Best Back Pain Treatment Books – What A Read!

By Michael

January 23, 2019

Can I let you in on a little secret about the best back pain books?

This is not going to be easy….

What you think this is, will be just another ordinary review, where you can just drop on in, discover a few things you didn’t know, and then RUSH, you’re out the site.

But the gutting truth is that in this review, you will actually be able to walk out of here with a whole new self image of yourself.

So that means you’re going to see what cures lower back pain right? Only if you listen up to this next part and do the opposite…

There are many doctors, physiotherapist, and physical therapist who are more than happy to give you their knowledge for an expensive cost, and unfortunately, they don’t know what the heck is on the other side of that bridge per say. Or, you can take what I’m about to show you, stomach it in, and you can end up leaving here with the 3 BEST BACK PAIN TREATMENT BOOKS in the market today.

You see, I’ve been reading, and reading, like a hamster wheel for answers online, and having meeting with medical professionals, but there is just too much of the same thing…No one really knows what your pain. And then there are books on back pain that believe it or not, are much more useful sources.

Never thought I’d say that.

So Instead of forking out the cost, why don’t I just show you what’s going to save you a lot of gun wrenching time and money, and show you what actually works! Would that help you in your journey of getting rid of your most subtle to chronic lower back pain…OH and for FREE?

One last thing I need to mention, this will not be your typical review. I can’t stress it enough that in order for you to see what I have to say today, that you don’t just brush it off,or like you don’t have the time to do so.

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What Types Of Books Are Out There?

I’ve chosen to identify with books that serve different purposes for reliever upper, middle, and especially lower back pain, and this is the way I’m doing it, because everyone has a different idea on how “one” should take care of their backs to find better relief. And so I have taken the three following categories:

  1. Mindfulness Based Approach

Its no surprise that back pain affects your physical body by nature, but did you know that it also has a lot to do with the inner workings of your mind? That’s right, many people with a chronic pain(and even an illness) can be the inner workings of the mind, which is NOT to say it is the same as the brain.

Emotional triggers like Stress, Depression, Anxiety, and many other emotional parts play a factor in the physical manifestations that you and I encounter.  So for those of us that need the whole mind and body experience of relief(of which I am too), these type of books are the ones you will find the most beneficial.

2. Scientific/Academic/Personal

As someone who is constantly searching for the right facts, scientific evidence, and a more personal touch, this method is based on the first hand view of a person who has actually been through the ringer already. In my years of reading back pain relief books, reading blogs, YouTube videos, nothing can quite touch you emotionally and spiritually like content that is talked about by someone who has been where you stand.

These have to be my favorite types of books because you get to learn from an expert, and at the same time, you get to hear and see their stories of overcoming the worst of the worst injuries and chronic pain and inflammation, to now living a pain free life.

3. Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi/Stretching.

Similar to Mindfulness based approaches, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and stretching all encompass a release of the stress decompression of your mind. But on the other side, many times, your back pain that is specifically correlated to your spine or non-specifically to your spine, all have to do with tightening of your muscles, joints, and ligaments.

These types of stretches can be very useful in loosing up your body, to gain more flexibility, and to strengthen your body.

My Top 3 Best Back Pain Relief Books

So let’s get to it. I;m going to break down a brief overview(a synopsis if you will) of each of the 3 books, and give you headway to what you can expect from continuously reading these books.

Along with that, I’m going to give you insight as to where you can purchase them, but remember, you don’t have to…Since I’m giving them all away for Free, which you can find at the very bottom.

1. Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection By MD John E. Sarno

If you’re suffering with physical pain and it’s affecting your mood, behavior, the way you think and feel, then this is the book you must consider reading. The reason I say this is that its a mindfulness based book that is very hard to put down, in a great way! Plus, you’re going to learn from a world re-nound MD(John E Sarno), how he talks about the difficulties of getting over chronic pain when the mind is not in it to win it.

What I like About The Book

There is just way too much to love about Healing Back Pain that It wouldn’t do me justice to name just one thing I loved about it. In fact, I’ve re-read many chapters of it after I finished it the first time. MD John E Sarno really gets to the bottom of which you are feeling more and more constant physical chronic pain and inflammation, and it doesn’t all have to do with your bodys mechanics and movements, but more so about an emotional response known as Tension Myositis Syndrome(TMS for short).

Its still crazy to me how many of us live both a subconscious and un-subconscious lifestyle, where we are aware of who we are and at times what we are-which we can easily pick up on, and then there are the traits that we don’t pay so much attention to that are actually far more helpful to us. Mr. Sarno talks about how “TYPE A” personalities are more likely to be out of sync with their emotions, and have more aggression to be successful in life.

What I don’t like about the book:

Honestly, there is nothing I didn’t like about the book, but If I had to choose something, it would be the fact that its not about body mechanics and the ability to understand how movements can affect and fix our postural balances. 

#2 Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain, By David Hanscom

Back In Control is an incredible read that mixes both a first hand experience from a man with life threatening chronic back pain and a fulfilled long term healing lifestyle. If you have severe chronic pain, are thinking about getting a surgery, or are trying to recover from post surgery but don’t have the answers, this is the book you must pick up. You’ll clearly see how anyone with pain from childhood to adulthood, or for a smaller from of time, can truly find long lasting healing once and for all.

What I like about the book:

As a writer and person whose experienced first hand all about back pain, I was so happy and elated with the work behind David Hanscoms story. I finished it in less than a weeks time, to show you how much interest I had in the book. David understand yours pain, he knows what you’re going through, and how to get you out of a hole.

What I have come to appreciate is that it builds on Dr. John E Sarnos relaxation techniques and mentions how even people with Trauma or PTSD can overcome their chronic pain.

Chronic pain means receding to a life on the chair, in front of the TV, endless hours walking the same floor, and sitting in the same chair until dawn, and afternoon naps, its just a vicious cycle that doesn’t need to continue. What I learned was how the brain produces a similar chemical to morphine – endorphins, and another chemical similar to Valium.

But most people don’t know a thing about it, and this book teaches us how to use it. The book opens up with one great tool, a pencil…

Whenever you feel your anxiety, stress, and pain, Dr. Hanscom wants you to write it down on paper. Do it in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night, and to cut the paper into pieces and throw it away. What this will do is trigger an awareness response in your brain to cut out the wrong.

What I Don’t Like About The Book

There’s not much downfall in this book, other than it not being about the bodies mechanics and movements, I can’t say anything bad. I recommend it for anyone trying to get over any kind of chronic pain really(its universal), and for anyone thinking about pre and post surgery.

3. Yoga for Back Pain By Loren Fishman and Carol Ardman

For anyone with lower back pain, and episodes of sciatica, this book is a MUST read. If you’re in great doubt with your movements, mobility, strength, and flexibility, then you shouldn’t look anywhere else then inside this book. You can choose to spend endless hours and money with a PT, but what they don’t teach you is what to do once you are at home. 

What I like about the Book:

Simply, I learned yoga poses and stretches that I couldn’t have taken the time to do elsewhere, and was able to make sure that my lower back pain diminished…QUICKLY. Not only do you get to try different stretches, but the MD tells you why you are feeling the pain you have and how to get rid of it. You can easily diagnose your own back problems by reading the easy to understand descriptions of back pain. And more so, you get a prescription of which yoga to do for any kind of back pain. 

The greatest benefit is what you have to do after your pain is gone. Not many people talk about what to do once your done stretching, but Loren and Carol both do a Superb job at telling you how to maintain your back after, for proper healing. 

What I Didn’t Like About The Book:

I’d have to say that the pictures are in black and white, so if color bothers you, that might be a thing. Other than that, I loved it. The color less pictures are nothing to worry about really. It’s the context that matters.

Are you In For A New Year, New You?

As I’m wrapping up this article, I have to tell you that I am elated…

Elated at the fact that I shared so much of my opinion, myself, and so much more about you that you didn’t think I knew. Now I want to show you the 4 Keys that were and will continue to be helpful in my life, my family


About the author

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

  • Fabulous review, I really enjoyed reading the review you deeply gave about the three books, especially the “Healing Backpain” by John, and the most interesting part being the point where it says that the back pain problem has little to do with the body movements but rather the Tension Myositis Syndrome. well thought and useful article.

    • Hi Abdirashid,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yes, Dr. John Sarnos book is spectacular. I couldn’t begin to tell you how interesting and extremely helpful it is. Saying that it is powerful would be more of an understatement. Body mechanics are part of it, but more so is the mind, which is the biggest factor that makes your body move. If you feel one way about a certain activity or thing, your mind is always the first response. Thank you.

  • Hi Michael, thanks for sharing the information about the back pain healing books! I think they will be helpful to me.
    Our baby was born 8 months ago and my wife hold the baby a lot in order to make him fall asleep. After several months, her back suffers from some pain, sometimes is serious.
    I have forward your post to her and hope it will will be helpful in relieving and healing her back pain problem. Thanks!

    • Hi Shaun,

      You are very welcome. I’m more than happy to share what I know well with others. I think too many people are unaware of what to do with their back, especially when they are not visiting a medical professional. Self healing is really important. No way? Yeah, that would put pressure on the spine, even causing a posterior pelvic tilt from carrying a baby. I’ve seen it many times. I know it will be really helpful! Make sure she gets them all, each one serves a purpose. Yeah 🙂

    • Hi Jamaar. Awesome! I’m glad you found my information and the books worthy. Give them a look, a read, and apply it with actions and you will begin to see your life change, guaranteed! If you need any help with understanding it, or if you ever want to talk about it, let me know.these are not so cheap books, and we’ll see if I keep the option of leaving them free open. So get them while you can. Thanks!

  • Hi Michael,

    It is not that easy to find good information online regarding how to get rid of back pain. That is something that gets me a lot as I wake up in the morning. Thank you for all of this information and I will be applying some of the tips in your post above.

    I can say that Tai Chi is amazing to do anyway because you feel so peaceful afterwards. I had my cheesy Tai Chi moment years ago in a park and some of the animals came out and actually just stared at me. Pretty cool lol.

    Thanks again Michael and please keep this information coming.

    • Hey Phil,

      I couldn’t agree with any more with that first sentence. There is a wide amount of information on the web, written by some medical professionals yes, but there is a lack of “how to” get the job done per say…as in how to relieve it the right way, where to continue and how end. Along with these books, I know I have the right way to do things to improve my own back pain.

      No way? Tai Chi is a great activity. I’m glad to hear you keept on rolling with it. I see it here in Washington many times when I go visit the Saturday market. It’s a standad now. Will do, thank you!

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