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Hey! My names Michael, I'm a Back Pain Expert and I've had Back Pain pain as far back as my college soccer days. I Love Empowering your Mind and Body so that you can get back to Work along with your daily activities in no pain, and by getting your Health Back To Shape.

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There is nothing like Waking up to a Pain Free back, being productive, enjoying your evening, and getting peaceful sleep without the thought of having your next episode of pain and inflammation.

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I'm Michael Granados

I’m a Back Pain expert, ergonomics specialist, former semi-pro soccer player and strength & conditioning coach, and a bestselling author. I believe in making health and living simple again so you have the clarity and confidence to live a great life in a pain free body you love. I’m also on a mission to empower 100 million people by 2040 with the knowledge and means to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I’d love for you to be one of them.

You can​ learn more about my unusual journey and recovery “From Soccer to Bed to A Stronger Back” here.

You can count on me to:

* Simplify the complex and confusing world of lower back pain, mindfulness, healthy eating, and natural remedies
* Provide you with a non-fanatical and holistic approach to bettering yourself
* Create and share with you honest health products that are backed by science, and
* For I to provide you with industry leading customer care.

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