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Vinyoga Therapy For The Lower Back, Sacrum & Hips Review- The Ultimate Yoga Guide

Product: Vinyoga Therapy For The Low Back, Sacrum & Hips Price: $19.68 (Retail) Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon View: DVD Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee My Rating: 9.8/10     Vinyoga Therapy For The Low Back, Sacrum & Hips Overview There have been many instances when I’ve had a sudden back ache that just kept on heckling me. No […]

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FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Review – Flexing Your Way Out

Product: FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Price: $13.99(Standard Retail Size) Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon Size of Pack: 10.5″ x 14.5″ Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee My Rating: 9.8/10   The FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Overview More often than not, after I had both a very long day at work, and a day of soccer practice on the […]

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Biofreeze 360 Spray Review -The Cooling Agent

Product: Biofreeze 360 spray Price: $10.65(Retail) The Cheapest place to buy: Amazon Size of container: 4 oz Guarantee: 100% risk free purchase My Rating: 9.4/10 The Biofreeze Overview My approach in the mornings look just about the same, I spray…A topical spray that is.  One of the Analgesics that  helps me relieve my pain in the mornings, and evenings is the […]

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Dr Pat’s Ultra Freeze Review- The Fast Acting Formula

Product: Dr Pat’s Ultra Freeze Pain Relieving Muscle Gel Price: $120.63(adjusted price) Cheapest place to buy: Amazon Size of container: 16 oz Guarantee: 30 day return Shipping: Free standard and expedited shipping My Rating: 9.8/10 Urgency: Sell out Fast! Before I get started I want to tell you that Dr Pat’s Ultra Freeze is extremely popular(it’s […]

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