Coffee Alternatives For Your Inflammation – Best Ways To Get Energy?

By Michael

February 4, 2019

Not cool! You’re telling me I have to put down my cup of coffee just because you say so? Quitting coffee is UHH! Just the worst!

*But ATTENTION:* You have to understand that coffee can reek havoc on your body, for your lower back pain, and did I mention it just utterly feels the worst? BOY OH BOY, how could you image living without coffee in your life? 

Well don’t get all emotionally cluttered just yet, I have some GREAT news for you that will still let you wake up every morning, every lunch break, evening or night, and still enjoy that fresh brewed cup of coffee.

You see, I can’t thank alternative medicine enough, and I’d be a little surprised if you haven’t given it just the tiniest fraction of praise. What If I told you that alternative medicine has made it possible for you to still enjoy your coffee, but with far greater healthier options? 

SAY WHAT!? Coffee is not supposed to be consumed with beautiful herbs, and visually appealing chemicals, its about the grit, but hold onto the wheel.

According to the California Institute of Integral Studies, there are much far better alternatives to the coffee we’ve come to know and love, and will not leave you with post-jitters from your morning to night time.

TOP 11 Coffee Alternatives With A Packed Punch of Nutrition

1. Herbal Coffee

The memory of your coffee taste buds will not fade away with this alternative herbal coffee. The reason I say this is that herbal compliments try to replicate the taste of coffee, and with more of a nutritional boost and with nuts inside kind of twist. HEY, It might not be coffee, but I’m sure if you give it a try, you will not regret it.

2. Coconut Water

How do we go from coffee to coconut? The two can’t possible blend well right? Well, you’re right, so we’re diverting on a tangent for a second, because this one really shines!

Coconut will boost your potassium level 5X more so than you would find lets say in a regular energy drink like a Gatorade.

And Potassium along with the Coconut water will help boost your body’s cardiovascular system, and there are tons of more benefits like an improved digestive system, reduced blood pressure, and many more things that I just will not bore you with.

3. Cold Brew Caco Nibs

YUMMY, I love me some chocolate, do you? You’re going to love this one, but let me tell you, chocolate milk it is not.Rather so, if you’ve had cold-brewed coffee, then you will most definitely not have any trouble trying out this Smooth and REFRESHING luxury that has way less caffeine than coffee.

Plus, you’ll fill Right into your day comfortably without having to worry about your inflammation springing up or getting worse.

4. Chicory root “coffee”

I won’t hold you out much longer on the most closest and relevant one to coffee, and that is chicory root. If you must, and have an obsession with a coffee routine, then this will do the trick.

The root of the coffee plant is roasted, grounded, prepared almost exactly to coffee, but it also contains a high concentration of fiber called Inulin, which will improve your digestive system. So what do you think? Its similar taste, and preparation gives it the closest edge to the real thing!

5. Maca

We’re crossing borders, dotting our’s “I’s” and heading as far back to the Mayans of Mexico.  Women have been serving their partners Maca to increase their Libido.

More so than a “sexual stimulant” Maca will do far more for your body, such as improve your adrenal glands, regulates hormones, and has shown to act as an Anti-depressant(a good way for us with back pain problems to get over the mental and nutritional hump at the same time!)

6. Hibiscus Tea

“I AM IRON MAN”….Not the song, but you need to suit up your brain for every and any battle you are going to encounter in your day.

Without it, your brain will not get the proper oxygen its needs to help you power through your day, or that afternoon slump that’s got you feel some kind of way.

Hibiscus tea has a higher percentage of Iron concentration, and Thiamine, which if you didn’t know already, helps convert your food into energy – sort of like what photosynthesis is to plants, your body so desperately craves it, and it could be right this very SECOND.

7. Yerba Mate

This is what I like to call the coffe of many South American, and south american countries. Yerba Mate has less than half caffeine of what regular coffee has. Plus it has a strong antioxidant and mineral profile.

8. Beet Juice

No, Not Beetle Juice, I get the funky feeling too when I hear it. Beets are widely loved by farmers, and many sports teams, and the reason that is, is because studies show that beet juice will regulate oxygen, and increase your stamina during your exercise.

This is a really good thing for your back, and I Highly Consider that you take part in like I’ve come to do for my workouts.

9. Gotu Kola(Tea)

Do you have nerve pain, Sciatica just crawling back and forth, up and down your spine? The best short and long term fix to that will be Gotu Kola, a derivation of Tea.

It’ll soothe your nerves, so that you can feel all restored and back to your hoppy old self in no time. You have the chemical compounds of Triterpenoids to thank for, and studies show that it will reduce anxiety and produce a greater mental clarity.

And contrast to the Highs and lows you get from coffeee, you will get a constant and balanced energy throughout your day.

10. Banana Smoothie

You heard that right, Delicious calling. Lets get real now, its really not a drink but you can easily blend it into one.

Bananas have an extremely high and considerate amount of amino acid that’s called tryptophan, which your body will use to make serotonin-you know, the Happy transmitter in your brain that cause you to feel pleasure. Combine this with carbohydrates and you get a high dose of energy in your day to day life, guaranteed!

11. CBD Coffee

Rise CBD Coffee from HB Naturals

You’re not imagining things, you heard that right. Technically this isn’t the MOST coffee alternative friendly option because we still are talking coffee here but get this…

You will get:

  • An organic blend of hemp extracts into premium ground Arabica beans before they are brewed, meaning that you get an almost exact measurement ratio of CBD Per cup than simply just dropping cbd oil drops into the cup alone.
  • 100% organic ingredients ensure that you get nothing but natural and top quality chemical ingredients flowing into your body to heal physical and mental pain that you could be in

These are just many of the key factors you’d get out of Rise CBD Infused Coffee. That’s amazing right?

This has been one of my most recent discoveries with a company called HB Naturals who focus on CBD and making sure that you can get yourself in the best of shape possible. And by the way…

It’s the best coffee I’ve had in a while! I wrote a review about HB Naturals products as well more about Rise CBD Coffee HERE.

Final Thoughts

Can you give yourself a break, relax and think for a second…

I can really still enjoy coffee or an alternative that allows me to still love myself, and do the things I need to get done every single day. I know that you might be a coffee fanatic but you have to think about the end result…

Would you rather be sitting in bed in pain over extra sugar and constraints in your every day life health wise and mentally or would you rather try something new that will get you to say:

“I did it!?”

That’s it for now guys, I’ll be back to add more, but in the meantime if you want to check out the best natural remedies for healing Back Pain, make sure you head over to check out the article here.


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