Charlotte Web CBD Oil Sale – Best CBD Sale Ever?

By Michael

October 30, 2019

I'm going to be honest with you this is not going to be any ordinary Charlotte Web CBD Oil Sale, for one reason you'll be likely kicking yourself for.

Charlotte CBD had a MASSIVE sale going on not too long ago were you could buy 1 get 2 free, but as they have it listed on their site, "The old packaging blowout sale has expired!

charlottes web

SHUCKS, but wait a second...

You can still get in on the "subscribe and save" which will cut 10% off any qualifying product, and I'll be showing you right now how you can go ahead and do that.

Very quickly, Charlotte's Web is a CBD company that is the leader in industry for producing quality, safety, and consistency. They have high-quality hemp extract that harnesses the powerful botanical benefits. 

Is Charlotte's Web CBD Oil Good?

Most definitely is! As you could read from the last section and watched the video, you'd know that Charlotte Web's CBD oil is the finest grown and they even have a certificate of analysis to back that up:


10% Off Select Orders

From the Charlotte Webs home page page you'll see the following page:

charlottes web home page

STEP 2: Navigate to the menu and click on "Subscribe & Save"

This is the page you will likely see:

charlottes web subscribe and save page

Scroll down a bit and you'll see the "How it Works" part.

charlotte web subscribe and save how it works

As you can see, there are three unique steps to take and they are:

  • STEP 1: Subscribe and Save
  • STEP 2: Set it and forget it
  • STEP 3: Easily manage your account

Now let me walk you through what that would look like after I select a Charlotte Web's product, but quickly before I do that, check out one of the common questions people are asking:

charlotte webs additional questions

You can earn reward points on subscriptions for both one-time purchases and subscription orders! You can use these reward points to try out new products or flavors before you start another subscription meaning that you get to enjoy more of the higher quality Charlotte Web CBD product line.

Scroll down the page a fraction more and you'll see the "Top Sellers"

charlotte web top sellers

Without having to click away to the CBD products page, you can check out a selection of Charlotte Web's Best selling products on the same page as you were informed to subscribe and save.

So, since we're focusing on CBD Oil, I'll select the 50MG CBD/ML - Original Formula CBD Oil.

charlotte web cbd oil premium

Keep in mind that this is top of the line, which is the reason why it's a pretty expensive product at 50mg. 

STEP 1: Select your extract flavor

I choose mint chocolate for this demonstration.

STEP 2: Select size

We're going with 100mL

STEP 3: Toggle switch the save and subscribe button

You'll want to switch the "no" to "yes" and the following drop-down will appear:

subscribe and save charlottes web

At this step, you can select the frequency of how many times you wish to receive your bottle of CBD Oil - remember this is the "set it and forget it" from STEP 2 of the subscribe and save.

The final price will be a result of the size of bottle you order. So instead, let's say you choose the 30ML bottle, rather than $247.49, it'll be $134.99 as shown below:

charlotte web 30ml bottle

And if for whatever reason you are not happy, you get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Don't forget to scroll down each page and see the testimonials, benefits and so much more too.

Charlotte Webs Top Products

You can skip this section if you'd wish to just get your discount code, but I wanted to show you Charlotte Web's best products so in the future you also know what's best to get:

top 2

Final Thoughts and Your Discount Code

Charlotte's Web massive blowout sale has come and gone but you can still get 20% off most orders as you went ahead and saw today, but what if you can use a discount code as well?

There are couple discount codes that Charlotte's web will throw up and give you a discounted sale, like the following:

charlotte web discount code

And then there is this one:

charlotte web 10 percent off discount code

Last but not least:

charlotte web sale

These are found at retailmenot.com but I can give you the code for the 30% off here, just use "MYSTERYSAVINGS" on any selected purchase from this page. 

This is a Halloween sale they have going on and expires on 10/31/2019.

Also, some of these are not discount codes, rather they are just informing you that you can get that deal. This is what happens if I click on Charlottes Web! Free Ground Shopping "Get Deal" button"

charlotte web ground shipping

I hope this review has helped you out, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to leave me a comment down below...

And don't forget to head over to Charlottes Web


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