Lower back pain can take the form of a temporary injury, or it can be a long term battle. Have you ever struggled with either one of these?

Within the context of these pages I will be providing you with the solutions you need to put the pain behind you, and forever behind.

There are many people claiming they know what will work, and there is so much data out there that says so as well.

In my experiences, I have been able to do some trial and experiment if you will. I did one thing, then another, and another once more. When one thing didn’t work I moved on to the next. It cost money, and especially time.

I’ve luckily been able to educate myself properly through my own hard fought battles, and realized what works for any level of pain. Whether that be acute, sub-acute, chronic, or sciatica, there is the right answers for each.

Come join me in getting your condition(s) figured out.