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Sciatica Nerve Pelvic Pain – Pain Relief

By | September 13, 2018

Sciatica is the given name to the irritation of the sciatic nerve that pinches all through your lower back. Whether you’ve heard it from your doctor or an expert like myself, everything is true…your nerves will not give mercy to anything in its way. The range in pain can go from mild to severe sharp like pain. Sciatica… Read More »

Knee Pain Swelling Treatment – The Best Approach

By | August 31, 2018

“He goes right, he turns left. Watch him bend back and move forward”,​ Now that’s the sound of an active person if you asked me. Our bodies can handle to from 43.5 to 58 psi! That’s a relatively large amount of force acting on even your most strong and fit joints. As much as being active is gods gift to giving you your greatest chance at… Read More »

How To Treat A Joint Pain – No More Inflammation

By | August 8, 2018

You move left, you move right, now forward then backwards, only to restructure the look on your face as you cringe. It’s unlike a pain you’ve felt before, and you’ve ruled out the possibility of it being natural. So what is it? Your Joints ring a bell? Your joints are the connection between bone to bone. Reemeber how… Read More »

Pulled Back Muscle Treatment – Are Your Muscles Getting Oxygen?

By | August 8, 2018

What’s at stake if you pulled a lower back muscle? Just about everything! Or at least that’s what you seem to think. It’s The perfect definition of a “Domino Effect” A lower back muscle pain can be merely irritating and unforgiving. It can range from a small amount of pain to an excruciating behavior. Your back is a… Read More »

How To Treat Inflammation – Defeat The Heat

By | July 20, 2018

“The bark of Lower Back Pain is usually much worse than its bite”. The pain always seems to be worse than it actually is, but why is that? Have you ever paused, and stopped to think about it? Pain can be severe, but usually not dangerous, and spinal disc issues like a bulging disc, and herniated disc can… Read More »

Natural Muscle Relaxants For Back Pain – No Weakness, All Strength

By | June 27, 2018

Muscle relaxants are a common prescribed medication for lower back pain patients. About 80% of people worldwide will experience low back pain at least once in their lives, and 23% of them will continuously experience muscle setbacks. But did you know what leads you to take them? It’s not the first line of defense… ​ Muscle relaxers are… Read More »

Physical Therapy Hip Strengthening Exercises – The Two Punch KO

By | June 22, 2018

When you have pain or an injury to your hips, it is EXTREMELY important you “jump ship” and start strengthening these muscles right away! This way you can get the best out of your recovery. It’s only a matter of time… If you can get healed within a short time window, all the kudos for you, but if you… Read More »

Hip Pain And Lower Back Pain – Is There A Link?

By | June 9, 2018

Although its true that Hip Pain can cause lower back pain, and vise versa, determining your diagnosis is a little tricky… If you feel pain in your hips, then it to come from the hips right? It only makes perfect sense. Umm, NOT exactly, and here is why… See, your lower back is more complex than you might… Read More »

Tight Hamstrings And Lower Back Pain – Is There A Correlation?

By | June 2, 2018

Did you ever think that your hamstrings were causing you to have that agonizing lower back pain you constantly feel like nagging about? And did you ever think a bad lower back can cause your hamstrings to hurt? Well you know what, they can be! In a minute here, you’ll want to read on and find out: how having… Read More »