How To Lose Weight With A Chronic Back – This Simple?

By Michael

May 4, 2019

Want to finally shave off weight you’ve needed to for awhile now?

Are a couple of pounds bringing you down? What if you thought about it this way instead…

Is your vertebra bringing you down? And we can get into theories like so:

Or maybe its a ruptured disc that’s pushing you farther and farther away from reomotely thinking about “how to lose weight with chronic back pain”.

They all sound real but what’s really holding your abilities to lose weight a chronic back might just be something more internal…


I’ve been in your same exact shoes, and I want to debunk this “myth” that people keep jabbering about saying “Don’t do it!” It’s wrong to think it’s you “Michael”. Don’t blame yourself.

Exactly, what do they mean? So you’re implying that I should just sit on my but and not do a single thing about my weight problem? OK….Pause!

how to lose weight with a chronic back

This is the same mentality that has keep turning the hamster wheel over and over and over again to the brink that we forget we ever felt discouraged to begin…

I remember the day when I said I was tired of letting my herniated disc and bulging disc keep me locked inside of a “hibernated” like state until I would magically wake up one day and realize my weight had skyrocketed.

What I’m going to show you is how you can still find the right ways to lose weight even with chronic back pain, and you’re going to find out how you can do it without ever exercising or touching a single weight!

But before, I’d like to let you know what I’ve also reviewed many other weight loss products that I’ve personally tried like Keto, Flat Belly Fix, Atkins, Paleo, and more.

Let’s get into it.

What’s Your Back Looking Like?

spinal problems

Hold on not so fast, pump the breaks; we need to understand whats flowing throughout your body, and to properly asses whether or not you should do tick vs tack attack straight from the gates.

In all my years of helping people with chronic back pain lose weight, the one thing I have to know first is where is the pain coming from. What this allows me to do is know whether or not a certain movement you should restrain from and those that you should incorporate to your daily routine.

A bad back comes in two segments:

1. Non specific acute and chronic lower back pain. Pain that is just developing without it being related to your spine, and increases in threshold over time.

2. Specific acute and chronic lower back pain. This type of pain is reflected upon your spine, and can start of small, and build its way over time without proper care for.

Whether it’s #1 or #2, we will look at both. If let’s say you have pain that is non specific, it gives me a better idea that I can move you through the ropes of exercising. It tells me that I don’t have to exactly put you on a supplement plan just yet, and that you can go right away into low impact activities.

The low impact activities that you have available are:

Picking one of these activities and doing them for at least 30 minutes a day will help strengthen your back, help with your posture, and you’ll start to see an increase in aerobic activity, hence a loss in weight.

Here’s the step-by-step plan I want you to follow:

STEP 1. Choose an exercise. Pick from the list above and stick to it for 30 minutes a day for the first week. You’ll find my article on each one of these useful, so make sure that you check them out here:

STEP 2: After 7 days of 30 minute workouts, now its time to increase your cardiovascular endurance, and you’re probably asking at what age does this apply? EVERY. To sufficiently buckle down and burn the average amount of calories per day which are 120, increasing the minutes at the same speed will really increase your process.

STEP 3: Use weights. You wouldn’t believe how many patients I speak to that have a desire to lose weight and when I ask them if they use weights, the normal response is no. What weights will do are strengthen your back, giving you a better square posture, thus increasing your muscles around your spine, and your lower trunk. And it also allows for your metabolism to increase so you can burn your fat at a higher rate.

Now For Nutrition

I know I know, I can sympathize with you, I’m asking for too much from you right? It might come off that way but trust me, you will thank me later when you see that you’re health is back on track and you didn’t just cheat your body with a quick pop of a pill. As far as nutrition goes, the reason our stomach fat increases are because of:

  • saturated fats
  • refined sugars
  • too many calories

And you know what happens when you eat all these besides gaining weight?

Your metabolism slows down. I like to think of it as a chemical system, you’re doing 20% of the work and the other 80% just combust in the reaction, so you don’t see the results.

Here’s what I like you to do to fix this step-by-step:

STEP 1. Track your habits. You can do this even right now if you want to, but get a diary or a notebook and I want you to write down everything that you are eating and drinking from this point moving forward. Every time that you catch yourself in the act of eating something bad, write it down with next to the side or right underneath it being the time and day.

What this will do is help you see which part of your day you’re eating poorly…is it during TV hours? During the night when you can’t sleep?(I’ve been there) etc.

STEP 2. Small Diet Changes. Little by little I want you to diminish how many times you either go out and eat at a restaurant, or like how many drinks of alcohol you are consuming. Instead of having 4 drinks every other day of the week with a 16oz glass of beer or your tall glass of a margarita, why not do a smaller ounce with 2 times a week?

STEP 3. Cutting Binge Foods. You need to cut back on empty calories. Things like soft drinks, doughnuts, candies, etc. These can also be considered as binge foods. Don’t turn on your favorite Netflix show or movies and expect to have a large tub of soft drinks and items sitting right next to you. In these moments I know it can be difficult, but try to substitute it with a water, fruits, and every now and then you can roll out your favorite popcorn and snacks.

STEP 4. And this will be the most important one, a Buddy. I can’t emphasize this enough, when I had bad chronic lower back pain I thought I would be the same warrior I was without it, but to be honest I needed the support from loved ones. It’s vital that you have someone who can or has adopted the right eating habits and goals, so that way things become much less of a stress on you.

I used to struggle with this, and I was an athlete! There were days where I could have grabbed the coffee, but instead I went out to the indoor soccer arena to kick the soccer ball. Very Important trigger

 But what about for those with pain that is related to the spine?

Things might become a little bit trickier, but there’s a similar guideline to follow like for those with non-specific pain. You should follow what I laid out above exactly to the tea, and make sure you are going through the articles I linked, no excuse. Other than Exercising and eating nutritious meals, what do you think is left to come?

My holy, wouldn’t I like it to be resting and say that all my troubles are gone? Nope. Just like a religion, you need to make sure you keep it a daily routine. Even after you get to where you want your body to be, you really need to continue with the right exercising( and now you;ll be able to do different varieties), and continue with adopting healthy eating habits.

There’s one more thing that I haven’t mentioned, and that’s supplements. There will be moments in life when you either can’t exercise and you need that extra push, or you need a supplement to give you that extra push to do your low impact activities and get into eating healthier foods. Whichever it is, you should consider a few things:

  • Is it right for me?
  • Which one is efficient?

What I’ve come to realize are a few things with pain…you can’t just take any popular or tested diet supplement plan and think it’s going to work. I’ve trialed this, and trust me when I say that there are far better things for you than things like the KETO. Leave that to people without pain, in fact I want you to forget about it right this second. Pretend like I didn’t even mention it.

Rather, think two:

That’s right, only two diets. For those of us who don’t what each one of them are, I’ve written a very detailed article on Turmeric With Forskolin that you can check out here, but I will get into it briefly.

If you didn’t know already, Turmeric is a craving curbing, anti-inflammatory spice or agent. It can come in a few forms, the root,a spice, and a supplement herbal remedy. Now, one is better than the rest, can you guess which one?

The Supplement. Why? Let me first explain why the other two don’t work. There is very little milligrams of anti-inflammation you will get from the root and spice, not enough to help reduce your chronic inflammation. On the other end, you have a supplement, and it has a higher dosage per volume, and it has a driving factor known as curcumin.

The Paleo Diet:



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Hi My name is Michael Granados, I am of the age of 26 years, and I’m a back pain specialist, enthusiast, and expert. All of us have had or will have lower back pain at least once in our lives, and whether it’s acute or a more chronic condition, you can depend on us here at Remove Back Pain to take great care of you. I ensure you’ll take the right and most appropriate steps for you to heal the safest and most productive way. Get ready for a better lifestyle!

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