Best Kitchen Tools And Gadgets For Chronic Pain Sufferers – No More Hassle

By Michael

January 23, 2019

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Asking if you are going to be spending time in the kitchen, is like asking if you have to use the restroom throughout your day, it’s an understatement!

No matter who you are, its invetiable that you will be spending time in the kitchen. If you’re someone who psneds their passive time chopping up various meals, picking and pulling out pans and utensils, it can be required to be a lot of effort.

You might think the alternaitve is to shortcut the process by buying pre-made meals, calling your Uber eats, or A service like Postmates to deliver, but its not a viable option in the long run, as it will get really expensive, and most of these meals contain too much saturated fats, sugars, and salts.

Chronic Back Pain and illlness comes in many different shapes and forms, from a degenerative disc, arthrtis, and all far in between, I make sure to take the right approach so that you can benefit from making your life easier when it comes to be stress free in the kitchen.

I will try to stick to lower end(cheaper) products, but I will also cover some of the more higher end as well. You’re going to see what the best kitchen tools and gadgets for chronic pain sufferers are, And whats better than learning it from someone who has already designed their kitchen to the most optimal?

So let’s get it started!

1. Foam Mat

We’re underway with focusing on the most postural part of your back with a Foam Mat. If you have a hardware floor, tiles, or any un natural footing floor that causes your back to hurt from standing too long on, then a foam mat is a must! The reason I say this is that a memory foam mat like the one I have for you here will help your feet, legs, joints, muscles, and ligaments that are all connected to help keep your posture steady.

2. Multipurpose Vegetable Chopper

If your kitchen prep work is messy and tedious, you can handle every complex chopping task without having a tiresome handwork. This vegetable chopper comes with a blade holder so you can direclty slice into the bowl. It’s large versitatility lets you shread grates of cheese, lettuce, thick zuccinie, fruits, for any use. The most intruging thing has to be its safety feature, which prevents you from cutting yourself; you can use the hand guard and lid press for safety.

3. Measuring Cups With Magenitc Straps

I might be pushing hte use of a “more speciziled measuring cup” but for people who are constantly losing their measuring cups, and somehow always end up in different areas, these cups a re a great consideration. 

The magentic handles keep the cups together for easier storage and allowing you to remove one cup at a time, designed to level ingredients much faster and easier. 

I used to have trouble having access to my own cups becuase in one way or another, I would misplace them. One would end up in one cabinet, others in aother one, or all in the same cabinet but scattered through other utensils.

4. Cutting Board with Pivot Knife- White Board

A cooks best friend is always his/her knife,and its pivitol that you can get the right cut the furst time without having to angle your knife in an akward manner.  If you need a handy kitchen helper that has a tight grip and hinged so you can use its chopping motion through an arc of 90 degrees, than look no further than what I have here.i

Very duarble and safety grip ensures that even if you have a limted use of your hand, you can still use it effectively. 

5. Stainless Steel Blade with Wooden Handles(Rocking Kife)

Knifes for one hand can very useful do deal with far lesser things that take strenght, but if you need to chop up more stronger items, then a rocking knie will come in handy for you.

 This multipurpose vegetable chopper is great for making vegetable soup, stock, and pasta primavera, and makes much more desner cuts more easier. Once you handle both sides of the handle, you’ll feel the amount  of torque and leverage you have to increase, and the rather than cutting up and down with a regular knife, you rock side to side, which is good for adding flexiblity to your back.

6. Slow Cooker

Probably the most versatile tool/gadget on our list is a slow cooker. If you want to take less time at the stove, and prefer to cook your meals over time while you can do other things, than a slow cooker is right for you. The reason I say this is that, you can literlally throw anything iside the cooker and start it up with the push of one button! Plus, its subcomnsiuolsy a great feeling to know that you’re sually putting ina great meal to slow cook. 

7. Kitchen Aid Mixer

Likely to be the most expesinve on the list, a kitchen aid mixer can save you a lot of hassle of stiring or keading which can be troublesome.If you like to bake a lot, you might find this kitchen aid mixer necessary.

Very powerful 10 speed settings, are qualifed to take on any task or recipe, from making bread, to your favorite cook dough,

8. An Automatic Jar Opener

I can’t tell you how many times I struggled alone to opern up a jar of fruits, beans, or antything else. Opening a jar can be much more work then you first imagined. So an automatic jar opener will make life way more easier for you and your stress levels, and from having to tweak out your back.

9. A Raised Dishwasher

Using a dishwasher takes a lot of your core stomach muscles, spine, and every part of your lower trunk to just put in a dish, or to take one out. And the reason for that is because like most dishwashers, they are not at eye level, so you’re reaching down and away from you, extending your body.

But lets talk about any generic dishwasher without raising it first. If you have a dishwasher, its better to get one with a two stairs, which means you can put your kitchen tools on the top half and bottom. 

If you go to carry heavy tools in our out of your dishwasher, and your back is pretty bad it can turn out really bad, Especially if you have to reach far back. Make sure you get someone to help you.

10. A Spacious Refrigerator.

We can take twisting, pulling, and bending over for granted, and this is likely what we do from the moment we open up our refrigerators. The more room you have in your refrigerator, the more yes you can fit, but alos the easier access you have to put and pick out what you need.

11. An Air Fryer.

Now, this is one I didn’t plan putting on the list because as for the most obvious reason it’s a “Fryer”. Frying food is not going to do your back any good, but I know what it feels like to have frozen food in the freezer, and to just pop up a quick meal from time to time. Aside from the supplements, and nutritious vitamins you should be taking, an Air Fryer can reduce up to 75% less fat than a standard fryer will!

There are some great air fryers out there, and then there are best deals air fryers. My favorite kitchen product line is Ninja, and I’ve chosen to look at one like the Ninja Air Fryer af101 review that Amazon has.

12. A Washing Machine and Dryer

Ofcourse, this is not a kitchen tool or gadget but don’t get me wrong, there are some apartments and houses that have their washing machine and dryer connected to their kitchen. Regardless, I wanted to add a washing machine because most people opt for a front end machine as opposed to a Top Load Washer.

This can make the difference between straining, having to use a posture corrector/back brace, and just causing further injury to your back. In this case, it’s best to use a Top Load Washer if you can.

Is there a tool/gadget missing from the list? Comment doen below and I will add it.


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Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

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