially with chronic pain, but is more some a natural remedy to block your nerve pain signals.

What I’ve learned from this in my own experience is that the older generations like to use Herbs but are being open to essential oils, little by little, and the younger gernation are more about essential oils, but not to rule out the use of Herbs. So where do CBD oils come ino the picture? 

Remember how I said CBD oil is a better alternative to Opioids? Most people who are struggling with really bad chronic pain will transition to CBD oil, and from CBD oil to essential oils or herbs.

STEP 4: Pick out the right ones. Its just as important to make sure you have the right remedies as it is picking out the drection to go in. Luuckily, I’ve taken all the guess gaming out for you.

STEP 5: Use Repetitively. The only way to really feel the healing affects is to repeat over and over. And the more that you get used to them, the less pain you will feel.

STEP 6: Mixing. I like to blend a mix of herbs, essential olks and cbd oil. But it all dpends on wha tyou are allergic to and what interactions your body can hanndle.

For Chronic Pain:

The only differences in transitioning from NSAid to more natural remedies are that you’r more likely to use all three, essential oils, herbs, and cbd oil.

STEP 1: Perhaps you have non specifc acute chronic lower back pain that’s tolerable and you;re on NSAIDS…and if that’s the case, then transitioning to Herbs or essential oils is the right call.

If you’re in you’re in your’re 30’s and higher and you strugle with walking and need something quick then try out herbs. And if you want to use essential oils to apply from the outside, then I highly encourage you to do so. Especially for atheltes.

STEP 2: Contiue with CBD if needed. If you feel that you;re actue chronic pain is getting worse, its better to plan for CBD oil than Opioids. That’s why I always advise CBD’s becuase ust in case you fall back again, you have the best plan of action.

To understand herbs and their use, go here.

To understand essential oils and how to use, go here

And to understand CBD oil and how to use, go here.

Sign up for my guide that will show you what to do day by day.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Are you exhausted from listening to me? I sure hope so…I did kind of talk you down, but hey, I lifted you up too. There’s nothing dramatic about getting over the use of Opioids and NSAIDs, its just comes down to more of a relaxed and comdtable state of mind.

We’re so used to taking hard drugs and soft drugs to the point that we shut down, and its all we know. We close ourselves to our closest family members, friends, and the rest of the outside world. Its not an excuse anymore, I think you understand where I’m coming from, and I have a better understanding of where you are too.

Whether you decide to trust me or not, it doesn’t side track me, it only adds more fuel to the flame that I will only light even brighter so that you can see that what I’m trying to light is the fire inside of you.

Author: Michael

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

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