Stop Lower Back Pain – Your Prevention 101

What’s more concerning than a lower back? a measured fact…

Statistics don’t start you “right out the gates” to begin with.

There are 80% of Americans whom will experience a lower back pain at least ONCE in their lives.

My goal for those who don’t have a back issue yet, I want to get you the top of the 20 percentile.

I don’t hesitate to ask silly questions I know the answers to, so I’m going to lol. You’ll know the answer to a question, but its likely you’ll ask for advice. But Why? Because you are not sure about your answer.

Do you want to have Mobility AND Flexibility?

If you want to stop lower back pain it must begin with two VERY important things:

  1. Proper preparation
  2. Posture

In this page I will walk you through the things you need to avoid, and how to get you to the promise land…sort of speak.

My #1 Activity To Avoid

If you are trying to avoid lower back pain and still find yourself SLOUCHING, you’re not off to a good start. You are doing yourself no favor.

Hint: I’m throwing some reality your way.

SLOUCHING is by far the easiest way to adopt a pain. Take this simple formula I have come up with.

Slouching = Comfort = Relaxing

It’s very uncommon to find yourself doing one without the other.

The term RELAXING is actually your greatest enemy.

More in this time, than a time ever before, people are emphatic with relaxing. It feels right, so you do it. Unwillingly not knowing the consequences.

Few do not realize that they are using it in its wrong applications. Relaxing by resting your back on whether it is:

  • Your couch
  • A chair
  • Simply hunching over

The longer you spend “relaxing”, the more harm you are doing to your lower back.

Quick fact:

“Did you know that low back pain is the #1 cause for work related disability in the world!?”

Which one is it…did you hurt your back at work while sitting, or elsewhere? Either one still leads to days away from the office.

 LEARN Before You EARN

  1. See something
  2. Digest it
  3. Get out and earn it

Learn everything about yourself, in order to to earn a better lower back.

There are many ways you can surrender to lower back pain. We all have important places to be, places to go, and things to do. All in which expose our back to everyday harm

Wouldn’t it be great if you can set your back at home, and go out whenever you need it? It s not like your back can detach itself from you.

ANY stop and go movements can cause you an issue. It starts with being aware of:

  • What you are doing
  • How you are doing it
  • Do I know what I am doing?

My rule is that I always try to understand, and learn how to do a certain activity before I perform it. This way I know a couple of things:

  1. What to expect,
  2. How I’ll be using my muscles

If you want to stop lower back pain, your posture is where it BEGINS and ENDS, hence the journey.  Whether you have, had, or have not had any lower back pain problems, your primary focus will need to have good posture. Day in and day out. How you’ll get there is a matter of your body movements, and exercise.

==>Go here to know all there is to know about improving your posture<==

There’s a MASSIVE misconception I want to address…

“People assume that lower back pain problems will not happen to them.”



Drum Roll please

A mass percentage of individuals worldwide develop a misconception known as Time Perception.

If a person can get away with doing an activity by taking it easy, they will. See, it is not in the short run that you will lead into lower back pain, but in the long run it is.

Your pain along with inflammation may have not presented itself after the first couple hours, but it will find a way into the door over a period.

If You Are Doing “These” You Are On Track

Not one single element will EVER empower the importance of STAYING physically fit.

Fitness levels are a validation to your:

  • Stress levels
  • emotional attitude
  • physical well being
  • overall health

If you are applying those up above, you my friend are well on your way!

I want to emphasize the meaning of the term physically fit for a second. It means something different to everyone.

“More specifically, it means that you have abilities to carry out daily tasks with vigor, without fatigue, and have the energy for leisure time/activities, and emergency related events”

There are different ways to stop lower back pain with exercise. They are famously known as:

  • Cardiovascular activity. Walking, jogging
  • Muscular endurance. Lifting weights
  • Muscular strength. Ability to push, pull objects.
  • Body Composition. Fat, bones
  • Flexibility. Range of movement

Integrate walking into your day. It’s the simplest form of aerobic activity. You can apply it:

  • Before your responsibilities,
  • During
  • After

The GREAT thing about walking is that you are not “self conscious”.

You do it on daily basis. It’s a a routine in your day as much as an exercise.

The rewards are there for you to grab. You can reap the rewards of a thorough walk, and it satisfying once you can keep track of how much you actually walked in a given day.

Its your own personal improvement. I can assure you this is the best starting point to ensuring your lower back and posture.

A work place is no different…

What if you are at the office? There are times you will find GLUE slashed under your chair…hypothetically speaking. You get your bottom stuck to that chair.

When you find yourself sitting for longer than 30 minutes, that would be the best time to assess yourself.

Hmm…”What can I do on my chair that, because standing up will not do it?”

I have one stretch that will produce amazing results:


  • Quadratus Lumborum.


When you find that you are on a plane surface such as the ground, you can perform the same stretch just a little differently:

reach to one side of your leg with your hand, stretching over the other side of your body

This stretch will help keep your back balanced and prevent their being a chance of lower back pain. This will work nicely if you are at work as well because you can perform it on any level surface.

Remember that you can stand up after 30 minutes. It’s better for you if you can’t twist your back at all. Standing up will give you the better relief.

What Posture Can Do For You

A WRONG posture will become a quicker habit than a GOOD one.

You shouldn’t be slouching, nor standing in one certain position for a long time.

Your balance begins with posture. The way you stand speaks volumes about the pain you are running into. You should work to keep your back:

  • Straight
  • Chin up
  • Head out
  • Feet level whenever you stand or walk

One of these is much simpler said than done. Keeping you feet level. Some people have Posterior Pelvic Tilt and Anterior Pelvic Tilt that causes bad balance.

NOTE: If you have to stand in an awkward position only do it for a short amount of time because you don’t want all your weight shifted to one end. Move from one posture to another and lift your hand up in the air to feel a stretch. Your movements are at the epicenter of preventing pain.

==>Learn more about the best lower back postures daily here in my article<==

Stay One Step Ahead and You Will Gain More

Understanding how to stop lower back pain before it happens is all too important. People take it for granted. They either do not think about what they are doing or that pain will come to them.

Identify your habits, and determine what you can do to either adjust them or make them better. Do not slouch, and have proper preparations, learn signs, and know how your body works to prevent lower back pain.

Work on movements, by exercising your body regularly, walking when you get the chance, and standing up from your chair, and know what movements will sitting can help you out.

If you have any questions or want to have more insight, please leave a comment below. I will be more than happy to assist you.

14 thoughts on “Stop Lower Back Pain – Your Prevention 101

  1. Miranda

    Great article and very informative! I have back pain and have gone to the chiropractor because of it and my spine was really in bad shape. I didn’t exercise, but once I started doing some cardio, the pain went away almost completely! I was amazed! I still run a few miles a week to stay in shape of course, but to keep that back pain at bay. Thank you for posting this!

    1. Michael

      Hi Miranda,

      The chiropractor is a good place to start. The fact you didn’t exercise amazes me. You generally need to strength your muscles/core muscles and by doing so yoga, or stretches need to happen.your back must have been rested enough to do cardio. Regular excercise shouldn’t stop, it’s good you continue! You’re welcome.

  2. Melissa

    Very interesting article. I have suffered from low back pain since a young girl. I have a birth defect which caused most of my pain but I have developed other issues because of how weak my spine is. I can honestly tell you that posture plays a big part in the health of your back. I find myself slouching at times and it causes my back unnecessary hardship. Using a laptop has also caused me to hold my neck forward at times which led to neck pain. So now I have to reverse my bad habits. Thanks for the tips and the reminder!

    1. Michael

      Hi Melissa,

      I ‘m sorry to hear luck was not on your side to begin with. That’s surely one way to weaken a spine. Posture is huge! It doesn’t suddenly cause lower back pain, but accumulates with time. Your muscles conform to a fixed position, and it gets so used to being used that way. Neck pain is common. Usually that begins first, Head foreword neck in. Been there. Habits change your lifestyle greatly. You’re welcome, any time!

      I have an article about posture, and if it really leads to Back pain, and the actual truth. If you ever feel like reading or glancing it give it a look. Right below.

  3. Phil

    Hi Michael,

    I appreciate this. As a programmer, I sit a lot, although I’ve been using a standing desk more and more.

    Do you have any advice for people who just have to sit a lot at their jobs? Are there particular seating options that are better?

    1. Michael

      I understand. Some of my friends are programmers, they sit all day! A standing desk is a good start. Don’t stand for too long, it can actually hurt your back sometimes a little more than sitting because you are in fixed stance. But it greatly improves, no doubt! I use one that is shiftable at work. I can sit and lift it up to stand. Yes I do. Stand up to take constant breaks. Usually this should happen when you lose focus, and needs to happen to lessen spasms. One other thing I do is a little chest slouch is ok at the desk as long as you constantly reach up like you’re reaching for something. Move your hands up and twist to your side a little. I have this article that explains it well if you ever want to read through it thoroughly

  4. Matts Mom

    I have thought about integrating yoga into my routine to help with my lower back pain. I do a lot of the things that you say put me “on track”, but need a little additional help 🙂 Will yoga help with this?

    1. Michael


      Yoga is fundamental, even better, it’s natural. At the same time overlooked greatly by more so for people in chronic and sciatic nerve pain. Yoga is helpful for any level of Back Pain. On what level of pain are you in and where do you feel it the most? if you don’t mind I ask. This way I can asses what yoga to recommend. What additional help would you like me to offer?

  5. zahub shahid

    This is definitely a great reminder for me Micheal. As I was reading through I fixed my posture so thank you for that. I sit around for sooo many hours in a day and it’s super unhealthy but I’ve been walking a lot more these days to combat that. I don’t know if you know this, but stretching your Quadratus Lumborum is a great isolated stretch to get deep and prevent lower back pain from occuring as well. Just search up some videos on youtube on how to stretch it if you weren’t already aware. This is a very important issue literally EVERYBODY forgets about so thank you so much for reminding me once again.

    1. Michael

      I can relate Zahub. It’s detrimental right? It can happen at any place and time is what’s scary. Usually it’s a ripple effect, one part of your day can affect the rest of it. Oh yeah? I know your feeling. Right now that’s all I feel I do at work since it’s slowed down. Good! That’s the right measure to take. I didn’t know it by its name, but I do know what you are talking about. I use it work, but gone away from it since I get up more often. People do need this awareness. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Refresher. You’re welcome and thanks again.

    1. Michael

      Excercise is the first way to go for a minor back ache. Stretching reduces it significantly. Kinesiology is a great option like I remember you had mentioned. It’s my current use right now for small and temporary uses for back pain relief. I’m glad you use it. Use is roll for a lot of tape right?

  6. Jill

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for this good post of stopping lower back pain. Most of us at some stage experiences back pain, especially lower back pain. Thank for the reminder of walking to improve mobility and also helping for lower back pain.
    It is so easy to get so involved in what you are doing, especially at the computer or sewing machine, and forget about moving.

    1. Michael

      Hi Jill,

      Outside of exercising and stretching, walking is the best important step. It is easy. I’m still guilty till this day from sitting down for a huge amount of time. I’m glad I was able to help. You are welcome!


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