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Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion Product Review – The Best Lumbar Support

Product: Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion Price: $24.95(Retail) The Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon Dimensions: 13.4 x 4.1 x 12.6 inches Item weight: 1.8 pounds Guarantee: lifetime replacement or 100% money back guarantee My Rating: 9.8/10   The Everlasting Back Cushion Overview After trying out and continuously researching lumbar-support back cushions, interviewing physical […]

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FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Review – Flexing Your Way Out

Product: FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Price: $13.99(Standard Retail Size) Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon Size of Pack: 10.5″ x 14.5″ Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee My Rating: 9.8/10   The FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Overview More often than not, after I had both a very long day at work, and a day of soccer practice on the […]

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Biofreeze 360 Spray Review -The Cooling Agent

Product: Biofreeze 360 spray Price: $10.65(Retail) The Cheapest place to buy: Amazon Size of container: 4 oz Guarantee: 100% risk free purchase My Rating: 9.4/10 The Biofreeze Overview My approach in the mornings look just about the same, I spray…A topical spray that is.  One of the Analgesics that  helps me relieve my pain in the mornings, and evenings is the […]

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Opioids And Back Pain – From Danger To Safety

All it takes is a matter of seconds to pop a pill. Is it that easy? Yes. Is it getting you the results? questionable. There are many reasons that people take opioids to relieve their lower back pain symptoms. May that be, that it’s the most formal and straight forward solution, or that it “masks” […]

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Chronic Lower Back Pain Treatment Options – Leave Your Worries Behind

At last, the moment that I’ve desired, and most excited for is finally here! Your chronic lower back pain treatment options have rose from the deep earth, and is here to give you the Freedom you so much deserve. Pain, pain, go away! Give me something more to do and say. While this is no […]

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Dr Pat’s Ultra Freeze Review- The Fast Acting Formula

Product: Dr Pat’s Ultra Freeze Pain Relieving Muscle Gel Price: $120.63(adjusted price) Cheapest place to buy: Amazon Size of container: 16 oz Guarantee: 30 day return Shipping: Free standard and expedited shipping My Rating: 9.8/10 Urgency: Sell out Fast! Before I get started I want to tell you that Dr Pat’s Ultra Freeze is extremely popular(it’s […]

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