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Penetrex - The Intensive Concentrate

"So having back surgery about 7 years ago because of a herniated disc the pain was managed. However, I still had pain come and go depending on what I did that day. I started to become reliant on over the counter drugs. I knew what I was doing and I had to find another alternative for the pain. I discovered Penetrex! This cream works wonders! I have been using for about 6 months now and have referred many others to start using it. It helps penetrate to the problem, not using menthol or “cooling”. Many thanx to the people of Penetrex! With on my referrals I should be sponsored! Lol"
Andrew Anderson
Chronic Patient
"I recently placed my first order for Penetrex. I have been suffering from Sciatica for several months and nothing I have tried has given me any relief...until I tried Penetrex. My pain was intensified by the Bursitis in my hips. On the second day of applying Penetrex 3-4 times I could feel the muscles begin to relax and the electric shocks running down my leg almost stopped. The burning pain in my hips has also subsided. It has now been a week and for the first time in months, I can walk without pain. I can also cut back on the pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds that wreak havoc with my stomach. Thank you for this great product! I can now enjoy my summer activities without excruciating pain! I am also ordering extra for my friend and mom that suffer from plantar fasciitis. I firmly believe they will find relief with Penetrex, as well!"
Teresa D
Sciatica Patient

The #1 Formulation

Penetrex has the best formula to date. It's all natural ingredients sets it apart from anything else out there!