How To Exercise With A Foam Roller – Smooth And Soothe

I’m sitting 3 feet away from my newly bought foam roller, and I’m asking

myself, the same thing you are, “how to exercise with a foam roller”.

HONESTLY, I’ve never been a huge foam roller geek, but one night changed all of that. I had an indoor soccer game at my local area, and In between games, my friend had this 2 feet wide, bulky, and ferocious looking piece of exercise equipment-almost like seeing a the body shape of a pit-bull.

I asked Sergio, hey what is that tube looking thing. “C’mon Mike, A Foam Roller”. He said it like I was from another planet, which quite frankly made absolute sense.

To keep in mind, this was before my injury to my lower back. I asked him to try it out, and I literally felt like the new kid on the block. I was doing twist, and turns, stepping over it like a sofa recliner, rolling back and forth(thinking I was doing it right). I completely missed the point.

I made that 3ft foam roller look like DOO DOO. A foam roller shouldn’t be used to lightly roll over, it takes a little more effort that that. I didn’t know it at the time, but this one tool was made to:

  • relieve muscle pain
  • release tightness
  • improve flexibility

…And way more! I looked at like some form of a therapeutic hands on massage device, silly me!

If you don’t know what foam rollers are and how to use them, or maybe you do, and need a light refresh, you’ll want to tune on in. I will not only be covering how to exercise with a foam roller, but:

  1. What are foam rollers
  2. How to use them for lower back pain
  3. Where it’s best to exercise with
  4. When it’s appropriate to 

Follow me on in the journey…

What’s A Foam Roller? Why Is It Needed?

Simply said, a foam roller is a very inexpensive, and super versatile piece of exercise equipment that will help you with everything from muscle knots to giving you quite the ab workout. If you aren’t using one already, I can now safely say, you’re missing out!

They’re not like any other piece of exercise equipment you’ve tried out, because they provide extensive massage and fitness results, unlike tools like treadmills, resistance bands or weight do. A foam roller usually comes in a cylindrical shape, but they can vary in sizes, shapes, and especially textures. 

When you use them for a self massage, they will help you soothe your tight muscles, and any sore area from top to bottom. The process of rolling out tight muscles and reliving your tension is known as myofascial release(which you can learn more about what it is here..

Essentially the point is to loosen any t