How To Heal A Degenerative Disc Naturally – Get Better Now

By Michael

May 24, 2018

Are you in a “Natural Mode” Yet?

No worries if you are not, because by the end of this article, you’re going to only want to use natural remedies to treat your degenerative disc!

If you have degenerative disc disease you are all too familiar with the common issues that rise from it:

  1. Standing for too long
  2. Sitting
  3. Physical activity
  4. Mental strain

But what is a degenerative disc?

It’s kind of like when you hear about a fossil in the earths ground “decaying” and losing its structure over time.

There’s just too many factors in play to stop you from enjoying a pain free and promising lifestyle that you need. First, What is degenerative ? Let’s take a look at the word degenerative, and break it down by meaning.

What degenerative does not mean is your navigating away from the driving wheel… You are the one in control. You can puff a huge breath of relief. Now, for the better end.

Simply stated, degenerative or degeneration as we call it, means “over time”. Know what else? You can throw the part “disease” out the picture too, because it’s all a natural reaction.

I will not repeat that word again…yes it bothered me when I was told.

Luckily, the majority of spinal disc heal naturally. I want to tell you a secret between you and me…

You came to the right place. I’ve had to deal with a degenerative disc, and I FEEL all that you do. I’ve tried my fair share of methods, and after a month of being fed up, constant retaliation, I found what worked the best for myself and the people I cared for.

If you please let me, I want to be your guide.

In this page, I want to show you what you can do right now on how to heal a degenerative disc naturally, no gimmicks. And If you came in here today with the intention to find the best treatment for degenerative disc disease, you will get just that! In fact, I’m not going to wait till I get you to the best 8 treatments for your disc, I will do it right now.

Best Treatment: A Pain Relief Cream

I know how this might sound, but give me a second to explain…

We both know that some of the “best” upfront methods like Medication, Exercise, and surgery will just not cut it. These are temporary solutions mixed with one long term(exercise, which you will learn more as we continue forward)…

But what I’ve found that works the best is this Super cream with a breakthrough formula called Penetrex. It’s a 100% all natural pain relief cream that is the best for joint pain, and helps out your muscle pain and stiffness, making it very reliable whenever you need to carry on forward with:

  • Your day
  • Your Exercise routine
  • Your responsibilities

What I like about this single cream is that it has the ability to get to the root of your cause which is Inflammation…

When your disc get weaker, it not only sends pain signals from your spine to your head, but you also get weaker in other areas like your hamstrings, thighs, buttocks, and where most of your pain comes from a degenerative disc is your hips.

This is what one person has had to say about Penetrex:

“This stuff is amazing. My boyfriend has chronic back pain from degenerative disk disease and it has absolutely changed his life. He was in so much pain everyday before we got this. He began using it three times a day, and that week started feeling relief. He now only uses it once or twice a week and still gets relief. ” – Debandkidz

The reason I use it myself and why so many others do too is because it has herbs and essential oils mixed together…

If you know anything about herbs are that they are essential for your joint support and for relieving inflammation. Some of these herbs are(but not limited):

  • Glucsoamine
  • Chondotrin
  • MSM
  • Magensium
  • Vitamin B6
  • and many more!

And when it comes to essential oils, some of the best ones are found in Penetrex’s cream, like:

  • Frankincense
  • Peppermint
  • Arnica
  • Ginger

These 4 combined with the herbs are a Powerful combo. If you’d like to learn more about Penetrex with my review, go check it out right here, right now.

Your Disc Degenerate With Age(For Everyone)

The outer disc called the invertebral disc will naturally wear down and what happens is that it shrinks, so much so that the water called the pupulous will lose its ability to hydrate your disc.

Hey, all that wisdom you have gained with the passing years have come at an expensive cost, attached with aches and pains you didn’t ask for. You naturally get wear and tear from:

  • Random activities done all your life
  • Posture

Bear with me before the good stuff hits…

Your disc are compressed soft disc, in which separate each of your vertebrae, from your neck(cervical) to upper(thoracic) and lower back(lumbar spine).

Your disc allow you to bend, twist, and flex. That’s why they are called the “shock absorbers”.

If you engage in:

  • Heavy physical activity
  • Smoking
  • Weight issues

Then you are more prone to experience degeneration in your spine. Wrapping that logic as a whole, the broader issue comes down to one thing:

  1. Lifestyle issues

At the causes you have things like what you do for a Living, Obesity, and Muscle Imbalances. Let’s break these down a little further…

People who work in industries like Construction, Sanitation, and Heavy lifting fields, are more prone to suffer from Osteoarthritis or a Herniated Disc, thus leading to a Degenerating Disc.

On the other end of the spectrum you have obesity, which like work is a lifestyle factor, but it has its own category because its more of a “living comfortable approach”. And the reason you were to get a degenerating disc is simply because of a sedimentary lifestyle.

Now, add Muscle imbalances into the mix, where you have muscles in your body that are overpowering the weaker ones, thus working much harder then need be. This is what you call a “postural dysfunction”. Eventually your “weak spots” will give in and cause your disc to wear and tear, as well as make contact with your nerve(in the herniated disc stage).

Here are other conditions that will cause a degenerative disc too:

  1. Lordosis
  2. Spondylolisthesis
  3. Osteoarthritis
  4. Herniated Disc
  5. Spinal Stenosis
  6. High Cholesterol

According to M.D. Michael Greger, every part of our body needs blood flow coming in, and our spine are very vascular and cholesterol clogs in the arteries can lead to a degenerative disc thus a lower back pain.

And he goes on to add that this pain related disability is an open and shut case that depends on our diet.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat, And Embrace The Natural Way Of Life

On any given day your pain could shoot from a 1 to a 10. Think of it like drawing a card out of the deck blindly, not knowing what you’re going to get(unless you’re a future teller).

Whichever it is, you’ll be more on the “look out” when you understand what you can do when it strikes.

Treating your spinal disc is more of a trickier process that if done wrong can take you farther away from your best self, and right next to it is a better way to recover.

Like, if you were going to visit a doctor(if you haven’t already), your doctor will take you down the conventional “mainstream approach where you will usually take a combination of:

  • Cortisone injections
  • Ultra sound
  • Hot packs
  • Physical therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Opioids
  • and many more with advanced medicine!

And then there is surgery to take the pressure of your nerve and to stabilize your joints. Some of these treatments include what we just talked about like cortisone injections, and these really lead more to consequences than anything else.

Think about it…

If you have had an injection, doesn’t the pain go away, but it comes back later in the day, or the following days? No matter how you adjust, it comes back right?

Well, there’s a legitimate reasons for it, and its because treatments like these as many ONLY address the symptoms

While your doctor is looking out for your best interest, mainstream medication is failing, and its not the only option.

Unfortunately, there are last resorts where you’ve tried everything, and you just need to get treatment done in this manner, but luckily, there are other treatments you can try.

The primary broad treatment options that we are going to look at, and get deeper into are:

  1. Exercise/Stretching
  2. Hot and cold therapy
  3. Alternative medicine/Remedies
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Here is more on that and the natural ways to your pain free life from a degenerative disc…

1.Stretching and Walking

Exercising is crucial. Yes crucial, in your recovery. In fact, it’s the first piece of mind.

Beginners, this is your place marker. Pin point this as your first step.

You should combine physical therapy with exercise. But what if you don’t have an exercise plan setup? Boom, start with a low impact activity that you do about every day… Walking.

Walking is going to give you your spine back with a strong appeal. You’ll achieve a lifelong result within a short amount of time. You can’t miss it.

With Walking, you’ll be focused on the alignment of your spine contour to your feet, and walking posture.

==>Go here if you want to learn to walk with conviction<==

There are times where it can be hard to find the balance of walking to stretching, because sometimes its easier to walk then oppose to stretching, or vise versa. But there is one great stretch you can use that works just about 99% of the time for me, and its the following one:

  1. Pelvic Tilt.

What the pelvic tilt will do is strengthen your abdominals, while adding flexibility for your spine.

How to do:

  1. Find a firm ground to lay your back on(or use a mat, most recommended).
  2. Place your feet flat onto the ground, and your arms to your sides.
  3. You’re now going to exhale slowly, squeezing in your abdominals, and push your belly button towards the floor, and flatten your lower back.
  4. Hold it here for 5 seconds
  5. Relax, gather yourself
  6. Repeat 9 more times for a total of 10, holding it for 5 seconds each time.

Stretch #2: Knee to Chest

This stretch happens to be the one I wake up to and do, sleep to, and Is an all around just the perfect balance of reducing pressure on your spine and your nerves. This is great for if you have just started with a degenerative disc, in between, or are in the ladder stages of like a herniated disc on the other end and more.

How to do:

  1. Find a flat surface to lay your back on(a yoga mat is recommended)
  2. Place both of your hands on your right knee, inhale, and pull it towards your chest, making sure your other leg is straight and on the ground
  3. Hold it for 10-15 seconds, exhale, and release to starting position
  4. Repeat 4 more times on the same leg for a total of 5
  5. Switch legs and repeat

To find out more about how to do stretches specifically for a degenerative disc, I have a great article on stretching for lower back pain, that I recommend you have a thorough look through. You can find my stretching for lower back pain guide right here.

I want to add that these two along with the others you will find in the page above are the standard, and work best because they relieve the pressure on your spine, and work on your abdominals and spine muscles as well.

But before you go into them, make sure to check in with your spine specialist, and see what they tell you. But if you’ve checked that box of already, go ahead and continue with these and the rest in the article I linked to above.

2. Muscle Balance Therapy

As I mentioned earlier, chances are that you have muscles that are really weak on one side of your body, and the other side is much stronger. And to restate why, it’s because your posture is out of alignment.

Take a look at yourself and ask, “do I lean more to one side?”, or “do I feel like one side of my body and muscles are stronger than the other?”

If so, its because your muscle imbalances are shape shifting your posture.

The best way to focus on your muscle imbalances is to learn about it better before you apply it. I have a step-by-step walk through article you can take on before you try to go out there and spend hundreds of dollars for. Go ahead and give my muscle imbalance article a look here.

3. Apply A Hot Or Cold Pack

Let me tell you if you didn’t know already…the pain begins before the pain. Inflammation.

When your back becomes inflamed it could feel bad already, but what sits behind the curtain is worry. Don’t dread, be stead. You are the one in control, remember?

Use Ice to calm down the inflammation, and what you don’t hear a lot is to cool your mind.

Relax your thoughts. It’s best to focus your mind on a happy memory, or even an object.

The heat after the cold breeze. You can use:

Heat will do the following:

  • Soothe your back
  • Relax your muscles
  • Bring nutrient rich blood flow to your area of pain
  • Decompress your thoughts

==>Go here to learn about how you should be applying ice the right way<==

There are moments where a degenerating disc or more than one for the matter that can cause you to flare up after 2-3 days which is known as chronic inflammation, and there’s a greater way to deal with it then just addressing it with ice and heat together.

For chronic inflammation it’s really important that you start using heat more frequently.

With frequent application of heat, you can really get to the backbone of your inflammation, and soothe your muscles and joints with a greater pace. Just like heating when you have to apply that after the first 48-72 hours of ice, what you get with just heat are:

  • Soothing muscles
  • Opening up blood vessels
  • More constant Oxygen throughout your body
  • Nutrients flow more naturally

Under that logic, you would need heat that can penetrate deeper into your tissue, and what comes to mind for me are Infared Heating pads.

>See how to heat for lower back pain right here.

4. Posture Up

Are you able to stand up? If you can, Let’s start right at the source.

Having poor posture will not only stress your disc, it will lead to muscle fatigue and cause your joints to compress together into your disc. Doesn’t sound very pleasant does it?

Think of it good to know you can fix that. You can learn healthier ways to give your spine the break it deserves.  Think the “SSSL” Method:

  • Sitting. Keep your upper back straight and your back should be rested on the back support of what you are using. Keep your shoulders relaxed. If you find difficulty, tighten your abs and butt. Keep your knees slightly above your hips, and keep your feet flat on the floor. You can use a back support cushion, or footstool if needed.
  • Standing. The goal is to have balance in your stance. Keep your feet straight and equally balanced. Don’t lock in your knees, it will cause weakness to your spine. If on your feet for a while, wear heeled shoes or flats.
  • Sleeping. Over the years, the best thing I found to work well is sleeping on my side with my knees bent. Do this. And if it aggravates you, place a pillow between your knees. It works wonders.
  • Lifting. The number one thing is keeping good posture when lifting a heavy object. I advise that if you have to lift, keep your body close to the object, and lift with your legs-not your back!

==>Go here if you want to learn all about posture<==

Talking about posture, one of the better “temporary” treatment options will be a back brace…

The reason I say this is with a lower back pain brace, it will hold your back straight, while allowing your vertebrae to shift from squeezing into your dried out disc or post surgery disektomy or disc replacement to keeping it straight and balanced.

I don’t recommend getting used to a back brace, but they are a great short term treatment for:

  • walking around
  • working
  • lifting
  • getting your house chores done

5.  Shovel some weight out the window 

Losing weight will do many things. It will:

  • Reduce tension on your muscles
  • Reduce tension on your facet joints
  • Decrease your abdominal pressure on your spine
  • Create better posture
  • Less stress on spine, muscles, joints, and your mind

==>Here are your two best ways to reduce belly fat with and without pain<==

6. Opt For Acupuncture


An ancient practice, acupuncture actually has helped relieve degenerative disc disease. Thanks to Chinese wisdom, they believe that your energy flows throughout your body. Any block can cause a disease.

You can correct your imbalance by:

  • Having needles specifically inserted into body points.

7. Herbal Remedies(A MUST!!)

Were you like myself and thought herbs were just delicious to eat, and never thought of all the positives that go with them? Oh did I learn.


Boswelia reduces inflammation, and will ease your pain quick. It works ladies and gentlemen. It’s extremely helpful if you suffer from:

  • Osteoarthritis

I recommend if you have osteoarthritis, then ease your pain with at least 150mg of boswellic acids. Do it for 3 times in a day, for at least 8 weeks.


Turmeric is the most popular anti-inflammatory herb. I used it a couple times. I threw out the ibuprofen because it was proven to be better. And I not only heard it, but I’m proof of that.

Her’s How to use them :

  • Turmeric powder
  • Turmeric spice
  • Turmeric tea
  • And the best in a supplement!

My favorite way to use turmeric and in fact the most potent is in its supplement form. You’re going to get the full effect of the anti;-inflammatory effects that come with it, as opposed to just eating it.

The reason for that is because of two main ingredients that act as the catalyst:

  1. Curcumin
  2. Bioprene

The reason you’re able to reduce your acute and chronic inflammation this way is because of the these two sources. I have an article that will outline everything you need to know about turmeric with curcumin, and it will make your work easier to find out which things to try out.

>>Go ahead and give my turmeric and curcumin a post right here.

On a note for you honey lovers…If you have turmeric with honey, you should have it for at least twice a day until you feel better.

Here are more natural ingredients that can help bring down any chronic inflammation…

Devils claw:

This herb comes from South Africa. Think of it been used for centuries to cure arthritis, fever, and anything in your stomach acids. Think of it a great anti/inflammatory, and natural pain killer. Think of it widely used for degenerative disc disease.

How to:

White Willow Bark:

Here is another great anti-inflammatory. It relieves you of your inflammation plus any pain. If particularly works well for acute lower back pain.

Arnica with cream:

A great alternative to pills, are creams and no other better place for a beginner to start with then with Arnica . This anti-inflammatory helps relive you of:

  • Muscles
  • Joints
  • general aches and pains

Think of it widely available in:

  • Creams
  • Gels

For acute inflammation, you can try arnica as the main ingredient, but with more chronic inflammation, its better to go with arnica and more herbs and essential oils. I’ve found that arnica mixed with essential oils really help with my degenerative disc pain, as well as many more lower back pains I have had to endure like:

  • A herniated Disc

There’s one cream out in the market that works the Best of them all, and is 100% all natural. You can find that cream that goes by the name Penetrex right here.

Get The Fish Oil:

Fish is in, and when has it not? Want to know what I do? Fine tune myself with omega 3 fatty acids. Guess what’s better…

It works better than Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs).

Ginger Tea:

Spice it up with a bit of ginger tea. Think of it been used for many years by a Kent Chinese, and will continue to show steady progress.

It delivers:

  • Muscle soreness relief
  • Anti-inflammatory reactant

==>Go here to see your healing foods<==

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8.Tens Units

Ready for an electrical ride of stimulation? if you are, then a tens unit is right for you.

What it does:

  • stops pain signals from reaching your lower back
  • Calms your nerves
  • Relaxes your muscle spasms

9. Spinal manipulation

When you go into your chiropractor, you can expect a little spine alignment. You get your spine put back in place

Think of it in your best interest to TRY

Think of it not easy to say exactly what will work the best for your pain. Everyone experiences pain differently, but with maximum efforts you will re-invent yourself.

#10 Mindfullness

You’re telling me that I have to use some kind of mind powers to heal my degenerative disc?

No, not exactly. What do I mean then?

You should be aware of how you’re taking care of your body, but it sounds more complicated than it can be at first…

Whenever I find that I can’t immediately attend to my physical needs, you still have your mind to take care of. The pain that you feel is usually the result of your:

  • Fear
  • Bad Habits
  • Lifestyle

…At first it comes off as a challenge to find relief because you’re just so used to seeing things one way. But once you make a “switch” you will start to see that controlling what happens inside your head is much easier than you first set out.

Some of the things that I do and you should to are:

  • Start exercising. By doing this, it’ll open up new pathways and release endorphins in your brain which are good for your overall awareness and well being.
  • Make a note when your pain appears. Part of being mindful is knowing when your pain rises. Do you notice it in a particular activity? part of your day? Know when, where, why, and how. This way you can make habit changes.
  • Read more. Reading is my favorite option and that’s because you can slow down the pace in your life, and transition your mind to focusing on other tasks. Also, you get to educate yourself more and understand your pain and how to handle it.
  • Meditation. I like taking time out of each of my day to meditate. Whether you’re sitting or combining Yoga techniques with meditation, you will get a huge amount of pressure off your shoulders and back.
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I tried all these methods but 1, acupuncture. I started with:

  • Ice and hot
  • Walking
  • Exercising
  • Frequent stretching
  • Cutting weight
  • Focusing in and out of work with posture
  • Some spinal manipulation
  • Herbs

I found the greater use in herbs. I went from fish oil, and ended with Arnica .

Even though I know what the process is, and what I assure will help you, it’s best to test and experiment. You owe it to yourself to run a scientific Experiment and see what works. The more options you have the better equipped you’ll be.

Put The Time In To Get The Time Out

Look at your healing time as a journey, not a marathon. You will not be complete healed in a matter of days, weeks, and even a month, but in a matter of months.

There is no cure, so it’s important that you take things one day at a time to reduce your pain level. With all the options at your disposal, I can assure you will feel better and get better.

Everyone is in a different stage of their healing process, so you shouldn’t compare yourself to that of someone elses. Like for example…

Someone might have degenerative disc pain with a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, and much more, and you might have less. But listen up, the process to get to your freedom all accounts for the same ways..

  1. Exercise/stretch
  2. Ice and Heat
  3. Muscle imbalances
  4. Alternative treatments

At the very core, these are the four you should be focusing on, and one more to add, cognitive behavior(the importance of keeping your head in check).

So if I were in your shoes(which I was a couple years back), I would really continue with stretching like I showed above, ice and heat for acute inflammation, heat solely for chronic inflammation, or you can mix in a cream/natural remedy, try to work on your muscle imbalances by your posture, and continue with staying green-alternative medicinal remedies.

Follow this religiously, day to day, and all around, you will feel better in weeks time. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20, 30, 40, 50 and beyond, anyone is capable of doing it, but it begins with your determination and self-value to want change.

Get Into Action Mode

Look, I would like to end this with telling you that you can cure degenerative disc disease but I would be dishonest by telling you that, and you probably wouldn’t like me so much anymore(maybe you didn’t like me already).

Getting into action mode and staying in it are two difficult processes to upkeep, and I understand that other things in life get in the way like:

  • drugs
  • lifestyle choices
  • events
  • work

…But at the same time its like, why so many excuses right? And you know that, you deserve better for yourself and the ones around you that love you, so why not try to put your best foot forward and at the very least, you gave it a try.

Natural medicinal remedies like Herbs and Essential Oils can really help you curb off your Degenerative disc pain and get you on a path to exercise more, and to help you find natural relief that you can’t get from things like Drugs, and Surgery.

If you have any questions, comments, opinions, or concerns, drop me a message down below, and Let’s get a nice talk going. I hope to hear from you.

He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.

~ Chinese Proverb

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The Remove Back Pain System

We’re cutting into two paths in the remove back pain system. If you haven’t read through the herniated disc article, and you feel like you need to so, see below. And if you don’t need to, then great!…It’s time to work on your posture more religiously.

Are you waiting for a herniated disc to appear on its own? No you shouldn’t, and this next article you’ll learn everything from top to bottom on how to heal a herniated disc the natural way.

Continue the remove back pain system with learning about bettering your posture right here.


About the author

Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

  • Thank you for this informative post! As a personal trainer and a person that suffers from a stage 3 spondy I think all of your suggestions are spot on. So often doctors go for the steroid first which actually can make things worse and then opt for surgery. I utilize all the strategies you described above to manage my condition. Positive changes in posture and awareness have been the key to stabilizing my condition. Additionally I suffer from autoimmune digestive issues. When the gut is inflamed the internal inflammation can also exacerbate the pain and discomfort caused by the spondy. Back pain can absolutely be managed naturally!

  • Great work! I have had so much trouble with my degenerative disc disease that it makes walking unbearable. What I really enjoyed learning besides everything, was about the herbal remedies. There are so many you listed, and the one that I keep hearing about is turmeric. What would be the best way to consume turmeric?

    • Hi Saul,

      Herbal remedies are instrumental and an amazing amount of help! So many people are unaware of what herbs can actually do. We all know we can eat it and it makes a great spice in our meals, but their anti-inflammatory properties are insanely good. Turmeric would be the best place to begin. Consuming turmeric as a supplement is the best and only way. The reason I say this is that if you tried putting the spice in your meals, there wouldn’t be enough of it to drive away your inflammation. What it needs is a higher dosage, and one that comes with the ingredient curcumin and sometimes the addition of bioprene will be helpful to drive more of a targeted healing power. Make sure to check out the turmeric article I had linked in the article for more information. If you need any more help, please let me know. Thank you.


  • I read what you have here. I’ve been in physical therapy for 18 years after I was in a car inncident with an elderly woman who got away with it. I did the weight loss as if I needed it because I’m skinny, I used the herbs, I exercise; the whole nine yards. My back still hurts. This information is useless

    • Hi Patrick. I’m sorry to hear that. Have you tried exercising on a consistent basis with the now fully updated exercises I placed in the article now? Which Herbs have you been using, what source, and for how long? P.S. I did update the page, so make sure you give it another look. Thank you.

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