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Vinyoga Therapy For The Low Back, Sacrum & Hips Overview

There have been many instances when I’ve had a sudden back ache that just kept on heckling me. No matter how easy or difficult my pain became, I had eventually figured out a way to solve the pain away.

When I arrive home from a soccer practice, I will grab a quick bite to eat, and then head over to the guest bedroom where there was a DVD player with a DVD inside. I turn on the DVD, press play and in a matter of seconds I was in for some Yoga.

Vinoyga is a derived meaning for a form of yoga therapy. It’s based on postures you can use to get you in and out of natural movements. Its made to bring awarness to your spine by taking breaths, and being able to listen to the way your body responds in movements.

The Video comes with 1 disk, for a total length of 155 minutes, and with Gary Kraftsow himself; a leading yoga therapists.

This DVD has a focused goal where it helps you to understand your own lower back pain, and how to apply yoga within postures and the movements you can make from a day to day basis. It’s a well planned video sequence, and I will be walking you through plenty of my personal “favorite” aspects within the review.

It all begin with a friend…

I can remember it being a hot, sunny day day in the middle of July. Summer time madness as I like to call it, because I’ve always been more prone to an injury from participating in sports, and athletic events outdoor. I had a game here in my current city of Vancouver, WA. I strapped up my laces to my boots, and stepped onto the soccer field. In about the 70th minute I went up for a 50-50 ball in the air. It was when gravity pulled me back down that I felt different.

My body was shifted to the left as I came back down, and my leg was slid to that side. I landed proportionally, and immediately felt the pain in the left side of my lower back. I didn’t have cream on me at the time, nor did I have any at home.

I spent a couple days in pain. I didn’t show up to my practice, and I could hardly sit in class without being in discomfort. My friend from my team called me the third day after the incident.

He asked me if I did any yoga. I said yes, but not enough to know it well. He then told me that he used a yoga training program to help him through his own back pain, and when he needed to just get a stretch on to loosen his body up for better strength, and mind.  You think I can borrow it? I asked. Without much thinking, he was happy to hand it over.

A day that I stayed home, I thought it was the perfect time to see what this DVD was all about. I went into my guest bedroom right, and popped in Vinyoga’s Therapy For The Low Back, Sacrum and Hips to the DVD player, and hit the press play button.

The moment I realized that this was a different yoga workout then I had done in the past was when I heard all the different names, and the form of yoga. After all I didn’t know what Vinyoga was before.


If I Benefit, Then I know You Can Too

I didn’t think watching a Yoga video would be this entertaining. Seriously! Gary makes the yoga easy to work through with his techniques, and funk joyous personality. He makes the lessons very clear, and understanding. His voice is so gentle, and soothing, it makes the excercises so much easier to work with for two reasons.

You can just listen without watching, and his monotone voice will keep your breathing relaxed.

I like that I can learn a new way to breathe better when doing a yoga stretch. I focused on my breathing first, with inhale, exhale, to transition movments within a posture. Gary says this and I quote:

” You will feel the benefits of this pracitce as you go about your day”

Does it hold true? Absolutely does. I started the training and after one day I felt the slight benefits of it the very next day. With more training and proposed breathing techniques in about a month from chronic lower back pain I was able to walk around with better posture.

You will feel a difference in your movements because unlike what a PT does, Vinyoga therapy has you move through different postures, rather than staying in a fixed position stretching for 30 seconds.

I did yoga three times a week for at least 20 minutes each of those days. I alternated. I would go one day, and then take the next day off. Then back to it. Starting as early in the week as I could becuase by the time weekends came by I knew I wanted to get out and be more mobile.

There are a MASSIVE amount of stretches with different sections. You can choose from the hips, lower back, to the sacrum, and alternates between stretching, strengthening excercises, strength and stability, combined with lower back and hip therapy.

You know how you wake up in the mornings with stiffiness running down your back? It will lessen that, so you can power through your morning routine with ease.

The most important factor besides time, is for meditation and mind. I was stressed out of my mind for not being able to get to participate in sports, and the littlest things like sitting in my car. I immediately felt the impact that this was not just yoga but relaxed meditation. I learned to stay calm in difficult situations, and had become patient because of it.

How To Use Vinyoga’s Therapy

The way I go about using the DVD is very simple. I just open up the casing, place my hands to grab the disk from both sides, and insert it into a dvd compatible device. I used to use a DVD player, but now I have a Playstation console to use.

You can watch a lecture as you please…

In the beggining of the DVD you will come across the “Information pamphlet” as I call it. Its as close and even better than a pamphlet because Gary lets you know about the anatomy, and where and why the pain is occurring.

Follow the easy directions and instructions from Gary and you will be able to use this without leaving your eyes opened. I thought my friend was exaggerating that you could close your eyes and hear somones voice. But quite actually I was wrong

The next session, I closed my eyes, and just listened. It provided more use becuase I was able to control my breathing while meditating at the same time.

What are Its Features?

The VInyoga Therapy For Lower Back, Hip and Sacrum has many benefits for me, and I know it can for you. Here is What I can’t get enough of:

  • Therupatic excercises that are short and simple
  • promotes good health for lower back, hips, and the sacrum
  • Industries top Yoga therapist(Gary Kraftsow)
  • Workshops to master techniques of movements and posture
  • Sections focused on lower back, sacrum therapy, as well as hip therapy
  • How to increase your lower back strength and stability
  • MP3 bonuses for all practice for on the go, or just an audio only class
  • Good shape people, and not people that look like they are on steriods
  • Silence
  • Real time breathing
  • accessible technque instructioins for each and every pose
  • Students of Gary

I present to you Gary Kraftsow, and what you can expect:

back of vinyoga dvd


You Can Expect A Good Dollar Investment

The amount of time I spent attending a yoga class, to pay for just about a $20(at the minmum) course and get less from what I Invested gettting from Vinyoga, does not come even close. I can get more videos, lessons, and realistic training from a video then I ever did in person.

Not to mention that after 2 months I could not afford to pay for yoga or go to the PT.  I forgot all about paying for higher cost DVD’s that run up to around $70 at the most.

A chirporactor will be an expensoive option becuase of the co-payments, and I know first hand that this DVD offers me more effective use than the Chirorpractor.


Could This Be The Product You’ve Been Longing For?

This yoga DVD has many benefits, and comes with plentful features, but the queston is, is it right for you? I want to shine some light on that.

It is for you if:

  • You need help treating acute, sub acute, Chronic, Sciatica relief, sacrum, and hip pain
  • looking for immediate relief, and results
  • you need help with proper breathing techniques
  • want muscle strength and stability
  • you are looking to save time
  • working at your own pace is what works
  • you want to to learn how therupitic it is(meditation)
  • a long day of relief sounds good to you
  • movements forward and backward don’t bother you
  • you’re looking for long term benefits
  • you’ve worked previously with a yoga instructor(but not necessary)
  • making it to a yoga class is not possible

What Gets Me “Excited” About this DVD

I’ve never been excited about doing yoga until I started to do it on my own. Here are the pros and Cons that I see:


  • Easy to follow directions and instructions
  • Short and simple videos explained very thoroughly
  • 3 therapy sessions with plenty of videos for each
  • Helps build you a routine
  • beggining to intermediate poses
  • Slow movement, so you don’t risk anything
  • Solves injuries, along with breathing, and mental wellness
  • For any age
  • stretches knees and thighs in the process
  • Portable. You can take it with you or use it as an MP3!
  • Gary Kraftsow



  • Gary is a little funky, but nothing you can’t get over, or expect from a man happy about his work
  • Long intro. The DVD does not go straight to the main menu
  • Some exercises are not all easy
  • slow paced

These cons really didn’t affect me once I tried it. I didn’t even know they were integrated into the video because the process is broken down in the DVD what you should do and how to do lower back exercises. The long intro is a good refresher if anything.

Here is a reaction of someone video:

Store It Away With Ease

There is not much you have to do if you want to clean up after you’re done. You can leave it in the DVD player, or simply put it back into its case. Put it away in a storage comparrtment or next to your console for easy access again.

It’s Conclusive, Vinyoga Therapy For Lower Back, Sacrum, & Hips Will Help Your Pain

I stay true 100{b2e0dba9c93837a4f3ce441fa43dc3a0e947a29fe0fd2c517ea2237d7754a6d7} behind what I believe will be able to help with Lower Back Pain, and I can say I am a believer of this product.  I’ve had good talks with my friend, and close people in my life, and they say they benefited from it and would recommend it.

I know we all have a way of figuring out how to solve lower back pain ourselves, and much of that time is spent being costly, both without resolvement, and in cost.  When it comes to pacing yourself, and taking care of yourself without little to no help from someone else, I know it can be difficult to find the best approach.

The Vinyoga therapy DVD can do so much more than give you an abundance of stretch excercises, it can provide you with better breathing. and meditation.

You can shave off worrying about whether or not you will be able to do the poses because you have someone like Gary Kraftsow that knows his game.

If this sounds interesting to you, I would highly recommend you pick up your very own Vinoyga Therapy.

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I hope that you have enjoyed this review, and if you have any questions, or you have expereicnce with this product please me a comment down below. Thank you.