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  •  Analyze the options. There are many different ways to manage your back throughout your day. Not all of them are feasible for everyone. - pg.3
  • Back Pain Management feels great; but it isn't bulletproof. Your goal should be to expand into
    every area of the four pillars that I talk about in my work if you’ve been following me: 1.
    Exercise/Stretching(yoga, walking swimming, weights) 2. Eating Healthier(Nutrition) 3. Cognitive
    Behavior(Emotional behavior) 4. Natural Remedies
    (herbs, essentials, organic and more). - pg.6
  • Now it' s time to put together a personalized plan. You've seen the different Back Pain
    Management options and know which ones are Must possibilities for you and which ones aren't.
    Considering the time and money you have to work with and your personal goals, you 'll need to
    craft your plan accordingly.
    - pg.7
  • The evening: For most of us, the evening is spent away from our job, so I’m going to tackle this down from that angle. This is either the break it or make it step, so listen very carefully. Many people lose faith in what they can’t control because they never choose to take the right action on their own time. - pg.30
  • Mainstream Medicine is blown way out of proportion, too many people use them and not enough
    people care to know anything else. Times are shifting and I’m seeing more of a split between the older generation and the newer folks: Generation X and Y are stuck in there set ways. Yes, It can be a thing about the older we get the less we want to try out something better but as a general overview, us with chronic pain don’t respond well to change. - pg.35

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