Within the pages of this site I will be showing you the ways you can stop lower back pain from happening, and more importantly, I will be providing you with tips and tricks from my own experience. Believe me when I claim, a healthy back translates to a healthy lifestyle.

If you can understand the idea, that by staying on top of your health, you will be well on your way to not only a lower back pain free life, but an active life too!

There are many concerns in the eyes of the public, but none of those happen to be about lower back pain. The second biggest diagnosis in this world is lower back pain! It is just too bad people like you and I take for granted how we use our backs each and every single day.

What you didn’t know was that lower back pain does not just spring up from a sudden injury, but it occurs over time! Bad habits are the reason why.

You wake up in the morning, and you’ve already been dealt the cards you didn’t intend on choosing. How so?

Your muscles are already used to the positions they are in. Without changing your habits to make them better, your muscles will stay adapted to what they are already doing.

You sit in your chair bad, well guess what? If it doesn’t change from the second you sat down, it likely will not change by the end of the week. And then the next one, then the week after that. Soon enough your back will begin to feel at its worst within a single movement.

When you walk, your muscles and your brain are already connected with what they want you to do. Learning different motions will help prevent pain.

I will offer my help within these pages, and I will address what you can do to prevent it when you have any kind of lower back pain. Such those can be acute, sub acute, chronic, or sciatica pain.