Hi everyone.

Allowing myself to become an Affiliate Marketer is something I hold close to my heart. My name is Michael and at the age of 25 I had become a marketing fanatic. I embraced all there was to know about the affiliate world, and with great pleasure I will say there was no better platform that lets me be myself than in an online world.

When I am not working you can find me dedicating my time to my hobbies, such as soccer, working out, and most importantly, squeezing in that much valuable time with family and friends.

A Little Back Story

Growing up I will remember always thinking big… I knew very little of what I wanted to be but my thoughts about prospering were never cut short. I will recall my first measurable goal. This was in the world of sports, in particular with soccer.

One year led to the next and I found myself at a division one program. My vision of a student athlete was created right in front of my eyes. I surely was not the most athletic out there, but I kept in mind that I had the heart to get my batteries charged.

Fast forward two years later and I made the decision to move back to Vancouver, Washington. Here I continued my two year education at the local community college, where I was pursuing a degree in business with an emphasis in chemistry. After attaining my associates degree in general arts, I had to make a choice. Either I continue my education, or I take this time to work. I chose the labor force. As the years went by I now had more than enough money to support my funding in continuing higher education, bur rather so I opted out. The road to success is not only justified by an education but in many other routes.

It was while I was working at my recent job position as a material coordinator that I realized I needed a change. Life was getting on the back burner and I was searching for the momentum to get me rolling once again. The internet made it possible for me to research new ways to work, and reconnecting with old high school friends, they had me straying into affiliate marketing. The statistics were like no other. Impressive. I was convinced.

You Are Why I do This

There are many people like myself that believe we were not just placed on earth to help people, but have become molded to do it. Unlucky, I did not wake up out of my bed one day and assume this is what I needed to do. Rather, so, I adopted a philosophy over the course of my adulthood. My philosophy was that to gain more in life I must help show action to others and give my support to their specific needs.

I would like to take you back as far as my junior year of high school, so please let me journey us back to 2010. This was an instrumental year because of the people I learned to lean on. My teachers, guidance counselor, and even my coaches made an impact on me. My teachers did not want to see me slump in class when I thought I could for a short period in time. When I thought about putting in less work to earn a satisfactory grade, they were there to push me to turn my B into an A. The integral point was not how I knew to do an assignment or exam, but the outcomes of why I was doing it; for better skills and knowledge.

My guidance counselor created my path post high school. I remember my senior year being pivotal. I would meat regularly with my counselor just to catch up and have word on how classes went, and in general life talk. Unlucky, I not have all the resources to make decisions about what school I wanted to end up at or if I should even continue higher education as a student athlete. I give my gratitude to Mr Woods for the fact that he was never short on quality information about what options in education were the best out there, and he even talked about his backstory as to how he made decisions. I figured out that through their own personal stories they were reaching out to me to go and get it.

Mentors will always be key. My soccer coaches were vital. I learned through them that it was about putting others first and not themselves. When I felt I could not help my self, these men were here to help me battle through the difficult times. I asked my coach one day, why is that you do what you do? The response I got: My experiences and knowledge in this field serve better purpose when I am exchanging my time to others.

My Goal

My mission with Remove Back Pain is hopefully to make it a helpful encounter within my website. There is way too much information not only on the web but in day to day physical interactions, and sometimes this can lead anyone in the wrong direction.

I will bestow a clear and concise representation as to what is you need to know about anything from back pain to back pain products. This involves targeted information you may want to learn about, and the products that I will assure will give you the best rewards in the end.

Come see what I will help you with. Follow me. Ask for my help. Offer your thoughts. Thanks for making the effort today to stop by and check out Resolve Back Pain. Your pain does not need to last any longer.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Michael Granados